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Leadership and Motivation of Employees: Change in 5 Steps

Everything is constantly in motion. The disruptive change determines companies and executives. No wonder the everyday management, leadership and communication madness greets. Is man actually still in the center?

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Jack of all trades leader

Managers are only human. However, inhumane things are often expected of them: to be up-to-date with the content, to communicate in a human way, to steer with foresight and to guide with sensitivity.

The strategy should not fall behind any more than the employees. Not to mention the challenge of digital transformation that wants to be agile.

In the best of intentions

The following, more or less fictional stories by and with Hannes show what impact all this can have. The graduate in business administration, 49 years old, production manager and member of the executive board of an international industrial group, tries to be more a source of momentum than a supervisory body. Instead of conducting, he would rather serve.

With clear communication, collegial style and high esteem, his goal is to come up with results. Despite his best intention, he does not always succeed. While we wonder at one or the other absurdity when reading, we realize that we have certainly experienced something quite different - in the meeting, on the executive floor or in the office (next door). And honestly, do not we even know one or the other strange behavior of ourselves?

I'll motivate you then

Hannes got it: his employees are no longer motivated. According to the latest employee survey, employee motivation in his department has dropped further for the second time in a row. This time it's 0,4 percentage points less. Although the level is pretty decent with 86,492398 percent, there is always room for improvement. Says the CEO. "You can never be satisfied with being satisfied," he says.

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Hannes is a little unsure what to do. At some point he learned that a boss can not motivate his employees. In the best case he should not demotivate them in a first phase and then create an environment in which everyone can develop and develop. That's exactly what motivates. But that only works in the long term. Hannes only stay a few months to lift the motivation value. So he has to actively motivate and consult relevant literature.

The implementation begins

Hannes decided to use “Think positive” as the basic motto for motivation. Before going to the office of his department or the manufacturing hall of his production islands, he looks into the Spiegel: "Positive face" and a permanent XXL grin. That radiates. Just like his euphoric "Hello, I wish you all a nice, great morning and great success today". His greeting should be infectious and give you energy. Hannes has recently started wearing smiley buttons on his shirt.

He greets a staff member every day by handshake and sends a positive daily message by e-mail during lunch break. Even the signature of his e-mail account has motivated Hannes. The "friendly greetings" is replaced by "lively energy and a super happy day wishes you ...". Hannes is not at all on such bells and whistles. As an engineer, he is committed to scientific facts. But if it is in the books, it will probably be right. And faith is known to move mountains.

Five steps to motivation

The only right approach to motivate someone else, there is not - as well as the right leadership. But how can one succeed in motivating employees in such a way that their commitment becomes a personal matter?

Step 1 - Being highly motivated

Motivation can only trigger who radiates motivation. And for that you have to carry them inside yourself.

But beware: Who initiates changes, initiates innovations, must remember: Who is active, is automatically more motivated. That is, just because we may even find a project to be great, we can not assume that everyone else is.

Step 2 - convey meaning

The work has to be done Sense do. Each individual has to recognize this meaning for himself. For one employee it is the satisfied customer, for the other it is the boss's trust.

With patience, authentic action and empathy, we can help to convey meaning that - perceived by the individual employee and ideally fitting to his imagination - motivates!

Step 3 - Stop demotivating

A somewhat provocative approach: those who assume that their own employees have to be motivated also assume that they are not.

Most employees are motivated to get to work, but experience "demotivation" - it's over! So do not demotivate the employees by too rigid rules, bias or excessive demands.

Step 4 - Allow free space

Most people appreciate freedom in designing their work very much. Chefs should therefore think about what they want as mandatory and then communicate it.

Everything else, such as For example, ways to catch up on quotes, make phone calls with a customer, or vote best with a colleague are left to the individual employee. Support services are allowed.

Step 5 - Own solutions make you proud

Those who find the solution themselves, test it out and implement it successfully, are more proud and therefore more motivated. Real participation, even on a small scale, is proven to be one of the most important factors in keeping people happy.

But please no alibi participation. If I've already made a decision as a boss, I should not ask anymore, "How do you like that?"

Conclusion: Personal commitment is transferred to executives

The personal commitment of superiors is automatically transferred to the leadership. It is therefore important to live motivation, to formulate goals in a clean way and to leave room for them. The employees will develop in it and in it. THAT motivates!

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