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Christoph Döhlemann is an entrepreneur and initiator of the QUANT-Modell®. Since 1996 he has been accompanying entrepreneurs and executives to strengthen themselves from within and thus to face the challenges of the future with power. For him, management can be easy, lively, joyful and confident. “Nothing is inside, nothing is outside. Because what is inside is outside. ”His picture for meaningful personality and personnel development shows: Everything is already within us, it is often only covered and hidden by many layers. His goal: a real "ENT-winding" that exposes the core of the personality and makes people shine.

Good leadership and employee motivation: Ease replaces rules

In order for a company to grow and prosper, certain conditions must be met: Entrepreneurs and managers must know their inner selves in order to be able to make an impact on the outside.

Leaders who know the sources of their strength are better able to inspire

It sounds so simple and yet seems so complicated to a lot of people. Those who know the source of their strength can take teams on their journey with ease and joy. This is especially true for managers. Bottlenecks become opportunities, blockages are dissolved and strengths are released.

Current and suction can be used instead of having to laboriously drag others along. Employees become companions who go through thick and thin with the entrepreneur. Customers become friends and fans who feel closely connected to the company or the brand.

Why do some companies grow dynamically?

Why do some people find employees and customers seemingly effortlessly? What do these entrepreneurs do differently from others? It's easy! They have found their personal purpose in life and inspire like-minded people to follow them.

A good example of this is Apple. With the mission "Think Different", the brand has gathered creative people, lateral thinkers and digital revolutionaries around it. These "fans" are more likely to have their fingers chopped off than to touch a Windows keyboard. Steve Jobs was and is posthumously a mentor and inspirer for thinking differently. And his team made the apparently impossible possible with new developments of “another things” that the world had never seen before.

The Quant model: How to turn your company into a cult factory

There is a method to developing such a cult. And it's not just something for global corporations. Every, really every entrepreneur has it in their own hands to turn their company into a cult factory. The energies in the company are decisive for this. This is made comprehensible and understandable using the quant model:

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Q = source energy

expresses itself through initiative for change, creativity, enthusiasm and optimism. It creates vitality and further development. It pulls us towards the future. That is the inner incentive that every person and every company has.

U = conversion energy

is the energy of action, value creation and visible results. It expresses itself in drive, speed, directness and result orientation. Implementation energy causes us to actually realize our visions and transform them into visible results and profit.

A = administrative energy

is the energy of processes, routines and rules. It expresses itself in logic, measurability and structure. It ensures that things can always happen the same way in the safest, most efficient way.

N = closeness and relationship energy

is the energy of humanity and personal interaction with one another. It is expressed in compassion, a sense of community, and dealing with personal needs. It means that we can work together in a complementary way.

T = accept facts

means to recognize that all principles / energies are equally important and indispensable in successful companies and projects. There are fundamental things that work like laws of nature. If you ignore them, you sabotage your existing potential.

Companies also have life stages

Depending on the characteristics and combination of energies, the company is in one of the life stages of origin, departure, cultivation, zenith, descent or even death. And depending on the phase of the company's life, other measures must be taken for a possible - further - quantum leap (growth step).

The aim of an energetic corporate development is a crystal clear positioning, based on strength, clarity, trust and strength of the entrepreneur and each individual in the company.

Consciousness paves the way

Once there is awareness of new ways, abundance and growth, the path can be more easily designed to:

  • an appreciative, focused togetherness,
  • with a clear, powerful vision Sense in the company,
  • Uniqueness instead of comparison with others, struggle and competition,
  • financial freedom through stable added value and income,
  • Joy, clarity, lightness and the ability to act.

Even if it is difficult to accept for many, because it requires repeated and sufficient self-reflection: The current situation of a company is always a Spiegelimage of the entrepreneur himself. The same energies work in him as in the company. So if companies - as is often the case in change processes - only treat symptoms instead of the cause, neither change nor growth occurs.

More rules don't help

We often wonder why measures are not effective or why they are not implemented at all. This is mostly due to the fact that companies simply introduce more rules when processes don't work. They believe everything will get better with a QM manual and forget that many rules destroy the important source energy (Q).

Implementation often stagnates because nothing happens anymore because of all the rules. Committees, meetings and forms prevent the ease and joy of everyday life. If the entrepreneur strengthens his Q, he carries this into the company. If measures are then taken to strengthen the Q, implementation actually follows - and the bureaucracy can be kept in check at the same time. Rules are only followed if a sense is recognizable and accepted. If there is a common meaning or guiding star that we follow, then many rules and processes arise almost playfully by themselves.

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