Optimal leadership: resolve conflicts correctly

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Conflicts come in everyone Company in front. But what happens when the boss tries to solve communication problems in the company? Then he loses sight of the good of the company. Because: Executives who translate instead of deliging are out of place.

Optimal leadership: resolving conflicts properly

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Roland Jäger HunterRoland Jäger, known from the show Anne Will, is a business consultant, bestselling author and coach for executives.


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Genius with communication weaknesses

Mr. Wurzel is a gifted statistician. It's just unbelievable how he digs out important information for sales out of obscure digits.

There is, however, a problem: it is simply not able to present its results to the team in such a way that it is also understood. Greek letters in masses and endless formulas are simply not everyone's thing.

A boss who helps when need is on the man?

However, the distributors are not too much trouble to pick the essential information from their elaborates. Both sides just can not get together. This state costs time and nerves and a series of misunderstandings have already devoured a whole bar of money.

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The boss, Ms Babel, directs what the employees do not get in line with. She has often mediated between the fronts with great patience.

Between all fronts

And the roles are clearly distributed:

  • On the one hand, the disgruntled salespeople, who do not have any trouble to articulate their needs and requirements.
  • On the other side, Mr. Wurzel, who is actually quite right to expand his nimbus as an oracle of the company.
  • And in the middle of it, Mrs. Babel, who spends hours and hours smoothing the waves - and decoding the reports. Sometimes she wants everyone to be able to shoot each other on the moon.

Communication trainer are in the wrong place

Whoever can speak, listen and read will be able to communicate with others with a little goodwill. There is no need to keep your hand and translate.

By taking over this task, Ms Babel is no longer compelled to cope alone. They rely on being a domestic translation service. But Mrs. Babel was not employed as an interpreter. Then she would not sit in the big corner office with the magnificent view, but would share a place with the team assistant.

What to do instead?

Chefs set the tone, as in Company is communicated. But they are not there to help your employees communicate with each other and with others. Once they are accustomed to being chewed on the information so that they only have to swallow the porridge, they will never learn to cut themselves a schnitzel.

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On the other hand, employees will certainly find solutions. Because the salesmen need the numbers to make better sales, and Mr. Root wants to get guaranteed praise and recognition for his work. Perhaps an advanced training or a workshop would end the intolerable state. Surely not a woman Babel, who should be better at her own tasks as a leader.

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