Leading from below and Positive thinking: The power of change

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“It would be great if this time you also enforce what you set out to do,” complain Tommy and Ulli after a meeting with the management. Tommy says: “You don't believe that yourself. They always just talk and talk - nothing happens anyway. ” Thereupon Ulli: "But that is also up to us." "To us," sneers Tommy, "why is that? WE can't do anything! ” Is it really like that?

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Sylvana Pollehn 54Sylvana Pollehn is manager of a restaurant with 40 employees.


From the author:


An open exchange of ideas MUST?

Is it the case in your company that the executive floor develops the best strategies and then even communicates them down? Then you could be lucky, because in many companies, there is no that future strategies are developed and even brought to the employees.

It may be that in some Company Even the authorities resigned to the disinterest and demotivation of many people in their own ranks. However, we do not want to debate the reasons at this point. It may also be that there is talk, but no open exchange of ideas takes place.

How communication is running in many businesses

Then it may run like this: The above have ideas, communicate them, but they can only partially or not enforce. They just do not spark. Those thinking below: That's all well and good, but the reality is different. In addition, they are annoying with their constant ideas, because what we think does not interest anyone anyway.

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The frightening result: individuals are still struggling lonely, others ask themselves why their actions are not as pretentious as they had hoped. Ultimately, both sides sink into disgust, resignation or rage. Other strategies remain unheard of and spoiled.

To fight for visions without ifs and buts

But it can be that many people are at the top of a company, because they have just good innovative ideas. And can it be that precisely these people kill themselves correctly for forwarding strategies? Do these people actually have a chance? How often are they smiled, just because they think they are spinners, lab-heads and dumb-chaps.

Take a look at the company in which you work. How is it there? And ask yourself the following questions: How many employees and colleagues do you know, who open the door and say something in the right place. How many are there who fight for their ideals and visions without ifs and buts?

Spinner or pessimist?

Which management truly welcomes people who think and speak in a practically oriented way - without ifs and buts? Which management has managed to get their employees talking?

What if we finally stop complaining and actively and courageously join in or even go ahead? Her work would take on completely new dimensions. Let's not break everything for a change. Let's get back in and belong to the group of spinners rather than the pessimists.

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Put your sleeves up and join in

It helps in my opinion only one: speeches, to enlighten, sleeve high and participate.

But I also know that this needs to be rethought in every mind - first up and then down. But if we want to move forward, that only works together. Together for success - that is the only way it will work.

Do not save the whole world

Because quickly there are contradictions: “What? I should donate one euro! Who will help me if I need help, ”says Thomas,“ you are crazy. ” He's right, Thomas, because when we're in a bad way, we're also alone, right? You can't save the whole world.

There they stand, the three friends, and discuss. Erika asks: “How much good should you do? Where does it start and where does it end? After all, I can't save the whole world. ” Susi says: "Well, if everyone thinks so, who will do anything for those who need help?"

Alibi for doing nothing

Scandals about donations and unsettling honest and committed actions into the background. To some, this gives an alibi for doing nothing. This is a pity. Many important projects need financial help.

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Of course I do not donate wildly - would be blue-eyed - but one or the other Euro already flows into my selected heart project.

Let's start with the children

Where is our future? Where does it grow and where do we shape it? Do you also find that everything starts with the children? Is not it that they need us most because they can not manage on their own? And is not it just that they help us in our old age?

Now some may think: keep dreaming. They never do that. BUT, they'll do it if we make sure they're doing well right now. If we already teach them what mutual help means and open their hearts to the most important things in the world: "Stay human - only that counts".

A life worth living - just a vision?

Today we lay the foundation for the world of tomorrow. Mission for the future - sounding lofty - I know. However, it expresses everything. We must realize today that without our dedicated work, a livable tomorrow will only remain a vision.

"You are not only responsible for what you do, but also for what you don't do," LAOZI.

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