Lead with freedom: Send the corporate monkeys to the jungle! {Review}

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Who should lead well, must also have the freedom to do so. Carsten K. Rath highlights the most important fields of action of Guide and shows just how little free the leaders in them have been able to act and how important it is to be able to do so in the future. He demands: Freedom for the corporate monkeys!

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Finally out of the forced coset of everyday leadership


For the hotel entrepreneur, keynote speaker and management consultant Carsten K. Rath, freedom is a prerequisite for good leadership. Freedom, which Rath thinks, is freedom in thought and action.

Or, to put it more precisely, it is freedom from conceit, arrogance, encrusted structures, outmoded ways of thinking, authoritarian structures, beliefs of authority, and such unsightly things as we often find in far too many companies.

Freedom, trust, responsibility


Because here they sit, the great freedom preventers. Rath calls them the Corporate Monkeys. They are full of bad qualities. They are only about themselves, the Companythey do not care about, and the people they are responsible for are.

Corporate monkeys are bad leaders and they are bad for business. The stupid is: There are not only too many of them, but they do not die so fast.

Corporate monkeys attract their own new generation


Because corporate monkeys attract their own new generation, they are an unwilling model for the leaders of tomorrow.

In order to break this cycle, it needs independent, self-thinking and strong junior forces, who question the old rules and alleged role models and have the courage to do it differently. Who take the liberty to do it differently.

Finish the Affentheater!


That is why it is in this readable and vividly written book. It is about the kind of leadership that enables employees to do the best for the companies in which they operate.

Of course, this also involves responsibility and trust. The hotel entrepreneur Rath provides many illustrative examples from his own history, but also from other companies, in order to clarify the importance of freedom as a guiding principle.



The book "Without Freedom, Leadership is Just an F-Word" is to appeal to all who are in good hands. It gives courage to stand in the way of the corporate monkeys and to end their monkey theater.

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    Lead with freedom: Send the corporate monkeys to the jungle! from
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    Lead with freedom: Send the corporate monkeys to the jungle! from
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