Find the right language trip - 2 X 5 Tips: Career boosters foreign languages

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Foreign language skills are indispensable in the professional world today. LanguageCourses that can also be used as educational leave are helpful. 2 X 5 Tips on how to find the right offer. sprachreisen-talked-learning

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Daniela Stuber is the contact person for language travel at Linguago.


How language trips improve careers

A language trip is on your to-do list? This is very easy to understand. Because the more languages ​​you speak, the higher your chances of employment and the better your own position in salary negotiations.

For foreign language skills, or at least a fluent English, is now required by most employers. After all, many corporations and medium-sized companies act Company meanwhile global, there is good, business fluent English indispensable.

Cultural diversity: overcome prejudices

In addition, the aspect of cultural diversity has become very high in many companies. Anyone who has prejudices against foreign languages ​​and cultures is clearly in the dark. In order to get to know other cultures better and acquire the required language skills, it can be helpful to experience a foreign language and culture up close and personal. It is useful to live, learn or work in a completely foreign country.

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But how is one to know whether one is really ready for it and which country or city suits one? If you do not want to rush into the unknown right now, you can explore unknown terrain with one language explore. These combine the unique opportunity of learning languages ​​and traveling - a double plus so.

Attention culture shock: 5 benefits of language study

But those are not the only advantages that speak for a language trip abroad. Here are five more reasons to show why it pays to invest in language travel for your career.

  1.  Improve your own language skills and thus career opportunities on language trips: The first and most obvious point is that you can improve your existing language skills or even learn a completely new foreign language while studying for a language course. In addition to the language course and the contact with mother tongue teachers and classmates from all over the world, participants also have the unique opportunity to interact with locals. So you not only learn from the pros, so to speak, but also gets a complete immersion in the language and culture of the country!
  2. Get to know new cultures on language trips: In addition to the language lessons at the local school, you also have the opportunity to get to know the country and its people better during a language study trip. This gives the learner one authentic insight into the lives of the locals and helps to develop valuable intercultural competences (such as openness and tolerance).
  3. Language trips promote independence: Especially for young people, a language study trip may be the first experience abroad away from the family. This can have a positive effect on the personality development. Language learners face new and exciting challenges and learn a lot about themselves. And every little success will motivate them to continue pursuing their goals.
  4. Language trips are a plus point on a CV: This is the most obvious career booster: your prospective employer will receive a variety of applications. With international experience you can stand out from the crowd and convince them with their language skills, their openness to new cultures and their independence.
  5. Make contacts on language trips: LanguageCourses are a combination of learning and fun. After the class, you will have time to explore the new country with your classmates and will certainly get to know many people better. But not only private friendships emerge, but language travel also offers the unique opportunity to make new and valuable contacts that can help you with your career in the future.

Find and finance the right foreign language: 5 tips

In principle, of course, when looking for a job, the more foreign languages ​​you speak, the better. Due to the high importance of the subject, we present below five criteria that help you to find the right language course for your needs as a further education option in terms of foreign language skills and give tips on financing.

  1. Language travel as an education holiday: In 14 of 16 German Federal States, the possibility exists to claim a language trip as an educational leave. This means that in the case of a company of this kind, no employer can be deducted from the employer's salary. On the contrary, additional holiday days are granted! In addition, employers themselves profit from the expanded knowledge of their employees in the form of more competent employees, so that a win-win situation arises here.
  2. LanguageCourses especially for working people: Many language schools offer languageCourses, which are specially offered for professional, professional and managerial staff. The participants will be prepared for negotiations, presentations and business meetings. The newly launched, assessment-based Sparch-school comparison platform LinguaGo shows, for example, a transparent overview of the various languageCourses (English, Spanish, French and Italian) as well as additional offers of language schools all over the world. They have at least two accreditations from international organizations as well as at least three years of experience.
  3. Certify your language skills: Thanks to special language certificates, after the language course and the corresponding exam, you also have "black on white" that a certain language level has been reached. Such certificates can give the decisive advantage over the competition, especially in future application processes. The most popular and most respected certificates include IELTS and TOEFL for the English or DELF for the French language.
  4. Fast learning success: If you are looking for language trips, you should look for suitable offers that promise quick learning success. Roughly speaking, you can improve your language skills by one level during a four-week stay abroad. So if you arrive with B1 knowledge, you go home with B2 level. The rapid improvement, which languageCourses in the home country cannot guarantee by far, is mainly due to the fact that one does not “only” learn the foreign language in the classroom, but is also confronted with it in everyday life and is practically “forced”, to communicate consistently in the official language of the respective country. This effect is of course reinforced by a stay with a host family, because then you really dive into the foreign culture up close and talk almost XNUMX/XNUMX in the language of the locals.
  5. International feeling important: The language course should, of course, provide accommodation in host families and lively contact with locals, because of course the international feeling plays a role in a language trip and increases its attractiveness. Because in the classroom and in the framework of the excursions organized by the school one gets automatically in contact with a large number of foreign classmates of all ages. Thanks to these acquaintances it is also possible after the end of the language study trip to continue to communicate permanently in the language learned and to intensify what has been learned.

Conclusion: A language trip offers many advantages for the career

Overall, it can be concluded that there are numerous reasons for a language trip, which is why such a trip offers many advantages from which you benefit in the long term for your professional prospects and your career.

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