{Study} Top 10 labor market regional analysis Bavaria: The blue and white business giant

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The third part of our view of the labor market data of the federal states takes us to Bavaria. The automotive industry and mechanical engineering are the core of the economy there. The country is home to numerous DAXCompany and many international giants.


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Corporations are ahead - and their own state

This public perception spiegelt is reflected in Indeed's data. The Bavarians particularly like to look for jobs with their industrial flagships. Right at the front: BMW, Audi and Siemens. Bavarians are looking for a job at Audi three times more often than the national average, twice as often for one at Siemens and even four and a half times as often for one at BMW. Overall, the Bavarians are very attached to their homeland. Around 87 percent of searches for jobs in Bavaria come from Bavaria itself.

However, Bayern are not limited to certain Company established. Popular searches also refer to individual industries. Here, the pharmaceutical and chemical industries are particularly popular. According to this, about one and a half times as much is sought in the Free State than in the federal section.

Swabia, Hesse and Prussia want to go to Bavaria

The freistaat is also particularly popular among Baden Württemberg, Hessen and applicants from North Rhine-Westphalia. Together these three countries come to about 55 percent of search traffics for jobs in Bavaria.

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Another search query that is particularly popular in comparison with the other federal states will delight Munich residents. In its self-perception, the Bavarian capital has long been the northernmost city in Italy. This now seems to be confirmed by Indeed data. “Italian” is used as a search term at Indeed in Bavaria above average. Applicants want to use their language skills to find a job almost twice as often as the national average.

Austrians, British, Americans and Croats too

The Italians are only fifth in the search requests from abroad, with around six percent of search queries. At the top of international search queries is little surprising Austria with about twelve percent of the search requests, followed by the UK (eight percent) and the United States (six percent). Croatia also has a good fourth place with about 6 percent.

Little surprising is Munich the most popular city in Bavaria, followed by Nuremberg and Augsburg. About a quarter of all candidates are looking for a job in the state capital. For companies in Munich, however, this does not mean a relaxation, because Munich is also at the top with around 31 percent. This mismatch suggests that vacancies in Munich are difficult to fill. This is particularly the case for small and medium-sized enterprises. Interest in corporations is huge, as I mentioned above.

Attractive for staff

Above-average demand in Bavaria are also jobs in human resources and human resources development. Even after that, Bavaria look around 1,5 times more frequently than their fellow citizens outside the Freistaats. For us, this is a sign of a healthy, functioning and dynamic labor market. A country in which the labor market functions also attracts HR professionals.

Especially small and medium-sized enterprises can only win with good personnel. Despite the healthy labor market in Bavaria, small and medium-sized enterprises outside the three big cities must have good arguments in order to attract or retain talent. From our experience, innovative personnel policy is crucial. Thus, a flexible design of the workplace can attract talents. Anyone who can make his work place and working time relatively free, can also do without commuting and reside where he or she likes, whether Munich or Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

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The most popular cities with applicants

  1. Munich
  2. Nuremberg
  3. Augsburg
  4. Regensburg
  5. Würzburg
  6. Gain
  7. Bamberg
  8. Ingolstadt
  9. Schweinfurt
  10. Rosenheim

The cities with the most vacancies

  1. Munich
  2. Nuremberg
  3. Augsburg
  4. Regensburg
  5. Ingolstadt
  6. Würzburg
  7. Gain
  8. Rosenheim
  9. Herzogenaurach
  10. Bamberg

Popularity of Bavaria in Germany

Percentage of job seekers from other federal states to Bavaria.

  1. Baden-Wuerttemberg (22,66%)
  2. Hesse (19,77%)
  3. North Rhine-Westphalia (12,19%)
  4. Schleswig-Holstein (8,08%)
  5. Saxony (7,52%)
  6. Hamburg (6,57%)
  7. Thuringia (5,98%)
  8. Berlin (4,66%)
  9. Rhineland-Palatinate (3,71%)
  10. Lower Saxony (2,91%)
  11. Saxony-Anhalt (2,23%)
  12. Bremen (1,31%)
  13. Saarland (1,00%)
  14. Brandenburg (0,97%)
  15. Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (0,43%

Bavaria's popularity in the world

Percentage of job searches from other countries to Bavaria.

  1. Austria (12,30%)
  2. Great Britain (7,84%)
  3. USA (6,12%)
  4. Croatia (6,04%)
  5. Italy (5,93%)
  6. Czech Republic (5,57%)
  7. Switzerland (5,12%)
  8. France (4,27%)
  9. Spain (2,92%)
  10. Hungary (2,44%)

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