3 steps to the error-free reference: The 15 seconds tip

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When it comes to work certificates, many moan HR, It must be legal, benevolently formulated and yet truthful. Behind it are lengthy processes. Automation can help. 3 Steps to Get a Correct Work Certificate: The 15 Secondary Tip 3 Steps to Get a Correct Work Certificate: The 15 Secondary Tip

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Employment Certificate: Help wanted!

60 percent of HR employees and 47 percent of executives in large German companies want more help with certificate generation. This is shown by current studies. No wonder, considering the high standards in Germany for a job certificate:

For one thing, it must be legally sound. On the other benevolent written while still truthful. At the same time, it is important to clearly describe the tasks and skills of the employee. To make matters worse, the HR specialist must also make sure that the certificate is not too pleasing and therefore unreliable.

Up to 3 hours, staff invest in a work certificate

Apart from the legally required requirements for a job certificate, many HR employees have to go through a lengthy process of coordination with their respective executives. All of this costs valuable time.

On average, a staff member invests up to three hours in the processing of a certificate of employment. With around 38 credentials per month, 1.368 hours per year, and whopping 171 working days - are economically unprofitable for the process Company is. Because at least for graduation certificates, the employee leaves the company and no longer makes his workforce available.

Save time and avoid mistakes

To become more efficient and free up more time for the really important things like strategic HR, HR professionals need to streamline their processes. More than 70 percent of all major German companies still write job references with a conventional word processing program.

This is not only awkward, but also risky. Because that's where grammar and spelling mistakes or wrong phrases quickly creep in.

Intelligent software can help with the creation of references

Faster, easier and safer is the certification process with intelligent software. It offers legally compliant, pre-formulated text modules and saves the HR staff time-consuming paperwork. It also simplifies reconciliation processes and gives executives the ability to rate employees in just seconds.

All in all, the HR department can greatly reduce the effort required to create a certificate. The faster the employee receives his certificate of employment. After all, long processing times also damage the image of the company as an appreciative and well-organized employer.

3 steps: In 15 seconds for a faultless job certificate

The certificate creation process with suitable HR software looks like this: If an employee wants to apply for a certificate, they can initiate the process directly in the software. The executive then automatically opens a to-do that asks him to rate the employee.

  1. Second 1-2 Calling up certificate generation: As soon as the manager calls up the to-do, the software automatically fills out the employee data as well as the service and activity description. The necessary information is obtained from the existing ERP system, to which it is seamlessly connected. Automatic data transfer eliminates errors that can quickly arise during manual transfer.
  2. Second 3-12 Evaluate Employees: The leader can now evaluate the employee within a few seconds in selected categories, for example, specialist knowledge, training, resilience, performance, work or behavior. The software then automatically selects pre-engineered text modules based on the rating and merges them to create a natural reading flow. The modules are regularly audited by specialized labor lawyers. As a result, companies are legally on the safe side.
  3. Second 13-15 Create certificate with a mouse click: Finally, the certificate is created within a few seconds with a mouse click. A good software solution is also linked to the company's digital personnel file and automatically puts the document in the right place, so it's always available when needed.

Conclusion: More efficient certificate generation - more time for the essentials

With intelligent software that can be easily integrated into the existing IT landscape, the certification process can be made significantly more efficient. Good programs even support mobile devices so that an employee can apply for a work certificate on the go.

The manager fills in the rating on the smartphone and even the approval process can be done using a digital signature mobile. Employees, managers and HR departments work together in a straightforward way using the software. It saves staff a lot of time and effort - instead, they gain time for their most important task: advancing your company with targeted HR measures.

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