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Create concept Practical tip: Just write?

Many Concept ABC School Joke OudCreators sink their own ship before they get started. Writing a good concept is much easier with the right technology than many think.

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The right structure is important

When you have freed yourself from the time pressure and collected all the necessary information, many people face an apparently insurmountable problem:

You have to structure the concept in words. But with the right technology, this is much easier than many think.

"I'm not creative!"

Do you sometimes hear these infinitely frustrated sentences saying, "I'm not creative, I just can't do it!" Or you complain about your lack of problem-solving skills, for example:

“I'm really good at researching, processing, and processing my insights, but I just can't think of any new ideas to solve problems. Somehow I only come up with the same ideas that others had before me. ”

Everyone is creative!

Creativity is nothing that one simply has and one does not have. Everyone is creative in some way and has come up with many ideas and innovative ideas in their lives, often when they least expect them. I honestly mean that, even if it sounds a bit hackneyed.

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Often being creative only consists of a new combination of existing knowledge, if you like new synaptic connections. So being creative means looking at things from new perspectives, asking unusual questions or thinking “around the corner”.

Stolpersteine ​​during concept development

The psychologist, management consultant and Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®Author Katja Ischebeck notes that the ability to conceptually work many professions belongs to the key key competency and that nevertheless 70% of all concepts fail.

In their search for the reasons, Ischebeck 10 has identified typical stumbling blocks - from too fast solutions to seemingly lacking creativity.

Creativity Techniques

We want to take a closer look at exactly the subject of creativity: To wake it up, there are various methods with which you can specifically think sideways, around corners or in other crooked paths (please don't take the latter too literally!). And not only that - using these methods is also fun!

Sarah Hübinger, for example gives up in her post Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® Tipshow to overcome creative blockages. It also helps to develop creative ideas together with other people - for example with colleagues. This video article explains very well where good ideas come from. Here you will find many more tips and suggestions on the subject of creativity.

The law of the great number

As in many other spheres of life, the law of large numbers also applies to creativity. First and foremost, it is important to create as many ideas as possible to filter out the best and most innovative ones.

By the way: pressure - if only the self-created pressure to present splendor - inhibits all creativity very reliably. Do not fall into this demotivation trap!

Help Formulate!

Once the good ideas have been found, it is time to formulate: “When I think that I have to formulate a long text linguistically, I lose all desire to develop the concept. I couldn't write well even at school. ”

In fact, the fear of the empty sheet is often due to unpleasant experiences during school, which often have a lasting impact on life. Get free! Everyone can write, and no one expects an authorically completed, but only a readable, usable text from you.

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  1. Vivian Panlick says:

    I can only advise anyone to just get started with his ideas and put them into a concept.
    Thanks for this post!

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    Thank you for this valuable contribution!

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