Establishing contacts and modern communication: the mesh of networkers [gloss]

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Published at , March 16.03.2010, XNUMX, in German, by Gerald Beyrodt (ed.), All authors can be found below in the book preview.

Does networking, German translation, at all Sense or is it a senseless waste of time? What happens when people talk to each other just for the sake of selling? And what do people think when they make compliments that are not? A gloss.

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Gerald Beyrodt is a freelance journalist in Berlin, including for Deutschlandradio. He writes about cultural topics, universities, the normal insanity in everyday life, all kinds of colorful, religion and Judaism. And for print media and the radio, podcasts and customer magazines.


Very compulsive


It was at an informal reception after an informal talk about marketing strategies. Sabine stood in her blue trousers suit in the area and crashed on her bread roll.

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Paul relaxed and praised her presentation, whereupon Sabine scented the morning air and told Paul about her super-great business consulting and whether he did not Concept need to double its turnover.

Only with half an ear


Paul then hypocritically hypocritically expressed interest and told Sabine about his newly founded PR agency and how strongly her business consultancy could benefit from a coherent PR concept. What prompted Sabine to bounce back on her buns again. Days later, Paul called to Sabine, who had incautiously given him his business card so as not to appear completely rude.

The talk is called networking, also networks. In the 80 years, the stylistic-philosopher Wolfsschneider still declared that the word network in German was to be avoided. While the English net meant only concrete ones such as spider webs and baseball nets and one for Abstracta on network evade, the German speaking could also say net, if he mean the social network.

And the stitches turn


Schneider's explanations have helped little. In the meantime, the Germans are also networking to make the loop: I network, you network, he / she / it networks or I also network. Striking is the busy, hard-working and hard-working. You do not just weave your net because it's fun, but the net is work, drudgery, blood, sweat, and tears.

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Which brings us back to Paul and Sabine. They sweat, they strive, they wriggle and do not know exactly, whether they are the spider that ties the net or the trapped insect. Of course, Sabine did not like the talk, because nothing interests her, between us, less than marketing strategies and nothing hates her more than blue pantsuits. Of course, Paul did not like to hear the lecture, because he has somehow heard all about marketing strategies and the melody of the marketers seems to him as uniform as the songs in the final round of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Compliments that are not


In addition, he just found Sabine's lecture especially bland, but all this is of no use, on fade lectures just stupid compliments must follow to sell. Everyone is a product, and every conversation is an acquisition attempt and every day is a market day.

Sure, relationships are wonderful, and it's certainly good to know people who can do one or the other good, which you can not do yourself, so that you can do it for money or as a favor. Everything good and beautiful. But in the world of networkers there are business card parties: contacts are made, no matter who, no matter why. The networkers have nothing to offer, nothing to say, nothing to think about. The thought haunts her mind that vitamin B is important, haha, and that one does not know what to do with contact again.

And what happens?


Asked: Has Sabine a) Paul a business-advisory strategy, b) Paul Sabine of his PR concept can convince, and have Paul and Sabine c) at least slept together? A) and B) are unlikely, because Paul does not have any money to pay a business consultation and Sabine has no money for a PR concept. C) is already more likely, because there is nothing else in the world of the network as a networker, and because ultimately even in the case of a close interpersonal, it is only about marketing, supply and demand, and if there is little supply, one knows this.

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After a few weeks, Paul and Sabine have met again in a trendy gym where everyone who also has talks about marketing and listening is going. Sabine and Paul were very much surprised at the chance to meet again, and asked each other how they were doing so. Sabine found that Paul looks quite usable in shorts and how the story unfolded is left to the general soap-opaque fantasy. One thing, however, must be said: Paul and Sabine did not talk about marketing or PR on that evening.

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