5 Tips, so that the career ladder does not become the impasse: Achtung Traumjob!

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"Even a hamster bike looks like a career ladder from the inside," it says. There is a lot of truth in this: the desire to achieve further, higher and more can end in a cul-de-sac - this is currently shown by the case of Karstadt manager Eva-Lotta Sjöstedt. 5 tips to prevent this from happening.


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Dead end - it can be that fast

It can go quickly with the impasse: Get a great job offer, with higher salary, more leadership responsibility, more creative freedom - allegedly. For beautiful promises, concerns are quickly ignored in the first euphoria:

For example, that you have to move from the big city to the countryside. Or that you have to buy the pay rise with significantly more stress. Or that the freedom of design is not as great as expected.

Eva-Lotta Sjöstedt as a current example

A current example is the Karstadt manager Eva-Lotta Sjöstedt, who has just thrown the towel this week. Reason: Too little support from Nicolas-Berggruen, owner of Karstadt.

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Such a situtation is difficult if one can not get back from his old job or no new possibilities open up on the horizon.

5 Tips, so that the career ladder does not become the Sachgasse

But how can such misjudgments be avoided? We give 5 tips on how they can maintain a realistic view from the beginning in such situations.

  •  To be informed: It may sound hackneyed, but in the first euphoria you will miss some warning. It is important to find out before a supposed rise exactly what the new job means - eg more stress, more travel, moving to the countryside. Because the supposed dream job can quickly become a nightmare.
  • Know your goals exactly: If you want to be successful, you should know exactly what success means to you. This is not always synonymous with more salary and more responsibility. Therefore, one should realize what is important in life - and whether the new job really fits these personal goals.
  • Is the work fulfilling in the long term? If you do not have time for hobbies, family and relaxation, the batteries are quickly empty and top performances impossible. If you do not have time for hobbies, family and relaxation, you should ask about the short-term salary increase.
  • The chemistry must be right: But it is also important that you with the new colleagues and the Manager clearly comes. Anyone who has a slight doubt at the beginning, whether it can work it should not just wipe it aside but try to get more information.
  • The rise a flop - and now? What can you do if it turns out that the supposed rise on the career ladder was a flop? Restrict damage. Perhaps there is still a possibility to continue in the old job. If not, you can bridge the waiting for new opportunities with other jobs or make yourself independent.

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  1. Kurt Schaffner

    Attention Traumjob! #Career

  2. Karista

    Attention, dream job! How the career ladder does not become a dead end:

  3. Karriereexperten.com

    Attention Traumjob! #Career

  4. QRC Group AG

    5 tips, so the #Karriereleiter will not be the dead end #Career # Job

  5. Silke Loers

    Attention Traumjob! #Career

  6. Silke Loers

    For me, a career ladder does not always have to go upwards (viewed from the outside). It is precisely the experiences, defeats, that make a leadership personality. How will a manager be reflected, for whom there was always only a steep climb without difficulties?
    Even “idle times”, ie a job has ended and a new one is not yet in sight, offer a lot of potential to “take a breath” and look for a new project with renewed energy.
    I admire Eva-Lotta Sjöstedt for her courage to throw a job that does not keep what he promises. I think that through such an attitude many new opportunities arise for them. Today, we need managers with edges that do not have a job, but say when something has slipped into slate.
    An alleged return for others can be a step in the right direction.

    • Simone Janson

      Hi Silke,
      thanks for the comment, you said that nicely. Eva-Lotta Sjöstedt is not the best (but a current) example in that I agree with you that she will surely find other options soon. There are other cases in which this is not the case and who see such a step backwards as a defeat. The German way of dealing with failure also contributes to this: In other countries it is far more common for people to work temporarily in “less qualified” professions, in Germany this is still equated with social decline for many, although it doesn't have to be . Just recently I heard from a former fellow student who worked as an IT consultant after completing his archeology degree and is now opening a candy store - cool thing, doing his own thing, but some would turn up their noses. Or in another case someone delivers their biscuits to boardrooms and makes good contacts in the process.


  7. Competencepartner

    5 tips so that the career ladder does not become a dead end: Attention dream job !: “Also a hamst… #Profession #Education

  8. Felix Schorre

    RT @SimoneJanson: 5 tips to prevent the career ladder from becoming a dead end: Attention, dream job! -

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