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IT jobs and top employers in the gaming industry: 5 steps to becoming a software developer

The gaming industry is one of the most successful industries worldwide, software developers are desperately sought. But what are the requirements, where can you find jobs and what are the future prospects?

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Gaming industry as a job engine

Make the hobby a profession? The gaming industry regularly provides a new technical innovation. Every year numerous games are developed, which count quickly ten thousand or one hundred thousand fans. The job opportunities in the games sector are therefore diverse. In Germany, several tens of thousands of people are currently working in the gaming industry.

It is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. According to the Federal Association of Interactive Entertainment Software, the market for computer and video games in Germany rose by 10 percent last year. Sales in the first six months alone were around 970 million euros.

Good career opportunities

So the career opportunities are extremely good. Especially since new developments such as virtual or argumented reality are becoming increasingly important. Currently, 3D designers and user interface designers are particularly sought after, but game designers, developers for virtual reality, game authors, graphic designers, sound designers and programmers also have very good chances of finding a job in the industry.

The fact that there are different consoles and PCs for the gambling and the companies in constant competition to each other, are in the processor development and the hardware industry intensively creative junior forces are looked for. There are many possibilities for entry. The job offers and job advertisements in the newspapers are full of IT job offers in the gaming industry.

Games developers also work in socially meaningful areas

If you want to become a software developer, you should also consider untypical industries, because there are increasingly exciting prospects: Games are also available in further education or, for example, in the health sector, which also offers developers the opportunity to do something socially useful.

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Here, for example, games are designed for fitness studios that are based on behavioral principles or that want to take advantage of people's play instinct to motivate them to exercise consistently and regularly. For example, fitness activities are tracked and points are credited for each activity so that the user reaches the next level. There are also challenges - just that you don't have to solve any problems on the computer here, but rather have to run the next extra round, for example.

Virtual worlds: 5 steps to get started in the gaming industry

The graphics have long been developed so that it is easy for the player to dive into another world. Anyone looking for an IT job has very good chances of advancement in this industry. And for many, the development of computer and casino games is an absolute dream job. But what preconditions and conditions do you have to bring in Germany to practice the profession? What do you have to study to get an IT job in the gaming industry? And which are the best employers?

1. Software developers become: education or study?

Software development is fun - but how do you become a developer? A few years ago, there was still the opportunity to enter the profession via classical training in the field of software development. But with the growing technical demands on software, game developers need a lot more today than they did a few years ago.

In the past, a basic requirement was almost always a completed degree in computer science, software development or media informatics. In the meantime, however, there are special courses such as games engineering or game design. Therefore, classic computer scientists in the IT area of ​​the gaming industry are rarely found today. Because a game not only has to work technically, it should also be player-friendly! Conventional IT staff are problem solvers, but less able to program a game surface so that every player understands it in a few minutes. Of course, simply playing computer games is not enough to find a job in the industry, but there should be an affinity for computer games.

In any case, studying computer science is no longer compulsory. The gaming industry pays more attention to people who have completed a special course of study, such as studying game design, studying multimedia, or studying VR conception. There are now courses abroad tailored to the games industry called Serious Games, Virtual Reality or Virtual and Argumented Reality. But career changers are also very welcome in the gaming industry, but studying is the best way to develop games.

2. The right skills: What characteristics does a software developer have to have?

The career opportunities and entry opportunities in the gaming industry will continue to increase in the next few years. Because the industry continues to develop. In addition, the number of gamers increases every year. Trends alternate constantly, new fields of work in the IT department often arise overnight. Because the requirements for developers are becoming increasingly complex, certain character traits are also required, for example the ability to familiarize yourself with complex relationships and to solve problems with the appropriate patience.

Mathematical talent is one of the most important prerequisites. As well as technical sensitivity, logical thinking and the desire to program. In addition, a game software developer should be creative and enjoy the design. For while studying and also later in the profession, animations and virtual characters have to be created, designed and drawn.

Psychological knowledge is also an advantage in the gaming industry. Employees should know which elements encourage players to continue or which parts are boring when playing. Furthermore, they should have creativity and a willingness to experiment and be able to adjust to irregular working hours and stress. Of course, it is also necessary to be interested in the long-term development and development of the game.

3. Find top employers: Where can you work as a software developer for games?

But how do you find the best employers? The most important game manufacturers in Germany include Goodgame Studios and Bigpoint from Hamburg, Gameforge from Karlsruhe, Innogames from Hamburg and Crytek from Frankfurt. In addition, international groups are an interesting employer to climb the career ladder.

Crytek is for example responsible for the games Crysis, Ryse and Warface. The French Company Ubisoft is the largest game development company in Europe. The company generates annual sales of around EUR 1,25 billion. There are two developer studios in Germany, among others in Düsseldorf. Other important employers are the German game companies King Art, Koch Media, GameDuell, Goodgame Studios and Astragon Entertainment.

Of course, the individual companies cannot be compared with each other. Because every company has a different structure and different business areas. Some companies are active in game development, others take care of the distribution and marketing of games, such as Piranha Bytes or Yager. Still other companies are known as developers of mobile games, as is the case with Travian or mobile games. What they all have in common is that they are constantly looking for new and motivated employees. In addition, young professionals can apply to numerous gaming sites as software experts. There are numerous companies in Europe that offer exciting job advertisements on their websites. This includes game sites like that New Online Casino - Syndicate.

4. The application: the way to a dream job

Once you have found the right employer, you can apply. What should I write on the résumé? Where should it be sent to? How do I behave in an interview? Anyone who is looking for work in general and in the game industry in particular is asking these questions. First of all, much more fundamental questions should be clarified.

Assume that you master C ++ so well that you are convinced of your skills and are ready to enter the industry. Then you should specifically look for job advertisements in which your skills are sought. The question is to stay in the example where you studied C ++. If this is one of the recognized universities of applied sciences, companies have started looking for you from the third year. At least you offered them internships and ideally you wanted to hire them immediately after your studies.

If you want to work as a programmer, the lack of formal training can be an obstacle. Especially at the beginning. Your first employer needs your proven knowledge. For beginners in technical subjects, training is the main assessment criterion. For example, if you have taught yourself C ++ on your own or in courses, you should be proactive. This means that you should publish a website with your resume, use job boards and other specialized websites, as well as social media, and be ready to respond to vacancies yourself. For example, as an inexperienced developer, you can visit GitHub and participate in open source projects like developing the Syndicate casino bonus refer. Such projects are your portfolio that you can use to show code examples and results. Getting started with an internship can also be helpful.

Of course, you can apply for several positions, but never for several positions at the same company. It is helpful to have a concise curriculum vitae, which enumerates the required formally correct technical knowledge. It's worth writing a brief introduction to why you love games and want to work in the gaming industry. If there are successes or measurable results that are relevant in the future workplace, they should be expressed. However, you should also keep it as short as possible in the cover letter.

5. Looking ahead: prospects as a software developer for games

But what are the future prospects in the industry? The game industry is currently desperately looking for professionals. A lot of new staff is being sought in the industry. This is especially true for software development. In addition, the game industry is an industry with a future: video games and the like have long been an integral part of our lives. Thanks to the ever advancing technology, online games are also becoming increasingly realistic, and augmented reality even links reality and technology.

The starting salary is between 16.000 and 30.000 euros per year. Ascending trend. In addition, 76 percent of the employees in the games industry have permanent contracts and the female quota is also very good in this industry. Prospective software developers for games in Frankfurt, Hamburg and Berlin have the best job prospects. Most of the game development companies are based there. Those who have studied software development will later pursue a well-paid, varied, creative and technical profession, which of course also promises plenty of opportunities for advancement.

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