The top job exchanges and the favor of the users in the endurance test: newcomers, descendants, newcomers

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It seems as if job boards in spite of all prophecies of doom, not to be killed - at least if you follow Gerhard Kenk, since October 2008 in his Crosspro Research user survey job boards and Jobsuchmaschinen subject to a long-term test of users - and now submits interim results again.

The top job exchanges and the favor of users in the endurance test: newcomers, newcomers, generalists jobbörsen

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Here writes for you:

Gerhard Kenk kenkGerhard Kenk is editor of Crosswater Systems and is considered the grandfather of the jobblogging scene.


What is behind the survey?


The aim of the project is to use an online survey to collect their assessments, preferences and assessments of job exchanges and job search engines. In doing so, it is also to be ascertained which functions and areas of use are of importance to jobseekers.

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The survey was initiated in October 2008 and is a long-term survey to identify trends in recruiting preferences. The online survey is a joint project of PROFILO Rating-Agentur GmbH and Crosswater Systems Ltd. carried out. Last year we have already reported on the best job markets

  • Crosspro-Research Permanent Survey on the Best Job Boards: The Best Job Search Portals
  • Crosspro-Research Continuous survey of the best job markets: job search engines and specialists in the front

In the meantime, I have also published on the topic in the journal "Personal im Fokus": As HR find the right job market

Analysis reveals fluctuations in satisfaction ranking


As of the 31.12.2012 reporting date, the following analysis was produced on the basis of almost 20.000 valuations, which shows fluctuations in the satisfaction ranking of jobseekers. Which are the current climbers, relegated and newcomers?

Among the generalists, the general job boards, which offer jobs for all industries, all occupations or all regions, some job boards have managed to move forward in the satisfaction assessment of users.

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The newcomers at the job exchanges

Overview improved in the year 2012 compared to the same period last year by 0,21 scale points (on a satisfaction scale from 1 = very good to 4 = not good at all).

The job board of the employment agency also made good ground and increased its satisfaction rating by 0,14 scale points, just ahead of the job market, which grew by 0,13 scale points.

The newcomers at the niche job exchanges


In the niche job markets, which focus on specific industries and occupations, Absolventa and Hotelcareer have made the most progress in user assessment.

Among the job search machines, the all-rounders of digital recruitment, and are judged with most user evaluations over the past years. In the year 2012, was able to expand the user satisfaction just by 0,05.

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Trend towards new foundations unbroken


"The trend towards new job start-ups is still unbroken," says Kenk. I can only confirm this from my experience when I consider the great mass of PR requests, linking requests and the like. One should think that there will soon be nothing to get on the job market.

"Right," says Kenk, "because the newcomers are not only fighting for job advertisements for employers, but also for visitor traffic and awareness among job seekers."

Newcomers score points with user satisfaction


In this difficult business environment, several newcomers have scored points in user satisfaction in 2012. These include the T5 job exchange in the area of ​​science and technical specialists and managers, Yourfirm for SMEs and Ictjob in the IT sector.

The search quality and the generated hit lists also play an important role in the jobseeker's assessment - the accuracy of job descriptions, hierarchy levels or geographic proximity search are particularly important. In the year 2012 the search quality improved for all three job portal genres.

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The Descent


The losers, however, still include the voluntary job boards - as in the results of the survey last year. Overall, they show the least improvement of 2,09 on 2,08.

In contrast, the special job markets improved on average from 2,02 to 1,93. Users of job search engines attest to this genus above average search quality.

Top Jobbörse at a Glance




  1. StepStone
  2. Jobware
  3. Kalaydo

Special job boards:


  1. Hotelcareer (hotel and catering industry)
  2. Yourfirm (specialist and managerial staff for the middle class)
  3. 3. Jobvector (Natural Sciences, Life Science, MINT)

Job search engines:


  1. Kimeta
  2. iCjobs
  3. JobRobot

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