Job search as a spiritual scientist: From the ivory tower to the economy

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After the Abitur, the whole world was open to me and I opted for a study of German studies. I had been warned.

Job search as a humanities scholar: From ivory tower to economics

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Here writes for you: Vanessa Hindinger is a student. Profile

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Child, study "what decent"


Everyone in my family had "something decent" - a lesson. And I wanted to study something that brought me in the following years at every WG-party with new people this question: "Germa .. what? So German, what can you do with it later?"

In the first semester, I counted my google knowledge: "I can do a lot with it, for example ..." And then, in the second one, "journalism and such, or media." In the third, it was just a weary shrug that was left over. No perspective, no idea, useless - that's how I felt. At the university one was not prepared for the job routine. "Too many options that can not all be covered, just do an internship," it said only there.

Get out of the ivory tower, into the economy


Get out of the ivory tower and into the economy. For any other course of study a matter of course, as a humanities scholar probably THE hurdle of study par excellence: With Goethe and Schiller, medieval language skills and the Nibelungenlied in the end gain a job to somehow earn money, without wanting to become a professor.

For me, the personal low was reached after the undergraduate studies: Surrender halfway. And to be even Generation Y: Those who in the eyes of older generations anyway nothing right or really want and on work actually also "no 'buck" have. Conceivable good conditions for total lack of prospects.

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First internships


Through a friend I came in this phase to my first internship at an online newspaper. The professional field of journalism was not unknown to me and I had even been in the Diddl-friend book in it, that I would later like to be "author" (but only if I should not become a witch), but also met me relatively early the curse That's why I did not dare to put all my theoretical knowledge into practice and go somewhere apply.

You have to know that an engineer or a business administration student knows quite early, if not even before graduation, what he can do with it later. Vocationally oriented studies, geared to the job market and supported by the state (MINT) on demand.

If clear perspectives are missing


As a spiritual scientist, you are more likely to study with passion or interest and there are hardly any preparatory seminars or infoverations ... The search for jobs on the net is difficult because there are simply no jobs advertised for old philologists, Romanists or cultural scientists. In any case, the internship in this young online editorial was incredibly instructive and exciting for me. The stone was brought into play and motivated me these weeks for the remaining studying time, which is why I also collected on television and in another online portal experiences.

In the meantime, I know exactly where I want to go. I would like to have an internship, whether online, on TV, on the radio or in a classic print magazine. The PR area fascinates me and if someone gives me the chance, I would also show in marketing, that you have to offer exciting and different ways of thinking as an alien economist. I try to network well, ask around where jobs might be, use my website to do marketing on my own and write classic and unsolicited applications.

You do not have to be a taxi driver


I am open and at the same time solidified in my career, because it has now become clear to me that not everyone who has completed an orchid study has to become a professor or a taxi driver. There are countless industries and divisions, all depending on their own profile. This can be a blessing and blessing at the same time.

For example, if you have few interests or, above all, you do not know how to "make money" it will be difficult and you are facing a process of detours and self-doubt. But if you know what you can do and what you want, then a humanities study is highly recommended. Because where else can I form myself in such a general way and acquire and develop a personal "professional profile" that enables me to develop my true talents and not just to work in a specific industry, because unfortunately, the wrong study was chosen.

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Looking to the future


If I should read this text here in a year again and again as at school at the restaurant "Zum goldenen M" at the cash register, I know that I should revise all statements made and would rather get married quickly rich.

But if I should read this text here again in a year and have a place in society where I share my ideas and commitment DIE WELT for me or for all others, or at least for the purse of my superiors, a bit more to a more colorful, meaningful or even better place, then I hope that other semesters of German Studies will read this text and become active, want to do internships their interests and talents. Stay bold and think of me at your first salary.

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