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OPINION! Regine Heidorn about job search via Twitter & the sense of further education

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Regine Heidorn actually wanted to be a long-term student. Today she works as a web developer, information architect, lecturer and consultant in Berlin. The interview is about how to find customers and jobs on Twitter - and what on Further Training and recruiting goes wrong.

Heidorn started several courses - for example German studies, philosophy, sports, ethnology, sociology, Romance studies and cultural studies in Gießen, Marburg and Bremen. Consequently, with the long-term student's professional goal in mind, she did not finish any of them with a degree. For five years, however, she has been missing her professional goal: on Twitter she is successfully on the road as @bitboutique.

Ms. Heidorn, which social network do you prefer to find jobs and clients?

Definitely Twitter! I now find 75 percent of my jobs here.
But isn't 140 characters a little little space to present yourself?
On the contrary: Potential customers get to know me much better and faster on Twitter than anywhere else.

Don't other social networks do exactly the same thing? What makes Twitter special?

In other networks or on blogs, customers and bosses have to spend time to learn more about me. It's quick on Twitter, in just 140 characters - so there's a greater willingness to get involved.

Isn't brevity a disadvantage? In other networks such as Xing, you can display your entire range of skills. On Twitter, however ...

… I discover competencies that I could never have written into a Xing profile because I didn’t know beforehand that I could have them.

You have to explain that!

On Twitter, I also communicate about things like hobbies or personal preferences. Exactly the result is often unimagined job opportunities: For example, I often Geocaching, a kind of scavenger hunt with mobile devices. Anja Wagner has also noticed that, at the University of Applied Sciences (HTW) Berlin, she is carrying out eLearning projects.

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And so you got talking?

Correct. And from the conversation the idea of ​​a mobile excursion developed. And I got a teaching assignment at the HTW in the eVideo project on the subject of mobile excursions. I never thought that I could get teaching assignments without a degree. Really innovative ...

What does that have to do with innovations?

Quite simply: New professions are emerging. A job description that I write in a Xing profile or on my website is pretty much old hat. Mainstream, so to speak. Via Twitter in dialogue, however, we invent things and activities that have not yet had a name - real innovation potential.

Isn't the target group just too small for such an acquisition?

I admit that it is mostly with small ones Company and private customers works, probably because it's easier to enter into dialogue there.

And what does it look like financially?

With this type of acquisition, the mega-fees are not clear. But I have exactly the jobs and partners that suit me - dream customers, so to speak.

So far, it was about your acquisition strategy via Twitter. Be honest: don't you think that the traditional application process could do better - for example financially - better?

Possible. But what do I get from working with people with whom the chemistry isn't right afterwards? For this reason, I do not apply for certain jobs that explicitly ask for a specific apprenticeship.

Why not?

Es hat keinen Sense. In job interviews in particular, I often noticed that many HR are downright afraid of hiring people who fall off the beaten track. Not particularly innovative - rather helpless!


Yes, because HR personnel often prefer to play it safe and take someone with an education that fits into the schema - just so that they cannot be attacked afterwards.

Instead of discovering and assessing competencies, many HR managers prefer to manage their own fears. Are HR staff helpless that they always want to protect themselves by judging others?

Haven't you tried to solve this problem by earning a degree?

Yes, of course. At the beginning of my career I did a multimedia training at a private institute, the SAE Institute. That cost 14.000 euros. However, I have mine Objectiveto do a bachelor's degree and instead graduated with the Creative Media Diploma.

Sounds good too ...

Yes, but this is just a certificate that the educational institution has created itself and that hardly anyone knows on the job market. It is practically worthless.

How did the bachelor fail?

ME on the poor supervision: When I asked my lecturer for help with tasks, he referred in part to tutorials on the Internet. This was certainly also due to the fact that courses were often overbooked without restraint, so that in some cases no one was approachable by the supervisors.

In addition, the evaluation criteria were not transparent, so that to this day nobody can tell me what exactly I should have done for my subsequent submission, on which the degree depends. For 14.000 euros, I think you can expect more.

Of course that's a very subjective view ...

What is less subjective is that for an exam I had to learn techniques that were already out of date back then - such as lingo programming and HTML4 framesets. I didn't see that, especially since I was able to achieve the same result in a different, better way.

I mentioned this before the exam with the result that I was explicitly asked to learn outdated techniques especially for the exam. From the exam year after me, I know that they were free to choose which technology to use.

And now you have lost faith in the German education system?

No, but I no longer believe that degrees alone say something about our abilities, on the contrary, many people stop learning and developing because they have the certificate in their pocket.

In order to reflect the meaningfulness of educational qualifications, we have just founded the Association of Graduates, with whom we want to make the conclusion, but also unusual biographies visible.

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  7. anja c. wagner says:

    RT @cervus: Regine @BitBoutique Heidorn tells in an interview how to find jobs that do not exist yet #evideo

  8. Markus Albers says:

    RT @cervus: Regine @BitBoutique Heidorn tells in an interview how to find jobs that don't even exist yet @Simon ...

  9. Gerhard Käppler says:

    Find jobs that don't even exist yet: "Twitter is the most innovative social media tool."

  10. Holger Froese says:

    Regine Heidorn speaks in part 2 of the interviews on the helplessness of staff and the value of student recruitment
    Commented on Twitter

  11. Regine Heidorn says:

    Hehehe :-) Can we agree to name the suffering as Guttenberg tactics to highlight our own performance? Vll such a kind of hidden child tactics, which is to appeal to the magnanimity?

  12. Martin Salwiczek says:

    RT @SimoneJanson: Regine Heidorn speaks in part 2 of the interview about the helplessness of personnel and

  13. Regine Heidorn says:

    The experience of completing something is not alien to me. Anyone who has been through HTML / CSS templating knows what thick boards are and how they are drilled.
    The experience of bringing something to an end and of demonstrating the ability is not just connected with the conclusion. That is only one possibility among many.

    • Simone Janson says:

      Hello Regine,
      thanks for the additional comment. Incidentally, I find the aspect interesting that you always have to have fought or tormented yourself somewhere in order to give the impression of having achieved something. Somehow there is a masochistic attitude behind it - only those who suffer deserve a good result! :-)

  14. Zorem says:

    Students who do not earn the Bachelor's degree can obtain a recognized degree from the IHK. (It also costs a lot less.) If you give up again and again, nothing else will come to an end when it becomes difficult.

    • Simone Janson says:

      Hello Zorem,
      Unfortunately, this is not so easy, because the IHK degrees build on one another in a modular manner: In other words, in order to do an IHK business economist, I first have to graduate from a specialist. Or have completed recognized dual vocational training. The business manager costs a few thousand euros, as does the business manager. The absurd is that the IHK does not recognize degrees, for example - with the argument that the universities do not recognize IHK degrees either. Original sound IHK Cologne. You can see from such statements how absurd this whole pseudo-collective education system is.
      I can well understand that you don't feel like doing it - even if I would agree with you insofar as I personally see my degree as an enrichment - not because of the appearances, but because of the experience that came with it, which later benefited me. Personally, I would like to leave it up to you to decide whether you have to torture yourself.

  15. Simone Janson says:

    @Bitboutique in an interview Tl2: "HR managers only manage their fears & are helpless, degrees say nothing about skills!"

  16. Borislav Kiprin says:

    RT Interview with @BitBoutique about strategies for # acquiring customers, ie finding occupations. #Innovation v. #twitter

  17. Simone Janson says:

    Interview with @bitboutique about strategies for #customer acquisition, i.e. finding jobs & d. #Innivating power v. #Twitter

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