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Text comes from the book: “Job hunting: it works! Career with Knicken ”(2016), published by BusinessVillage Verlag, reprinted with the kind permission of the publisher.

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Graduate in Economics Petra Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®Barsch is a consultant and expert for future working environments. In strategic consulting, she advises companies on how to design the working environment so that their employees develop their full potential and, above all, are ready to contribute to the company's future. She began to get enthusiastic about this topic over thirty years ago. During her studies as an economist and economic historian in Berlin, she researched the influences of technology on people's working methods and worlds. She completed her studies with a scientific thesis on “Money and Value Theory in Germany in the 19th Century”. from and taught at the University of Mainz and at the University of Health and Sport in Berlin.

Secret Tricks for Job Search: Cope with Gaps in the CV

Any recruiter over gaps in the resume stumbles if they are longer than three months. Every longer gap means loss of competence, knowledge and employability in the eyes of the decision makers.

Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®

Breaks as a handicap

In addition, it is questionable whether the cultural fit can be determined in an interview. It takes more time for a few weeks. From my point of view, this is another hurdle that companies are building for you as a cross-border commuter, as a different thinking.

Breaks in the CV are still a handicap. Careers are always very straightforward and there is no place for breaks. Too much zigzag shows too little determination. Absenteeism, too long training times, termination of the employment relationship during the probationary period, a wrong decision in the job search or a time-out (Sabbatical) are given a question mark.

Apply to a hierachically lower job

Misunderstanding is also called up if you are applying to a hierarchically lower job, for example without leadership, after you have already led. The interpretations are in the case of non-booked periods of more than three months:

Something can't be right, probably burnout. For short periods of time: Well, that probably didn't work. As you can see, there are apparently no positive explanations for HR managers. A human resources manager once told me: "Whenever there is a question mark, we answer it rather negatively."

Reasons for the gaps? No matter!

It doesn't really matter what caused this gap, this kink. If there are gaps, the first question to ask is the period of time that has passed since the last activity. In the case of kinks, it is the question of explainability, the Sense, the classification in the overall picture - that is the common thread.

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In case of gaps, the assessment depends on the length of time since last employment. The larger the gap, the higher the need for explanation. While a period of up to three months is still below the acceptance gap, longer periods are considered critical. In the eyes of human resource managers, professional competence and performance motivation decrease in the course of non-employment and even personality changes.

Diagnosed diagnoses

Depending on the situation, the following diagnoses are then made:

If you are not employed for less than a year, the diagnosis is fast:

  • professionally no longer up to date,
  • Success orientation and determination are classified as rather low,
  • personally, you are then little ambitious.

If the time-out lasts longer than a year, then more critical symptoms are seen:

  • professionally, you are attested to a strong loss of competence,
  • Determinativeness is even less attributed to you,
  • personally, the ambition is more or less pronounced, or the concentration on the family is attested to, or in the case of illness a criticism of your way of life.

Correctly, gaps of more than three years are seen:

  • Loss of competence all along the line
  • no career orientation
  • depending on the cause: They are unstable, not responsible, not resilient.

What else can you kink

But even if you are constantly working and changing your job, you can make mistakes. Very short, two to three years lasting working conditions suggest that your accumulated expertise is not deeply deepened, that inconsistency characterizes your life and you are perhaps one of those who are looking for their dream job. Persistence and career orientation are not certified to you.

But now comes the crux: If you are employed for too long at a company, it is assumed that their specialized knowledge is no longer up to date. They are inflexible and comfortable.

Help, a notice!

Termination by the employer, maybe even during the probationary period, oh dear, then something went wrong. It may have turned out that your knowledge was not enough or your commitment left much to be desired. That the selection may not have been really good, that is rather not the question, because you could also have noticed that the job is not for you.

You can even terminate yourself without having a succession job, the misunderstanding is great. For the employer it can mean that there were problems that you are unmotivated and unstable.

The famous red thread

In addition, there are concerns when you are too old, too high or too low qualified, were previously independent. And if there is no common thread in your life, you will hardly be considered the first choice.

Of course, there are positive interpretations to almost all statements, but they are responsible for that.

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