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Job prospects: Occupations with a future

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The job market is highly competitive and job trends never stop. It pays to be prepared and targeted for jobs too applythat offer good career prospects.


Writing for you: Florian Beischall is an online editor.

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Occupations in the hotel and hotel industry

Especially for women the doors in the hotel industry, in the catering industry and in the tourism industry are wide open. In the south of Germany the demand for professionals in the hotel industry is particularly high. If you are interested in the area, you can work well with people and have nothing against possible shifts, the following professions offer you a future:

  • Hotel Manager
  • Restaurant / -mann
  • Cook
  • maid

As a hotel expert you are even within easy reach of the jump abroad. The current drop in trainees ensures that there are enough vacancies after completing training or after the degree program.

Office jobs with good job prospects

A sector in which there is a huge potential for development is the administrative and commercial sector. Here, a trend towards advisory occupations can be identified, because of the high level of competition, economic crises and the internationalization of the professional world Company looking for professionally competent consultants.

Popular and lucrative office assignments include personnel consultants, controllers, corporate consultants and tax consultants. In particular, the auditors are in demand. Studies assume that more than 50% of all companies are looking for an auditor.

Comprehensive knowledge base necessary

It is your responsibility to examine the profitability of the company and to advise it that profit is possible. You should have a talent with figures, negotiation skills, communication skills and administrative expertise.

What is important is that you have a broad knowledge base, because many things flow into the economic success. For this, it is advisable to rely on technical literature and not only to acquire extensive basic knowledge, but also to keep up-to-date.

Here, for example, Kiehl.de, a brand of the renowned NBW publishing house, is recommended with numerous specialist books on topics such as economic theory, accounting and office communication.

Everything about medicine and care

The population of the Federal Republic is getting older and sicker, so it will be easy for you to find a job in the medical field. Especially nurses, nurses and house doctors are missing. Circumstances 20.000 home care centers must be occupied until 2020.

As a general practitioner, you will ideally receive support from the state in the form of scholarships for study or financial help in founding a practice. Last but not least, it makes sense to learn the profession of a pharmacist, because there are about four vacancies per applicant in the pharmacist area.

Engineering: Specialists with dual education

Even if the issue of skilled labor has now been differentiated , there are also specialists still in demand here: Graduates with a dual education are in demand, who, in addition to technical knowledge or experience in mechanical engineering, also bring office skills or sales experience.

Here, it is essential to keep the level of knowledge as up-to-date as possible through further education. Sales engineers and project engineers can look forward to an entry-level salary of over 40.000 Euro.

Information Technology

Nowadays IT specialists can no longer be lacking in any company, because without the computer, Internet and digital media, nothing is going on. Whether as a software developer, a general IT consultant or a network administrator, the prospects are good.

An IT technician will find employment, because German companies fear their international competitiveness. The number of vacancies in the last few years was clearly above 30.000 (Source: The industry is looking for IT specialists - http://www.spiegel.de). However, you should always keep up to date as a specialist computer scientist or as a graduate of a computer science course.

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  1. Hello Mrs. Jansen,

    Occupations and professional images come and they go. Engineers or educators are still being sought, and just a few years later, the economy has turned and lost. The pig cycle should be known to everyone. In Spain, for example, no one is looking for an educator because the unemployed mothers can not afford the day-care center on the one hand and, on the other hand, take on the educational task themselves. I can remember regular hypes, when one was supposed to be a machine-maker on landaband and when they were finished with their studies, the job was just a dull moment. And whether nurses are actually employed, it is decided whether they can be paid for.

    With this I do not want to get rid of a general criticism of the article, but to encourage you to listen to yourself much more, to what you want to do yourself. You should see where your own talents are and expand accordingly. As a rule, one is good to very good at things that one really likes. Combined with profound knowledge of foreign languages ​​and the willingness to live and work well outside of Germany can protect against great disappointments. It does not mean that you have to go out of the country. But you spend a lot of time in professional life and should therefore think carefully about what you really want to do. If the job "only" still serves to earn a living and is otherwise only served, life can be really uncomfortable - and very long.

    A society can not bring forth new ideas, innovations, or even geniuses, if it always listens and sees only the mainstream. However, the courage to be individual is already withdrawn in schools and later not necessarily encouraged. In that sense, I would not recommend anyone to bet on "hip" trends. The economy is subject to constant fluctuations and in the globalized world in particular, the laws change rapidly. It helps if you at least trust yourself and believe in what you are doing there.


    • Simone Janson

      Hello Clara,
      many thanks for this detailed and beautiful comment which I can fully agree with. I have a question about the subject you addressed a while ago critical contribution written. Unfortunately, the very big response to the topic is that many people are obviously wanting someone to tell them which profession is appropriate. So, listening to the self-listening is not so easy. In addition, one has to be pushed to certain interests and abilities: Naturally, many are interested in art, but perhaps some of these art enthusiasts might be very enthusiastic and successful in other areas.

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    Job prospects: Jobs with a future via BERUFEBILDER -

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  3. DKE Next Generation

    Job prospects: Jobs with a future via BERUFEBILDER -

    #Professional #Future #Job #Career


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  5. Petra-Alexandra Buhl

    50% of all companies are looking for an auditor

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    Jobs with a future - This sounds very traditional: women in the gastronomy, increase of kfm. + consulting professions

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