4 job opportunities in nightlife with and without IHK training: More than night shift

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Not only are all cats gray at night, they are also waiting for quite different jobs. No, not only in shifts, where you have a normal job, just at night time. But quite explicitly in those fields where the night is the basis. Be it because it is simply an integral part of going out, or is connected with its associated, sometimes unsightly outgrowths.

4 Job Opportunities in Nightlife with and without IHK Training: More than Night Shift 4 Job Opportunities in Nightlife with and without IHK Training: More than Night Shift

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4 jobs in the nightlife and what you can do for it

If you want to have a good time while going out, you need others to take care of it - the workers in the nightlife. For example, a good barman knows by heart not only three-digit numbers of drinks, he also knows how everyone tastes them and can make recommendations.

Even just playing a playlist is not DJing. These professionals are no less than sentimental conductors who use the music to do so. And croupiers are the incorruptible, math-strong, ever-neutral and absolutely reputable professionals - and first line of defense against crooks.

1. Bartender / bartender: Gastro profession with IHK training

It is perhaps the most casual job that one sees as a young person imagine can. Barkeeper. To be the lord of the counter, to mix cool, rainbow colored, high percentage drinks. Always in the spotlight and maybe even create a drink someday becoming as well-known as today's Long Island Ice Tea, Tequila Sunrise and Co.

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Learned from scratch

Yes, all that is also the job of the bartender. However, that's just one side of the coin. Because to mix coke with rum, to pour Jägermeister in shot glass rows, it needs no bartender.

Anyone can do this as a part time jobber with a few hours of gastronomy experience and certainly the one who the gastronomy profession from scratch has learned. And that is exactly what many houses only demand if they advertise such a job.

What makes a good bartender?

Barkeeping, on the other hand, is a much more complex profession that has more of a sommelier than a host. Only that there are many more flavors and their combinations here. A real barman who does not have to look at the mixing instructions for every order, has undergone a private or IHK trainingNot only does he know about the alcoholics, but he also learns the spectacular moves that make up a significant part of the mixed show and should not produce any shards.

And most of all, he also learns to handle the sometimes quite expensive liquids with precision when hundreds of people are celebrating around him and the music reaches just as many decibels. No job for everyone, but a real art form.

2. Croupier: math ace and money joungleur

Turn briefly on the cross of the roulette drum, say "rien ne va plus" and then distribute the profits. At least that's how many imagine the croupier's job. But like the bartender, that's just the tip of the iceberg. Actually, croupier is a very complex, difficult but also highly exciting activity, As a basis, one must remember that the croupier is ultimately a person who handles per night with sometimes several million euros.

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This is where the elite works

Casinos do not leave that up to everyone, only a finely squeezed-out elite. As an absolute minimum, it needs a snow-white certificate of good conduct, evidence that you are debt-free and very good manners - in the casino do not play normal consumers, but people with status who have small change.

And you have to be both a real math ace as you have to have a photographic memory. The first one, so that profits etc. can be calculated without delay for the guests. The latter, because roulette is a highly complex game. As a croupier, it is not enough to know the rules, you have to know them blind - and all the tricks on top of that, because you are always the one who tries to slap over it.

Learning in-house

No wonder, then, that casinos tend to breed their offspring themselves over months. Not only will you learn the rules of all major casino games (at least roulette, poker, blackjack and baccarat) but you will also have foreign language skills in French and English.

As a bonus, you have a chance for tips that are unlikely to be achieved in any other industry - in addition to attractive salaries, with which the casinos also want to ensure that you do not become corrupt.

3. DJ: Mood conductor of the night

Even the disc jockey is one of the nightlife professions, which are usually perceived by outsiders much, much simpler than they actually are. Of course, even about a world star like David Guetta gets jokedbecause many think it's all about pressing the "play" button.

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Live and without double floor

The truth is: In the fewest clubs the DJs still mix live and without double floor with two turntables in front of the face. That's the top leaguewho makes their own music. For the big crowd, the songs are indeed coming from the hard drive. However, here comes the big but: It is definitely not enough to push a few hundred songs into the playlist of Winamp and play to be able to call themselves DJ.

Because this person is, as far as a party night, the most important person of the entire club - without exaggeration. The DJ has to be able to assess the audience exactly and that usually quite spontaneously. If the store is full of Ü 30 guests, other songs have to run than when students celebrate.

Training only at private schools

And within an evening, he must be able to direct the mood through targeted placement of songs like a kind of conductor. If the mood does not really get going, he has to crank the starter with his music - but he also has to be able to slow things down.

And the training is available only at private schools against not just low costs. But even that does not provide a basic ingredient: you have to be a truly transforming music lexicon. And even if you focus on only one genre - then more so.

4. Security: bouncer with angelic patience

Where people celebrate in large crowds, where the DJ heats up and the bartender serves, of course, there are always people who do not like the fun for some reason. Maybe the drink was too strong, a lady too dismissive, a look too crooked - and there is already trouble.

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Solid job profile

Although many vilify them as "bouncers": Security is the guarantee that party nights are fun and not be blown up by a few. If that happens, the security has almost made a mistake. Because the basic principles of this job, the only one of this list, by the way, in Germany is trained within a fixed job profile, it is to prevent escalation before it arises.

Good security people are the typical "bouncers" - without derogating this word. Before clubs and discos they are in principle only the extended arm of the operator. For he has the house right, may prescribe, which clientele predominantly into it, which not. Already that needs a good eye, a good memory.

Patience and alertness

And it needs a true angelic patiencein order to keep tipsy people, who absolutely want to come in, over and over again and to explain this to them in all courtesy. To end the begging of rejected minors. But at the same time there must be the ability to react extremely fast. From polite to determined and maybe beyond. If there are arguments, maybe even fights, security must end them - without the opponents getting hurt. Taking them into the "police grip" can quickly end in an ad for assault.

And it needs a never-ending alertness. Also in the morning at five o'clock, if you have been looking for drugs in four thousand handbags all night and knocked off as many trouser legs - in the heat as in the cold. Even then, securities must still be fully there.

Conclusion: good job opportunities for night owl

There are people who are just night owls. They do not want to sleep when it's dark. Those who have this minimum requirement should definitely think about whether the nightlife as a professional environment is not for him.

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Because the job prospects are good - if only because not everyone brings along this minimum qualification and many wave off after a few weeks. And then you just have to remember that there are only a few people in which good humor and celebrations become so much an integral part - even if you, you work, yes, not on the dance floor can be involved.

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