10 Tips for Job Searching in the Social Network: More Than Job Ads

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Many job seekers are looking for job advertisements - eg in online job boards or on websites of Company , There are more effective forms of job search - eg social networking. You just have to use it properly. Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®

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Use all means to find a job

Applicants love job ads, studies show time and time again. When it comes to finding a new job, however, all possibilities should be used.

An important success factor here is a strong network that provides tips on vacancies and Casting or communicates important contacts. Good contacts are also the best basis to secure your own job.

Start in time

However, one should not wait until the times turn out to be bad and go to job search. Because the key to successful network work is not the answer to the question of who you know, but rather whether others know one. So you should not ask yourself what certain people can do for you, but always remember what you can help others.

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There are also differences between online networking and the chance to get to know each other personally: Finding contacts and networking via the Internet works more directly than in “real life”. You look for the people concerned according to certain of these predefined criteria - and at the same time sort out all the information you don't need. This can be an advantage because it saves a lot of time. But often interpersonal things that you would take with you in a normal conversation “on the side of the road” also fall by the wayside.

It depends on the platform

The success in job search also depends on which platform you use, because each one has other advantages and disadvantages: Xing is the most famous business network in Germany where real people can manage their business contacts with other people.

One of the core functions is the visualization of the contact network; for example, one can ask which other members are known by another. In addition, the system offers numerous functions such as contact page, search for interests, forums and groups. There are also functions for planning events together with others as well as marketplace where users can post and view job advertisements.

Private or professional? Which network is the right one?

On the other hand, LinkedIn is the largest online business network worldwide. Similar to Xing, LinkedIn provides the ability to search for people with profiles in their own environment or industry, track the careers of other members, and address people and decision makers directly. In addition, Linkedin can also retrieve company profiles and recommend other members in the form of a short text on the profile of the respective contact.

Networks such as Snapchat or Fac are more intended for private useebook. Here users can post photos and videos, add friends and write comments. But precisely because these networks allow more insight into private life, their importance for business should not be underestimated.

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10 Tips: How to use networks for job search

Online networks are now almost indispensable for job searches. We have compiled 10 tips for successful use.

  1. Let us recommend: Recommendations by colleagues and business partners highlight your strengths and show that you are a valued employee. As a leader, employees' recommendations can, for example, underline your leadership skills.
  2. Find out which companies are looking for their qualifications: Look for companies that hire people with similar qualifications. For example, if you are a web developer, search for people with these qualifications in your environment using the keywords (JavaScript, XHTML, etc.).
  3. Find out where the employees of a company were previously employed: If you know where employees of a particular company have worked before their current position, you can find out which criteria a company places special emphasis on when making new appointments.
  4. Find out where employees of a company go: Seeing where employees of a company go can help you find potential employers.
  5. Check if a company is currently hiring workforce: Find people who have recently changed jobs and ask for tips. You can view the entire career and find out what has made it so attractive for the employer.
  6. Get in touch with HR decision makers: Search for contacts to a job vacancy. However, make sure that the contacts are not more than two relationships away from you, ie you know someone who knows the person who has offered the job offer.
  7. Make contact with the right contact person for personnel questions: The best way to get in touch with the person in charge is through a person personally known to him. If you do not have such a contact, you will find someone within the company that makes contact for you.
  8. Air secret qualification requirements: Job advertisements usually only convey the meaning of what qualifications are actually sought for a specific job. Try to get an insight about contacts within the company and look closely at the employee profiles: From here you can draw conclusions about which qualifications are particularly in demand.
  9. Join startups: If you're not successful with large companies, it may be time to give a startup a try. Enter “Startup” as the keyword in the search. You can then restrict the search to specific industries and locations.
  10. Attention Privacy: Whatever data and information you put on the web, you should be aware that employers and potential colleagues can see it - sometimes even years later. So be careful.

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    It is important, however, that the profile is indeed meaningful. However, many people tend to smack anything into their profile, which makes the recruiter profile far too vague. Having a good profile means thinking about what makes sense and what people might be looking for.

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    Even if the social networks are not used directly for the job search, one should have a well-maintained profile, since staffers are increasingly searching the network for traces of their job applicants, especially for those who have not yet done so much. A good Xing profile can be a first step for a meaningful online reputation management, as eg the PR expert Klaus Eck repeatedly stressed. Moreover, today's application phase is hardly distinguishable from the non-application, a latent job search or at least changeability capability has been used, one believes experts such as Svenja Hofert.

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