Successfully mastering a job change: 8 tips for a successful retirement

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Would you like to change jobs and do everything correctly? In this two-part Article You will get an overview of important TO-DOs when it comes to changing jobs.

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New job - and now?

Understandably, you can hardly wait to take on the new challenge after the job is approved. Thoughtfully you have your old one Company already left and would like to immediately jump on the new task.

However, before you finally leave the old employer, you should take a few important points.

8 Tips for a successful finish

  1. Is your new employment contract signed? Do not cancel unless your employment contract is signed. Check very carefully if all the points you want to include are really listed. See also if agreed additional clauses are anchored.
  2. Think about the timely termination! Work certificate has been signed, now it is time to cancel the current company. Make sure you have a timely notice. To this end, I recommend you to send the notice by registered mail or in the sense of the good cooperation personally.
  3. Say goodbye to your colleagues! Just stuff things together and go ... No, that should not be your style. Say goodbye to your colleagues. Remember, you always meet twice in your life. Either you go to the colleagues, shake hands with everyone and with a little small talk you leave a conciliatory trail or you invite your colleagues, be it a breakfast in the office or a dinner in the restaurant.
  4. Clear your work area! Do not leave anything personal, including yours eMails. Delete everything that your successor does not need immediately.
  5. Return your work! Do not forget to return all business documents and equipment that are still in your possession. Remember, trade secrets remain in the old business and are banished from your mind.
  6. Leave your customer contacts in the company! You are not allowed to take any customer files with you, even if you have served the customer as the only person. Inform your customers about your job change as soon as this is relevant to him. Inform him about how it is going now and who is the new contact person.
  7. Please pay attention to your social media account! Is your social media account a hybrid? Do you have a private account with which you also manage and address business contacts? Clearly, your company has a claim to surrender concerning the official correspondence. However, your company will not be able to justify a release of the entire account. Of course, you may continue to use private contacts. Clarify with your old employer and make contractual arrangements.
  8. Think of your testimony! Address the topic of testimony to your current HR department and the specialist responsible. Formulate a certificate. If you hold your certificate in your hand and are unsure, be sure to check it immediately. Everyone is entitled to a benevolent testimony.

Tomorrow I will give you important facts for a successful start in the second part.

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