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Job description in change: job change From HR to hotel manager with passion

Carinne Solo from the Breton town of Guingamp has been a staff member for twelve years. Then she changed the job and opened a hotel together with her parents in the old villa. Today she works much more than before and has less money - but is significantly happier.
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Work hard for success

At the entrance of the villa from the 17. Century welcomes us a bright pink plastic pig. Inside, things are going on unusually: a spotted cow in the garden, the metal horse of an international artist in the atrium of the glasshouse, a puppet in the dining room that looks like her own great-grandmother - and an owner, who used to be a freelancer, before she decided to do a job to do that she really enjoys.

Already her name Carinne Solo is unusual and actually a spelling mistake of her father, as she explains. It is also unusual for the hotel that she and her parents lead to the small town of Guingamp in Breton: the family was able to buy the villa cheaply at the beginning of the 90s, discovered by mother on the way to work. In painstaking manual work and with great attention to detail, the family expanded it piece by piece, restored the stairs, painted the walls and sewed the curtains themselves.

Family and regional roots as a recipe for success

“Back then, as BedundBreakfast, we started renting out a room while we were still working in the other rooms and then continued to expand that,” laughs Carinne. The guests didn't blame her: Le Demeure has been a hotel for 8 years now. And many guests are regulars who often stay for months.

The special family cohesion as well as the strong regional rootedness is the secret of success of the company: so the family always got help from the neighbors.

Stones from the street, the breakfast room as a showroom

The stones paving the driveway come from the road: when it was remade 10 years ago, they were allowed to use the old stones. The glass extension was designed for free by a well-known Breton architect. The chairs in the breakfast room come from a furniture designer who uses it as a showroom for potential customers. "I only paid for the material," explains Carinne.

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And one of your neighbors is an expert in the construction of old houses: "He helped us a lot with his knowledge," reports the hotel manager. In the future, she would like to give young people and students the opportunity to gain experience in the renovation of old houses in the hotel.

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Political scientist, Personalerin, Hotelchefin

The 37 year-old now studied political science in Rennes until the bachelor's degree, followed it up with a special education in human resources and worked 12 years in a big one Company in Quimperlé as Human Resources Director.

“That was a good experience, but not what I wanted to do - it just wasn't fun and it was tough having to fire a lot of people,” she says, adding: “How can you do your job well if you don't is really in the mood for the thing? "

A Toyota horse in the atrium

But not all family members agree: when Carinne bought a Toyota-made horse some time ago that she had seen in the Maisonundobjet in Paris, her grandmother was anything but enthusiastic.

"The horse was one of the main works of the internationally known designer Andrew Martin and was very expensive," reports Carinne with a laugh. “I then took a lot of effort to get it here by ferry from London. When I got home with it, my grandmother was totally pissed off because I had spent so much money on a Toyota horse. She used to be a mechanic and didn't let anything come of Renault. "

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A decision for life

According to Carinne, her new job was a life-long decision: “You choose what you do and then do it consciously,” she says. However, she also has fond memories of her old job as Human Resource Director:

“I made a lot of friends there, some of whom are still doing the job and they got to know my son's father,” reports the hotel manager and philosophizes: “Many are happy with this job too. Only I wasn't in the right place. Fortunately, not everyone is the same. It is important that you understand what your friends are doing and that you respect each other despite the differences. "

The new life: no paradise!

Nevertheless, her current life is not a paradise and it was not easy to turn everything inside out, as she emphasizes: “I used to have a nice apartment, a car, traveled long distances to great countries and could buy clothes and shoes like me wanted to.

Today I only have a small apartment here in the house, instead of a car only a bike and we only go on vacation for two weeks a year when we close the hotel. Reality is simply something else, “she simply sums up her concept of life.

Every penny flows into the hotel

Almost every cent is Carinne in her hotel, her own salary she does not. For this, she stands up every morning around 4 clock to prepare fruits and vegetables and then works 19 hours per day on 7 days a week.

Still, she doesn't want to exchange: “If you enjoy doing something, you always do more than you have to. And if you do everything yourself, it's not that expensive, ”she says. Better a little bike and stay here than live in Paris and have a lot of money. ”Another advantage is the working atmosphere:“ Today I can choose the people I work with. That's why we have a lot of fun and laugh a lot, "says Carinne.

The employees should work on their own responsibility

The hotel has three employees, each of whom takes on very different tasks: housework, patisserie, and tea sales. "Everyone does a little of everything," says Carinne, who believes that it is important that employees work independently:

“Of course there is a lot to do, but there is not much that needs to be done immediately, it is often enough the next day if you feel like it. It's better if you decide for yourself when to do something and nobody tells you. "

Extra education for kitchen and accounting

Carinne cooks. For this - and for accounting - she did extra training. “It wasn't an obligation, but it made me feel better.” She would also prefer to do the bookkeeping herself: “Hiring an accountant would be too expensive and that way you can keep track of things,” she says.

Your creative field of activity is the kitchen. “I'm not a master chef, but you can do beautiful things if you have the necessary knowledge. The important thing is to eat with love. ”Lots of products that you can find in the hotel and in the small shop sell, are homemade. Others come from regional farms, some of which are organic.

Live like the great grandmother

The health aspect is very important to Carinne. You won't find any wine in the range, actually typically French: “I don't drink alcohol myself - that's why we don't sell any wine here. I only want to sell products that I can recommend, ”says Carinne.

Her role model was her great-grandmother Sidonie, after whom the small shop with regional and ecological products is named: Sidonie e Companie. A puppet was made from her photo and now hangs in the dining room. "I've studied and learned so much and now I don't live much differently from my great-grandmother," says Carinne and smiles.

Guests should feel at home

This is exactly the philosophy that Corinne uses to furnish the house: “The guests should feel comfortable at home, just like with their own grandmother - just with lots of fun things. Accordingly, the hotel is called Le Demeure.

Like a chandelier made of silverware, the collection of watches over the stairs, or the pink plastic pig, Carinne has acquired a lot of money in Belgium, especially in this color because Pink is her favorite color.

Modern art brightens the old house

Each room is different with its own atmosphere, some of which seem a little overloaded but always charming. A Concept ABC School Joke OudAfter collecting art objects, Carinne does not have:

"Old houses often have something gloomy about them and the art objects should lighten the mood," smiles Carinne. Every time we travel to Paris or London and see new things that we really like, we buy them. "

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Special service for the guests

But Carinne also makes quite practical things different: the guests can take the food also times with the room or get on request also times extras. In the dining room of their restaurant there is a play corner for children.

This is, says the hotel manager, herself a mother, much more relaxing for the guests: "The parents can then have a good time in the restaurant while the children just play instead of grumbling at the table."

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