Coping with application tests: 10 tips Templates and typical tasks

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Text comes from: Das große Hesse/Schrader Bewerbungshandbuch (2015) from Jürgen Hesse, published by Stark Verlag, Reprints by friendly permission of the publisher.
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Application tests are pure stress for many applicants. With 10 we show you tips on how to successfully master these - and in the end also a classic example test task. Application_test

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Jürgen Hesse juergen-hesseJürgen Hesse is bestselling author and Germany's best-known job application coach.


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10 Tips to pass the application test

  1. Use the time of the task declaration at the beginning of the tests: clarify the task and solution scheme. Try to remember similar, already solved exercises from test training books. If you have any questions, ask the test leader if you have any questions.
  2. Work as fast as possible, with a reasonable amount of care.
  3. Do not bite on difficult tasks. Otherwise, you will lose valuable turnaround time for other, perhaps much easier tasks. As a rule, test tasks are arranged according to increasing difficulty.
  4. If there are different possible answers, use the following strategies when in doubt about the right solution: Try to exclude wrong solutions in order to “circle” the right one (exclusion strategy). It is easier e.g. B. choose from two remaining options than among several. Or, if necessary, advise a solution instead of not ticking anything.
  5. Only participate in a test if you feel completely healthy and well rested.
  6. Avoid additional stresses besides the test stress - even if this is sometimes easier said than done. If you are not so fit, try to arrange a new test date. With a good reason you can easily achieve this.
  7. Familiarize yourself with the “Test” exam situation well in advance. Take the matter as calmly as possible. On the one hand, this means being ready to really do something to make it work. On the other hand, you shouldn't let your disappointment get too big if you don't get the desired apprenticeship or job straight away.
  8. It is very important to gather information about tests and application procedures for employers you are interested in. Why not apply to one, for example? Company , where you don't necessarily want to do the apprenticeship or take a job - only with the intention of gaining test (and application) experience? In addition, meeting other applicants has real advantages: you meet "fellow sufferers" and have time to extensively exchange experiences.
  9. Do not make your self-esteem dependent on test results. On the scientific side, the derivability of professional success is even decisively contradicted by the test result. The test result does not tell you about your intelligence, your ability to perform and concentrate, and nothing about your value as a person and your alleged (non-) suitability for a job.
  10. Respect your test, authority, and scientific credentials and assure yourself of the supportive solidarity of important people in your environment. And show you simply times to better-informed and meckerern a few test tasks with the invitation to solve them even once.

Typical test tasks

Even today, we would like to introduce you to a typical test task. Decide which spelling is the right one for this task. Multiple spellings can be allowed. For 15 tasks, you have 12 minutes of time.

  • 1. The Chancellery publishes a communiqué / communique.
  • 2. The secretary carries out her work very independently / independently.
  • 3. Maria was the hardest / hardest student in the class.
  • 4. My friend is always very cheerful in the morning / morning.
  • 5. The friends go to the theater on Saturday evening / Saturday evening / Saturday evening.
  • 6. On the whole, on the whole, he has been able to solve the tasks of the exam.
  • 7. Please explain this to me in German / in German.
  • 8. The business had / had to the customer the amount credit / write well.
  • 9. We went by bike / trek the forest path / forest walk / along.
  • 10. The captain, Kapiten, hauled / hired a crew for his ship.
  • 11. The items on the agenda are numbered / numbered for a better overview.
  • 12. The kids like spaghetti / spaghetti with tomato sauce / tomato sauce.
  • 13. Marion has forgotten her Necessaire / Nessessär on vacation.
  • 14. He has not been able to solve 100% / 100-percent because he was too excited.
  • 15. Since the bank employee has little time, he feeds mainly on fast food / fast food / fast food.

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