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Christoph Döhlemann is an entrepreneur and initiator of the QUANT-Modell®. Since 1996 he has been accompanying entrepreneurs and executives to strengthen themselves from within and thus to face the challenges of the future with power. For him, management can be easy, lively, joyful and confident. “Nothing is inside, nothing is outside. Because what is inside is outside. ”His picture for meaningful personality and personnel development shows: Everything is already within us, it is often only covered and hidden by many layers. His goal: a real "ENT-winding" that exposes the core of the personality and makes people shine.

Intuitive management: New paths emerge when you take them!

Of course, the new scares us. Rituals and routines are important because they are the kit in any community. Nothing speaks against it. However, this should not lead to our being immovably stuck to processes and procedures.

When trust slows you down

Sometimes the security of the familiar slows us down. It tells us that “everything is ok”, “it works” or “we just have to wait until the time (optionally the economy, the pandemic or the weather) gets better”. Self-determination is different! The easy, free, permanently successful, profitable and joyful design of life or optionally a company is theoretically very simple by we

  • Develop awareness
  • Develop problems
  • Resolve conflicts and bottlenecks
  • Use gained potentials / yields / energy sensibly
  • use the right levels of design for the desired effects
  • Adapt the strategy to the present based on the knowledge gained

How does conscious change work?

Conscious change work is not easy. And to learn why - despite the best intentions - we achieve negative results can be very painful for the individual. But it is worthwhile and is the only way to discover how we consciously control positive results when we let completely new laws of effect develop their full potential.

We have to leave the old behind - not just sometimes, but more and more often so that human talents can develop and economic opportunities can be exploited. Anyone who wants to go other ways as a company must recognize new connections and enable employees to gain new knowledge.

8 skills for managers

In the context of a constantly changing world of work and society, this primarily affects how you deal with yourself as an essential basis for dealing with other people. Companies can only grow and prosper if managers are ready to strengthen themselves from within, to lead (themselves) with future-oriented methods and thus to increase their effectiveness as a team, as a whole. To do this, they need the following skills or the willingness

  1. to look behind (your) recurring problems in order to recognize and resolve their causes instead of doctoring further on symptoms.
  2. to further optimize their effect on themselves and the charisma on others.
  3. to learn new types of company analysis and control that complement the previous repertoire and make it impossible to copy.
  4. To finally differentiate yourself positively from the competition with the latest technologies and contemporary knowledge
  5. to convey even complicated relationships vividly through brilliant rhetoric and presentation skills.
  6. Develop yourself instead of getting further involved according to the motto: inner freedom instead of external dependency!
  7. to be open to radically new ways to finally get out of the hamster wheel.
  8. Letting success happen with ease instead of working your way up.

Leadership is nonsense!

A brazen claim? Yes, and it's true! Why? Quite simply: in the minds of many managers, leadership is associated with struggle, effort and overcoming. It is often a desperate attempt to change people, to press them into a system. Classic leadership comes from the Stone Age of entrepreneurship. And even when attempts were made to “defuse” the whole thing with management tools and methods, the core of the matter remained with the outdated concept of man: We have to set guidelines. And that in small parts.

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The term “employee loyalty” alone, which is still used in companies, says a lot: We have to retain employees. Why? Otherwise they might run away. Naturally! And rightly so! Modern leadership is not about bonding, but about real solidarity. The performance in the team and thus the hoped-for added value comes from appreciation.

Only meaningfulness leads to growth

And how is this created? Through meaningfulness! By giving employees and colleagues a higher level in their work Sense see with which they can identify. And want to connect on their own. If this source energy works in the company, then the implementation follows. Better yet, it happens and develops from within. Through the cooperation in the company. With joy and ease. All by itself.

Every day we manipulate, block and prevent people from growing. And often don't even notice it. Power and control games are used deliberately. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, such behaviors are real energy guzzlers - for others, but above all for ourselves. A good reason to quit - because of your personal habitus and the usual behavioral patterns in companies.

Power, control and bottlenecks as an obstacle

Like a blocked water pipe, bottlenecks block the flow of joy, energy, customers and euros. Important in this context: The bottlenecks in the company are the sum of the blockages of each individual. If these cannot be discovered, there will not only be permanent debilitating disruptions and a loss of energy, but in the medium term the company will inevitably decline.

But be careful: we have become so used to the fight and the constant exertion that a perceived emptiness arises when there are no more problems or anger. The legitimate question is: do we let it be ourselves and does our environment even allow a change?

It is high time to uncover and end dependencies, to reconcile personal insights with strategic goals and to find and develop potential in the company in order to build attractiveness and charisma. If we can do that, all of the energy that was previously invested in “fighting” or “solving problems” is available to us. And we can provide the services that actually correspond to our potential.

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