Why introverts are often more successful: pleading for quiet kickers {review}

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there are always books that astonish with their surprisingly new access. This includes Sylvia Löhken's book on breastfeeding in the country. And about their strengths. And about how they can use these strengths. There are enough role models. Barack Obama for example. Or Angela Merkel.

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How to make the breastfeeding of itself

They are often called loners, are considered difficult and not very communicative. It's about the introverts. And because the term “introverted” alone equates to a symptom of illness, the expert and author Sylvia Löhken prefers to speak of the “quiet”.

This is not a minority. It is estimated that half of mankind has a tendency to introversion, the other to extroversion. It is, however, in the nature of the matter that the latter are more striking and seem to indicate the tone.

Tips for extroverts are threats to introverts

Her Bible is called "Never go out to eat alone" (a great tip for extroverts, an unspeakable threat for introverts). Her favorite pastime is networking ("Am I a fisherman or what?" Asks the introvert).

With her interesting book “Quiet People - Strong Impact” Sylvia Löhken is now making a breach in the country. Shows how they can make themselves heard with their own resources and strengths.

Welcome to the club of Barack Obama, Albert Einstein, Angela Merkel and Günther Jauch

Sylvia Löhken shows right away that her introverts are not all in the dark room with her impressive celebrity gallery of introverts. Few would have suspected the American president in this squadron.

At the same time he gives the most beautiful example of how introverts can develop through enthusiasm and perseverance to inspiring speakers. And that is precisely the goal of the author. Introverts to show that they should not be blinded by the presence of the sounds. But trusting to their strengths and abilities.

Basically different ways to recharge energy

According to Sylvia Löhken, the central difference between introverts and extroverts (which rarely occur in pure form but rather move on a continuum) is shown by "where the energy comes from". Extroverts therefore draw energy from the exchange with others.

Introverts, on the other hand, withdraw to recharge their batteries. Löhken finds a nice picture for this fundamental difference. Some are windmills, need energy from outside and have to be in action themselves, to “turn”. The others, the quiet ones, quietly recharge their “battery” by foregoing all other activities.

Strengths, of which the sounds can only dream

"Quiet people - strong impact" gives introverts tips for all situations. How they prevail in teams, how they as Executive points and also how they make partnerships conflict-free. It's not all that hard. Because the quiet have strengths that others can only dream of.

  • They are careful. This also protects against all too quick judgments.
  • You can concentrate. While extroverts tend to leave things half-finished, “quietly” stay with them.
  • You can listen well. An ability that is of central importance not just for salespeople, negotiators and mediators.
  • They spread calm and can think analytically. Particularly in difficult situations one appreciates those who keep the overview.
  • They are independent of the opinion of others. Unlike extroverts, introverts do not easily run the risk of pleasing others.
  • You can usually write well.

And they are persevering. One reason why so many introverts are to be found in upscale positions. Because perseverance is the one, essential prerequisite for success!

Hello, you are not alone in the world!

Introverts or "quietly" have been tortured with inappropriate demands since early childhood: "Play with the others", "Get more involved in school", "Go out with the others".

And that continues in adulthood. The fact that one simply ignores half of humanity with this advice falls under the table. It is therefore good that Sylvia Löhken has now written a book with success and career strategies especially for the “quiet”. May it help that the “lutes” realize that they are not alone in the world.

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