2 X 5 Tips for introverts in the team: Quiet, but high

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Ingo worked in one until a few months ago Team in the staff department of a large German corporation. With another colleague he was an intro in the midst of pronounced extro-personalities in the minority. His very extrovert team leader showed him clearly that she no longer wanted him in the team: Ingo seemed too colorless and too passive.

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Dr. Sylvia Löhken 81Dr. Sylvia C. Löhken holds a doctorate in linguistics and is one of the best-known introversion experts.


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The surprising strengths of the introverts

Ingo but to their surprise active targeted and could quickly prevail in an internal tender for a higher position. Ingo loved thorough research and was great at creating templates. He maintained excellent contacts in many divisions of the company. Only: These qualities had completely escaped the Extro boss. Ingo simply had not communicated her. The supervisor did not notice the gap until things got hot: Information channels broke off, templates were criticized for their poor quality.

Ingo's experience is made by a lot of gentle people: they are underestimated, although they often perform with their strengths, which increase the value of the results. The Extros do not perceive the quality of their intro colleagues. But this is only half the truth: because the intro colleagues often do very little to be perceived with their strengths and achievements.

This is how intros assert themselves in the Team

So how can you work as an intro in your team and communicate so that you are adequately visible with what you are doing? What else can you do to make sure you get on with the other team members - and vice versa?

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Good answers to these questions should meet two conditions: First, you should take your needs into account, and second, the needs of the extroverted group members (it's easy with the intros ...). The following two strategies aim to reconcile the two perspectives. Try them out!

How to bring together intro and extro needs

1. Focus!

  • Intro need: longer undisturbed working alone
  • Extro-need: to work in partial steps, to discuss the results and to proceed further
  • Strategy: Create rituals of exchange where you and others can orient themselves, giving you the freedom to concentrate on your work.

5 tips for focusing;

  1. After meetings, stay a little longer to get in touch with the others. Plan this time deliberately.
  2. Arrange a daily window with the colleagues, in which you can work undisturbed.
  3. Divide your work into daily steps and take a break after a while to interact with others. Take advantage of this too eMail and telephone.
  4. With colleagues who appear unannounced, you can arrange a different time if it does not suit you: “I am currently working on an urgent matter. Do you have time for coffee after lunch? ” Attention: In crisis situations of all kinds, this is not appropriate!
  5. Talk to your colleagues about your work. Be specific: “How did the customer react last week…” This kind of attention is very much appreciated.

2. Quiet!

  • Intro need: between them
  • Extro-need: between exchanges with others
  • Strategy: If you are planning to spend time with your colleagues, plan your meetings or even your daily work routine. Plan retreat phases as well.

5 Tips to Keep Calm:

  1. Consider your work in sections as a stage. If you are in these sections, you are in contact with others, approachable and present. However, make sure to leave the stage between the rest in the rest of the world. This can be a walk in the lunch break, in a particularly stressful situation even a mini-break behind the locked toilet door.
  2. Make a date for lunch. Many intros appreciate a lunch for two or three. Give your full attention to the people you deal with.
  3. Tail small seminars, such as a lecture, at events or seminars. Use the time gained for a retreat.
  4. Find out about the informal rules in the team: Which social events and encounters are important? Which are not? Act accordingly. In other words, you have the courage not to join non-priority ventures. Such as the bar visit after an exhausting event day. Balance your absence by participating in another activity as long as your energy level is still relatively high: for example, join in on the first evening and not on the second.
  5. If you are an activist, try to organize a birthday present for a colleague's birthday.

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