Introverted, extroverted: everyday stress and open-plan offices

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Have you already done an introvert or extroverted test? Your result will probably show you a combination of introverted as well as extroverted features. What does that mean exactly?

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Dr. Sylvia Löhken 81Dr. Sylvia C. Löhken holds a doctorate in linguistics and is one of the best-known introversion experts.


From the author:




Get out of the drawer

Although most people are born with a tendency towards intro- or extroversion, the individual mixture does not really make the personality: it is not about loud and quiet drawers or stereotypes, but about finding out the very personal personality - in itself and also with colleagues superiors and employees.

For this reason, for a better orientation, we do as if the 100 percent of the intro- or extroverted type - for a better orientation. Here are the typical characteristics, which are particularly clear in the profession.

The typical extrovert ...

  • enjoys contact with many other people. (The Grossraumbüro was probably invented by an extro.)
  • draws energy from ventures and exchanges with others.
  • speaks and acts often spontaneously and without long pondering; clears thoughts while talking and corrects actions while doing.
  • rather than think long.
  • gets going with time pressure, likes “quick cuts”, variety and surprises.
  • works alternately on different projects.
  • needs little personal space and likes the “background noise” of human society.
  • has in his estimation many friends.
  • Small talk finds itself stimulating and entertaining in the context of conferences and events.
  • likes to initiate new contacts and do something with colleagues.
  • bores quickly, and likes charming targets as a source of action.
  • likes brainstorming and open discussions in meetings.
  • likes to work in the Team zusammen.
  • appreciates stimulation by people, places, activities on all senses.
  • needs approval and confirmation to what he does and says - wants to be seen

The typical introvert personality ...

  • recuperates by peace and solitude - ideal is a single office.
  • needs time to rest after exchanges, meetings and other group phases, with as little sense as possible
  • thinks best before she talks or acts; speaks only when the content is thoroughly thought out. Then the result is often really good.
  • observes a lot, listens well - and acts accordingly.
  • finds time pressure rather exhausting and estimates enough air to prepare for meetings, presentations or strategic decisions.
  • works most willingly thoroughly and can easily concentrate on one thing for a long time.
  • appreciates own freedom of movement and inner autonomy.
  • has some (often long-time) confidants, whom she considers as friends.
  • small talk on events or social occasions is tedious, superficial and boring, likes to talk with depth - even when she talks the evening with a single person.
  • does not mind if others approach them to initiate a contact. In turn, it is often exhausting for them.
  • needs little external stimulus. The real adventures lie between her ears anyway.
  • likes to work alone or with another person in a task.
  • is constantly and intensively occupied with his own thoughts.
  • estimates predictable workflows and routines - that gives security.


Often, “introverted” and “shy” are equated. But that's not true. An introvert is literally simply “inward”. So he uses a high proportion of his energy for reflection and information processing.

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Shyness, on the other hand, means fear of a negative assessment by others. There are also extros who are shy. Because they are “facing the outside world”, they find the feeling of shyness particularly hard: after all, they rely on positive feedback from outside so that they are well.

And you?

Use your very own intro-extro combination, which consists of features in both overviews. It shows you your own inclinations and needs in everyday life.

The better you know what you can do well and what you need, the sooner you can do what is important to you. Learn to ask yourself the question: What do I need now? You will remember: you almost always know the answer.

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