Interview with management trainer and business coach Cornelia Topf: "It is important to clarify whether I can find the solution with this coach!"

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Cornelia potFor over twenty years, Cornelia Topf has been supporting notable international management trainer and certified business coach Company of all sizes and industries. In the interview, she talks about how much good coaching costs and what to look for when choosing the coach. More about "How to find the right advisor" you will find in this article series.

Her key areas include targeted communication and success-oriented body language. In particular, the promotion of women is at the heart of the promoted economist. The managing director of metatalk Kommunikation & Training in Augsburg is the author of many specialist books and guides, which have been translated into numerous languages.

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Miss Dr. Pot, coaching is a trend, hip and currently very popular. Who does that actually bring more, the coach or the coachee?

Coaching is like many other transactions. At the end of the day or better: At the end of the coaching both sides must be satisfied. And that depends on what you have agreed on as an initial goal and how exactly you check this.

Any reputable coach will take care of that. For me, this is part of the professional ethos. And besides, every coachee has the opportunity to quit the current process if the price / performance ratio is not (anymore) right for him. But there should definitely be colleagues who say: "With me you have to sign at least for x-sessions or for half a year, otherwise I will not even start."

Is the investment in coaching always worthwhile? You can hear about daily rates between 3.000 and 10.000 Euro ...

I think that's the tip of the iceberg. The majority of coaches should be significantly lower. And the amount of the fee is not always decisive for the success. As well as not every Prada or Zegna can or wants to wear and possibly also looks well dressed in H & M.

The calculation is quite simple and like any other investment: What do I want to achieve and which budget restrictions do I have? If I have no, I can cheerfully expensive shopping, I have which, I will endeavor to the best Peis performance ratio.

How much does a coaching cost you?

Differently, I do not like concrete sentences, which depends very much on the individual case. Depends on whether self-payer or company customer. Self-payers get cheaper. Depends also where the coaching takes place, with me in Augsburg or whether I must arrive or telephone coaching is.

Can you give an approximate guideline?

Well, my day rate moves around the 2.000 € without journey, whereby a session usually 2 hours lasts, thus hourly rate between 200 and 300 € + VAT. But these are really only rough indications!

Since you obviously do not deserve bad! Is not this a regular coaching industry? At first coaching was highly suspect, today it is a must. There is coaching everywhere, even if it is really about esoteric Schnick-Schnack.

Yes, you can see an extreme sweep. And there are still suspicious marginal areas. I offer only business coaching, so I work with my clients on professional issues.

But I always experience that coaching is asked, where it is actually a traditional lecture or a workshop. This is still to be forgotten and correctable.

How do such misunderstandings come about?

Either the requester does not have a clear understanding of coaching or jumps into a fashionable trend because he believes "coaching" sells better.

It becomes worse in my view, if in all possible areas salvation promises are made, which a serious coaching can not afford. So always check what is behind the term really hides.

Is not coaching often a dubious business with fear, stress and insecurity?

It can be, but it is my observation is rather rare. The clients have not fallen on their heads, and have rarely had such a long history of suffering that you would reach for every straw.

Clients come to me solely on the basis of a personal recommendation or because they have read one of my books. So you are quite well informed about me, even if they have never done a coaching and are unsure what exactly is happening there. An experienced coach can quickly provide security and build confidence.

How do I find the best coach?

It is difficult to judge the question in advance: Do I find the solution for this coach? If I invest 5.000, and the solution to my problem is worth a surplus, it may well have been worthwhile, depending on the time invested, rather than investing 3.000, - €, but I found no solutions or ideas have.

And how can I find out something like this before I go to 5.000 Euro?

With me one pays always only after the hour or after the whole process, that is different - individual clients, which one does not know and perhaps never sees again, pay after the hour, or get then your calculation. Companies as clients usually after completion of the process.

The financial risk remains manageable, because you can always say: That was the last session. Advance payment never ever, that's the absolute blind flight and charter for the coach, so to speak merit without performance ...

That may be the business model for some ...

That would be financially deadly for me, too, I am from the recommendation. Exception: long-term clients pay well in advance, in order to secure my scarce time. But they know me and know how I work!

How to separate the wheat from the chaff? Coaching is an unprotected profession. Is this job a playground for all those who have no education, for fortune-tellers and free-riders?

They can be found everywhere and, of course, the professions of journalists or trainers are more likely to attract such people.

You can ask before the decision for a coach so synonymous times: With what concerns are your clients typically and how does an example solution look like? And it is important to pay attention to a serious and recognized training of the coach.

And how do you find them?

This also depends on the duration of the training: In 5 days to the (good) coach is from my point of view simply not possible. My education has taken 1,5 years (400 hours). A few hints:

Is there such a thing as Gnadencoaching? Coaching as alibi, coworkers rausschmeiss? And how is this going on?

Yes, I have already experienced that. The goal here is the smoother sacking. One says to the employee concerned: "Even the coaching did not work, so you will realize that we have to part with you."

That also sees - so the hope - the possibly working judge easier one. For that I wrote something on my page Metatalk-Training.

A pretty lousy number so ...

Sure, this is taurig and hurtful for the coachee and frustrating for the coach, if it is not pronounced. On the other hand, the coachee still has the chance to develop further and learn more about itself.

This is always a good thing, even if the Rauswurf is already decided!

But in such a case, can the coach not be used as a scapegoat and a spoiler for cowardly managers?

Outsourcing is not new and exists in many areas. It has pros and cons and may or may not have anything to do with cowardice. For example, it may be easier to safeguard corporate peace when taking external responsibility. However, the coach must pay close attention to his reputation.

This is known by some consulting companies. When they come into the house, it can mean only layoffs, and everyone holds their breath. If a call is forwarded, the unfavorable initial situation leads to a trustworthy coaching.

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