Internal blockages actively changing mind traps and obstacles

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Text comes from: Wuselmanagement: Wie Sie Selbstsabotage vermeiden und den inneren Kritiker für sich gewinnen (2013) from Claudia Hupprich, published by BusinessVillage Verlag, Reprints by friendly permission of the publisher.
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Each of us has certain blockages, pitfalls and obstacles that prevent us from achieving our goals. We call you Wusel. And imagine: you can actively change your bustle! Amaturen

Here writes for you:


Claudia Hupprich Best of HR –®Claudia Hupprich is a management consultant for DAX companies and medium-sized companies.


From the author:



Change your mood to your mood

Do you already know your bustle? Congratulation! Now you can get started undertaketo try a few changes. Although the measures proposed below do not change the actual interaction of the WUSEL and the reason for its action, they can sometimes already cause the first changes in the behavior of the WUSEL.

All you need is your imagination and your humor, because now you can experiment as you please and transform the bustle. It is best to close your eyes again and let yourself be surprised by the upcoming encounter with the wusel. Now imagine that you have a kind of dashboard or dashboard in front of you, with a large number of knobs and controls. With each of these knobs and controls, you can change a particular aspect of the appearance of the wusel.

The size regulator

There is, for example, a regulator for the size of the wusel. As you turn the knob to the left, the wusel becomes smaller as you turn it to the right, the wobble increases. You can make the wusel small or also tiny, but also bigger and even huge.

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Just as you like it. Experiment with it, you can restore the original state at any time. You will soon realize that there is a greatness for the whisper that seems to be the right one in your perception.

Whether it is the output of the wusel or you have reduced it or increased it, you will consciously perceive the moment when you have the impression that the appropriate size is the right one. The reason is not of interest here. It is only your perception that you should trust in this case.

The Wusel Zoom

Then switch to the next slider, which - similar to a photo lens - allows you to zoom around the wusel, thus reducing the distance between you and the wusel.

You can also zoom out the wusel, thus increasing the distance between you and the wusel. Then select the appropriate setting that best suits you.

The brightness control

Does the brightness fit? If not, try to find out what happens when you use the brightness control. Brighter, darker, no problem. You determine what you like best.

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Color and sharpness

There are many other controls that can change your visual perception of the wusel: you can focus the wusel, but also blurred.

You can display it in monochrome, but also multicolored. You can change the colors. Treat yourself to the fun of trying each regulator in turn.

Re-dress the wusel

Have you already discovered the many small buttons on the dashboard? With these you can re-dress the Wusel, of course only if it fits into your imagination of the Wusel.

The selection of buttons is large: sailor suit, clown costume, cowboy hat, lightsaber, astronaut suit, magician hat, school bag, balloons, sunglasses, cardboard nose ... There is something for everyone. In short, you can dress the wusel as new as you like it best.

The sliders for the sound

Do you remember the voice of the Wusel? There are, of course, controls too. You can make the voice loud but also quiet. They can make them very high and even squeaky, or even very deep. Mainly, you have the impression that the voice so now better fits the wuschel, so you like it better.

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Do not take the wig seriously

A client of mine did not change the voice of the Wusel, but linked the music from the Sesamstraße children's series. Since it was a whisper, with a very childish logic, she could always smile when the wusel began to play his usual game.

Because together with the music from Sesame Street, she could no longer take the bustle of the hustle and bustle seriously. By the way of this example, you will notice that your imagination has no limits when it comes to changing the hustle and bustle.

What to do with aggressive wusels?

Even if this is really rare: Here is an important note in the event that your Wusel is a particularly aggressive item.

They can also look at the wusel after its discovery by a thick pane of safety glass, lock it in a cage or hide it in Aladin's miracle lamp or something similar.

The result

After the first meeting with the Wusel, you have already made the first steps towards the change. Although they have not yet altered their actions, they have only changed the appearance, but in some cases this can also lead to a perhaps surprising improvement in the behavior of the Wusel.

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I used to know a scraper myself who appeared in my office at the worst moments, for example when I actually wanted to concentrate on a concept.

Some things are not that complicated

When I had put on a muddy trousers for this very childish muddle in my mind, and had placed a gorgeous Bonbonniere mentally on my desk, the solution was already there.

Because whenever the Wusel went in and wanted to unwind his usual behavior, I put him in my slumber in the muddy pants, he could still choose a sweetie and then went out for him to play on the next playground.

Sometimes things may not be as complicated as they look at first glance.

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