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You have exceeded your funding period or your studies are interrupted and now you need a funding, eg because you are in the exam phase? Again, there is help! BAföG - 13 / 16: Interest-linked loan BAföG - 13 / 16: Interest-bearing loan

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Important NOTE

This entry contains content and information that may be out of date, eg due to legal or statistical changes. Because it can still be helpful to get an overview of the topic, you can still find it here.

Finished BAföG

The solution to this problem is called fully-interest-bearing BAföG. This credit is granted by KfW Bankengruppe, the Bund and the Länder, but the application continues to run through the BAföG Office.

Note: This BAföG form does not include the usual debt cancellation options - the repayment interest rate increases even with each deferment. Therefore, you should check carefully if there are no alternatives to interest-bearing debt.

Degree promotion

If you have not completed your studies within the promotion period but you still have to avail BAföG, you can apply for a tuition fee for the degree.

Extended studies after changing the subject

If you are able to study beyond the duration of the postgraduate course and have important reasons to prove it, you have the possibility to obtain a full interest rate BAföG loan. Important reasons are, for example, if you notice a lack of suitability or a tendency to deficit, or you have only seen your first discipline as a park study, but not if the circumstances or career prospects suddenly changed!

Postgraduate course

If you have already completed a first vocational training course and have spent your basic training (eg in an initial degree of more than three years), you may be eligible for a further education, ie a postgraduate course, BAföG as a full-rate loan , It does not matter, however, whether or not you have received BAföG in your first degree, you get BAföG for the second training in all cases only fully interest. This rule does not apply if you have not yet claimed the right to basic promotion!

Whether you get this form of BAföG depends on the following factors:

  • The previous training has only enabled you to start this training. However, the build-up course must continue in the same direction!
  • Your further education will deepen your university studies with the same content orientation in a maximum of four semesters. Attention: Your first exam may be one year old!
  • You need the advanced training to pursue (in legal terms) your desired profession

Attention: These regulations do not apply to a second degree course after already completed training.

Resumption of study after study break / interruption

If you have interrupted your studies or discontinued your studies, if you want to resume your education, you can get a full-time BAföG.

The conditions for this are:

  • There must be special circumstances in your case
  • Your desired training objective makes this necessary
  • They had important reasons for your interruption and can also prove it. Important founders include, among others, a lack of aptitude or a lack of aptitude.

How to apply for funding

If you wish to apply for an interest rate subsidy, this is the same as for a promotion within the promotion period:

You submit the application to the relevant official form, which you can obtain on the Internet or at all training grant offices. You can even limit the amount of the bank loan when applying - however, this limit is irrevocably valid for the entire period of approval.

For your BAföG application, the same conditions and regulations apply as for the normal BAföG.

How the promotion expires

Here, too, you will receive a BAföG notification. In addition, you receive a contract offer from KfW Bankengruppe, which belongs to the Federal Government and the Länder. If you do not sign this offer within one month after sending the license, you will forfeit your claim to a corresponding subsidy.

The signature will be signed by the Office for the Promotion of Vocational Training on the basis of an identification document (identity card, passport). The bank loan is paid directly by KfW Bankengruppe. Payments are only possible on domestic bank accounts.

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