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Exciting Life - 3 / 3: Find the perfect job

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Finding your own element is a personal task, a journey of discovery for which research is also necessary. And, of course, this also risks and the danger of failing. Stopover

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Search always means risk

In the Middle Ages, knights in Europe undertook a search to achieve a desirable goal. A search includes travel, adventure and risks. It is the essence of a journey of discovery that their results can not be foreseen.

That's what you will do. In principle, the search for your element leads in two directions: it is a journey to oneself to explore what is hidden inside you. But it is also a journey to the outside to see what opportunities your environment holds.

More bravery, please!

Whether you master the challenge of your quest depends on your commitment and bravery, and how valuable the reward is to you.

If you are willing to do what you need to do, you will find a lot that can help you and inspire you. I am sure of that.

The journey of heroes

Some people live their lives without risk or ambition, while others live an adventure. Joseph Campbell studied the heroes of many cultures throughout history.

On the journey of a hero, Campbell writes that all heroes face similar challenges. Likewise, your search will provide difficulties and rewards.

Information signs on the way

Even if no one has ever led a life like you before, there are many signs of how the route could be lost

However, no one can guarantee that you will have found your item at the end of your trip. We all come from different directions and everyone has to go their own way.

There are no guarantees

And as always with a discovery trip, there is no guarantee that you will find what you are looking for. No one can really tell you exactly which way you are going and which destination you should target.

Others can always provide you with a guide and some basic principles that will help you orient yourself along this path. Even if your trip is quite individual, you do not have to be alone.

Find support

You may find mentors who support you, and other people who feel in the same element at home as you.

However, finding your own element does not ignore the needs of others that may be dependent on you. It was just as little to leave everything behind.

Analyze exactly

However, it involves analyzing oneself closely and asking yourself what you can still do to implement your own talents and passions. It is also about asking yourself what makes you think of it and how to change it.

At the end you will know one thing: Either you have reached your destination and have found your element, or you must determine the next station on the horizon and continue to search. Whatever the end, you should never doubt that it is worth the journey undertake.

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  1. Monika Paitl

    RT @SimoneJanson: Exciting life - 3 / 3: Finding the perfect job -

  2. I like the fact that the chances and the profits of one's own journey of discovery are pointed out in a balanced way, but also the danger of failure are clearly addressed.

    All great and small achievements and discoveries always have many failures in the wake. I mean that what you learn to find and "fail" is essential to really get ahead. That's why I'm a friend of fault tolerance, especially when it comes to new projects. Otherwise everything will stay the same and you do not want that permanently.

    • Simone Janson

      Hello Volker,
      thank you for the hint. This is exactly what Reinhold Messner has in his Video Interview said: That he has learned much more in the event of failure than in his successes.

  3. Simone Janson

    Exciting life - 3 / 3: Finding the perfect job -

  4. Jobbuilder (engl. for Berufebilder)

    Exciting life - 3 / 3: Finding the perfect job -

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