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Text comes from the book: “The great Hesse / Schrader application manual” (2015), published by Stark Verlag, reprinted with the kind permission of the publisher.

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juergen-hesseJürgen Hesse is a bestselling author and Germany's best-known application coach. Jürgen Hesse studied psychology at the Free University of Berlin from 1973 to 1981. Since 1992 he has headed the office for career strategy, which advises nationwide at eight locations in Berlin, Frankfurt / Main, Hamburg, Cologne, Leipzig, Munich, Stuttgart and Wiesbaden and conducts around 800 seminars annually. From 1982 to 2009, Hesse was managing director of the telephone counseling service in Berlin. Since April 18, 2010, Hesse has been on the show “Finally back to work!” of the private television broadcaster RTL. With his co-author Hans Christian Schrader, Hesse has written over 1985 non-fiction book titles since 100. As Hesse / Schrader, the two became a bestselling author duo with a sold circulation of around six million copies. More information at www.berufsstrategy.de/

Innovative and Creative: Take me, boss!

Advertising is about attention. This is when applying to a new job is not much different. This is also about advertising, albeit on its own behalf. So how do you apply as conspicuously as possible?

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Why applying is particularly difficult for introverts

If you are looking for a new job and are having a hard time finding one, you are not alone. Studies show that almost half of all job seekers looking for a job online cannot find a job. There are many reasons for this: For some, it is because of the qualifications shown on their résumé that they are not invited to an interview. Others are invited, but then cannot convince - because they are introverted.

It is not easy for introverts. For example, because the other person often assumes that they are apathetic and that they therefore seem to lack enthusiasm in the interview. Or because people who need a little time for themselves and who communicate this clearly are often viewed by the employer as selfish, lazy or even a little crazy.

Introversion can be a benefit to employers

Introversion doesn't have to be a disadvantage: there are only big differences between the different personality types. People with the "extroverted personality type" tend to be sociable, meet new people, and enjoy their lives. But not every E has the same energy level. Some simply feel drained after a few hours of socializing and take a few days to recover.

Often introverts are labeled as unimaginative, calm and reserved. While these are qualities that introverts may not necessarily want to be associated with, these qualities can be a boon to a career in a corporate setting. Introverts tend to be better listeners and attentive observers, and they often excel in jobs where they need to take notes and read people.

The narrow ridge

We humans are ambivalent beings. On the one hand, we absolutely want to be part of it and, at the same time, represent something very special, which clearly distinguishes us from all others.

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Not just to meet these diametrical wishes and when it comes to applying a real challenge. Anyone who wants to attract positive attention as an applicant, wants to be pleasantly different from other - perhaps even very similar candidates - must already have something to offer. Content but also in form.

The first impression counts

As a consumer, we have a tendency to close the form from the form to the content, which is why we are more inclined to believe in the beautiful and well-packaged things, which are presented to us nobly.

Religious communities use this to impress with their god houses and banks and insurance palaces, which are not so much about faith and trust, know how to use this method of impressions as well.

Precaution is important

As effective as it becomes original Casting only when the candidate has researched in advance how large the likelihood is that his self-image efforts will not go into the (electronic or real) trash without comment.

To find out, it is always advisable to have a look at the company's website, press reports or even a personal visit. So you can find a clue for a good idea.

What application writing has to do with shopping

For recognized conservative industries, application variant number 1 is always recommended: Conservative framework with refreshing content (an unusually texted cover letter, a surprising message, etc.). Despite all the originality of the application, it is important to understand and respond to the needs of the recipient and to offer yourself to the potential employer as a problem solver.

It's a bit like shopping: have you ever asked yourself while shopping how it would be different if you knew what your loved ones would need? Would you then shop differently yourself? Would it change the kind of people you would buy it for? Would it change your buying behavior? Would you buy it any other way? Would that be better or worse? Would you buy things that you don't need just to please you? Would you buy last minute gifts because you don't want to give the impression that you don't care?

Identify the needs of the recipient

It's similar when applying for a job: It doesn't require any special empathy to think about what employers expect and what they want from an applicant. Every applicant can do this. Because every person has a unique personality and knows how to help others.

Many people have a very strong empathy and want to help other people naturally. Other people have a low level of empathy and don't care much about others. Some people have mixed personalities and just want a little bit of both.

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