With an initiative to the dream job: 6 tips for an impressive appearance

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Just another "Manic Monday"? Time for a change of scenery! We will show you how you can fish your dream job with an initiative!

With an initiative to the dream job: 6 tips for an impressive appearance applicant tracing recruiting

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Even take the initiative


Fast 40 percent of German employees find the start in a new work week in their current job so bad that they want another workplace. So the result of a mood image, the monster could draw with the responses of 150 users in an online survey.

With some employees it is therefore high time to take the project "Traumjob" into their own hands and start a better professional future. But the job advertisement to the dream position is not yet written out? An initiative application offers you the opportunity to draw attention to the desired job application directly and thus possibly get the perfect job.

6 Tips on how to successfully take a new professional path with your own initiative:


  1. Research is everything When you have found a company that you really want to work for, you collect as much important information as possible. If, for example, you are researching the right contact persons and addresses, you can send your unsolicited application to the right place. Or determine if there are currently vacancies in other divisions. If the company is currently not looking for new employees in general, there may be a hiring freeze and your initiative may be unsuccessful. A first telephone call with the company can clarify possible questions, eg which documents or which form of the Casting are desired. In addition, it gives you the opportunity to establish contact with the company. And if you know a colleague of this company personally, so much the better. Include in your letter also on the recommendation of the internal contact.
  2. Emphasize technical strengths and add value - Let your muscles play - of course only on a subject-specific basis. Show your qualifications and what you can offer the company in this position. Thanks to your comprehensive research, you know what the potential employer attaches importance to and what qualifications are particularly in demand. Therefore, put your talents and experiences, which can offer concrete added value to the company, in the foreground of your CV. Stay realistic and authentic. Above all, mention projects and successes, which show that you have expertise in a field that is relevant to the company and the intended job. Because here you have to sell something that the company has not yet known, that it needs it: you as a new employee.
  3. Personal note - For all your expertise and know-how, however, do not forget your personality. Personnel want to hire not only over-workers, but people who fit the culture of the company. So show your social skills, your style of work and your qualities - in a sensible, profitable relationship to the future wish place.
  4. Get to the point - Avoid phrases such as "I would like to apply for a position in your home ..." - so you will definitely not get a bouquet of flowers, and certainly not the attention of the staff. Instead, your cover letter must express your motivation for the future position, and tell the employer why he should hire you, even if he is not actually on the search. Come quickly to the point and describe your current background (position, qualifications and what you are looking for a new future and challenge). But do not write thoughts. Indicate what you want and what you have to offer. The cover letter should be short and crisp and not exceed 1-2 pages. In general, the following applies to the initiative: As short as possible - as long as necessary!
  5. Attract attention Consider whether a failed application might be a good idea. Especially in creative occupations you can show by a deviation from the standard, which potential is in one. It does not have to be the same as billboards or webpages, but one look at the Internet shows many examples that have given candidates for a WOW effect.
  6. A good figure, on all channels - Before submitting your unsolicited application, you should update your online presence in job portals and on job platforms. And also take a critical look into your social networks - what information do you give and what is not intended for the general public? Because nothing disqualifies you faster than disagreeable / inappropriate data as well as gaps or contradictions to professional experience and qualifications.

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