Individual business fashion thanks to Mass Customization: Modelabel RoQua in test

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Looking for unique yet practical business fashion? Then you should test the Munich Modelabel RoQua and its Customized Mass Edition.

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How customer wishes change the business model

RoQua 2007 was founded by the German-French Myriam Chebance, who uses the name of her grandmother's maiden name. Originally still a "normal" fashion label with its own store in Munich, albeit one with a high quality standard, customer requirements changed the business model over time:

Because more and more often there were special requests from customers, especially in terms of color and fabric selection. RoQua then focused exclusively on the specific requests and developed an eCommerce solution that meets the individual needs of the customers. The Company is currently based in Munich and currently delivers to all EU countries as well as to the USA.

Choice of color, form & material

Today they can choose their colors and fabrics from different basic models. In the future, customers will be able to even enter their measurements on the website and thus have their individual size calculated. So far one has to make do with the standard sizes. The RoQua team is also happy to help with advice and action and also likes to make small changes.

"My heart was to receive direct feedback from the customers, understand your needs, and meet your needs," says Myriam Chebance, explaining her successful "Made to order" concept, which I myself could try with three garments.


RoQua in the test

I have chosen three models, which can be adjusted by bonds in waist and waist and larger and smaller weight changes - a problem that certainly every woman knows. There are different models of trousers, skirts, tops, dresses and shoes available - and they fit in flattering a little rounder shapes. This is good and not too tight.

Both of the extraordinary cuts, the fabrics and bright colors (I chose the colors red & black) I was thrilled: RoQua uses only substances from Italy and France; the garments are produced in Europe. Since individual production is made, the delivery time is approx. 4 weeks.

An overdue idea

The pieces, in my case a trousers, a skirt and a top, can be combined flexibly and original with each other and with other clothing pieces.

This is especially important because I'm traveling a lot and then always need easily combinable and yet well-fitting clothing pieces. The models of RoQua create a lot of creative scope here, in order to create a varied look on the road while traveling. A long overdue idea.

Annette roqua

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    RoQua in the test! - Highly recommended K6hM8QoDLC

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    Customized business fashion thanks to Mass Customization: fashion label RoQua tested by Simone Janson ... - Highly recommended pHzXN1tBbt #Profession #Development

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    Individual business fashion thanks to Mass Customization: Modelabel RoQua in the test of Simone ... via BERUFEBILDER - Highly recommended RFe4ijt7Zj


    Individual business fashion thanks to Mass Customization: Modelabel RoQua in the test of Simone ... via BERUFEBILDER - Highly recommended bNu58TT8Pr

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