Increase Motivation with 18 Unusual Tips: Become Hyper-Efficient

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How do you become hyperefficient? By organizing yourself better - and in all areas: not only in terms of work and technology, but also in terms of food or choice of clothes. The best tips.

Increase Motivation with 18 Unusual Tips: Hyper-Efficiently Increase Motivation with 18 Unusual Tips: Be Hyperefficient

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Hyperefficiency - the easier, the better


Our society always wants to go on, more and more, faster and faster. We must and want to become hyper-efficient. It does not have to be either bad or stressful in any case: it also makes fun, to some extent, to prove to yourself that you can keep up.

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But how does that work with hyperefficiency? Do everything even faster, even more stress and hectic? It does not have to be that way: there are various tools that help us achieve higher productivity with fun and joy.

Self-motivation - how does it work?


An important aspect of this: motivation. That seems logical, because who is motivated, works better, better, more passionately - in short, more productive. Productivity blogger Leo Babauta dropped it all down to just two motivational tips - the only two you'll ever need. These are:

  1. Make sure you enjoy what you do.
  2. Care for (positive) pressure from outside.

For Sebastian Kube, Professor for behavioral economics, the topic is quite complex. According to Kube, for example, not more pay determines the degree of motivation, but small gifts increase productivity.

That's what science says about motivation


In experiments, Kube investigated the question of how employees can best be motivated. For one of these experiments Kube had students catalog books in the university library - a rather dull work.

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As compensation, a group of students unexpectedly received a pay increase of 20% after part of the work was done, a second group got a voucher for a thermos.

Increase productivity through more money or gifts?


And now guess what happened: The students who received a small gift worked surprisingly then on average by 30% more productive. The first group receiving a salary increase did not see any increase in performance.

The result may surprise, it amazes me especially because I would always prefer the salary increase. One explanation might be that little gifts make us much more productive than a raise could, because the gift establishes a personal relationship that has a beneficial effect on the relationship. Money, on the other hand, is not good as a motivator because it puts the relationship on a purely financial footing.

Rewarding and motivating oneself with unusual measures


The good thing about it: You can also use this knowledge for yourself and motivate yourself again and again with small gifts. In this horn blows the American entrepreneur Anna Vital. She has very simple solutions that covers virtually all areas, including those like fashion or food, which we might not have thought otherwise, but which also belong to our lives.

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The amazing thing is the simplicity of the statements. Some statements are also quite contrary to what you usually hear about time management - such as "Do the simplest things first." Others are just a little naughty: "If you have one eMail do not understand, then do not answer. "And it turns out: You do not always have to make it as complicated as you think. "Simplify your life" is also Anna Vital's motto.

The 18 Best Tips For Hyperefficiency


I really liked 18 tips from Anna Vital and I put them together below:

  1. If you do not understand what the eMail ask, then do not answer.
  2. Turn off the messages. Most of the time nothing important happens.
  3. Choose a specific type of clothing and stick with it. This will help you avoid trivial decisions like what to wear.
  4. Throw away what you do not need.
  5. Visualize your goals.
  6. Get started before you feel ready. So you avoid the hen-egg problem.
  7. If you have a blockage, do a MindMap.
  8. Do sports to reduce anxiety.
  9. Sleep enough.
  10. Do the simplest things first.
  11. Only go to meetings that produce decisions.
  12. Learn to do a better job than make it perfect.
  13. Bring routine into your diet.
  14. Eat healthy!
  15. Focus on the important things instead of the urgent ones.
  16. Decide what to make of it before you start.
  17. Learn to ignore things. You do not have to answer everything.
  18. Just start because the design works better than the blank page.

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