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BAföG: Crediting of income and assets

The BAföG is intended to provide you with financial support for the duration of your studies if you do not have your own funds. On the other hand, if you have a job or have a fortune, you no longer need BAföG.


How are income and assets calculated?

The same applies to parents and spouses: These are, according to civil law, obliged to keep you financially during your training. Only when these can not fulfill their obligation (eg also because the burden must remain reasonable), the BAföG comes to the train.

The amount of your individual BAföG is determined by deducting your personal income and assets, as well as the income of your spouse and your parents, from the applicable rate. In this way, your individual promotion height is calculated.

If you are married, but neither your income nor assets nor the income of your spouse is enough to meet your needs, the income of your parents is also included in the calculation.


In some circumstances, the parents' income can not be included in the calculation (dependent on the parents). However, your own income and assets as well as yours are always charged.

In order to determine the reasonable burden, assets and income are first ascertained. Then certain exemptions are deducted from the determined income, fortunately fortunes and income are not fully and completely calculated.

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The amount remaining for this calculation shows the assets / income accrued to BAföG.


If you want to apply for BAföG, you may only have certain assets within certain limits (freedoms). Consideration is given to the property that you have on the day of the application. However, you are obliged to notify changes to the BAföG Office immediately.

Attention: The BAföG assets crediting is only about your assets, however, any assets of your parents or your spouse are not taken into account.
However, interest income counts as income for both you and your family, so caution is advised here.

What is wealth?

Assets within the meaning of the BAföG are “all movable and immovable property, claims and other rights” and also the following assets, for which special regulations apply in some cases:

  • Home and real estate, savings accounts and securities: For residential property, you can apply for a hardship claim, which is not considered as a property. This is when you live the apartment / house itself and the living space is not unreasonably large. There are regional and local differences, in general 45 square per person, 10 square per additional person is allowed - according to the Social Code.
  • Security deposit: It does not matter if it is deposited in the name of the landlord or landlord - rent deposit will be regarded as your assets, although legally disputed. In special cases, you can apply in advance for a deposit which is not counted as a hardship.
  • Asset-effective services (VL), premium and home savings contracts: 90% (change 2002!) Is calculated as a fortune. But: If you submit your BAföG application always the full amount, the office calculates how much is calculated. If, however, you can prove that you would incur large losses if you terminate the savings contract, this may be taken into account on request
  • Capital-forming life insurance: Your settlement amount is the repurchase value. If this is lower than the premiums you have paid up to now, this asset may be disregarded by the severity rule
  • Money created by others on your account: Also, the money that parents or grandparents have created in your account counts as a fortune, even if you did not know about it. It should not be concealed under any circumstances, because the BAföG office learns from such accounts by data comparison.
  • Rights to pensions: If you receive pensions, pensions, transitional benefits or other recurring benefits, you are in luck: these are not considered assets.
  • Usufruct rights, household items: This includes all things and equipment that they need for daily needs. Specifically: Household items are the movable items used to furnish the apartment, Guide of the household and for the coexistence of the family. These include furniture, household appliances, linen and tableware, musical instruments, radio and television sets.
  • Passenger cars: Cars and similar are allowed to BAföG-receivers and are not counted as assets within certain limits. In the case of the unemployment allowance II (Hartz IV), an appropriate vehicle is defined as not being allowed to cost more than 5000 €. This sum can be a guideline for BAföG recipients, although exceptions are possible. If you buy a car first and then submit a BAföG application, this is quite legal, this asset is then not calculated. Note: You must be the owner of the car, because you might be under the impression that you bought the car for someone else and get the money back later. Your parents may, however, take over the insurance.

How high can your assets be?

If you apply BAföG, you may also have a fortune. However, only 5200 Euro may be held in your account as a whole, and long-term savings contracts, to which you can not currently expect interest without interest, are also included. Because: The state requires you to use your assets fully to finance their training.

You may have a little more if you are married or already have children: Both for your spouse and for each child your allowance increases by 1.800 Euro.

Calculation examples:

Your assets will be invoiced as follows: From your monthly requirement, ie the BAföG, that you receive each month, the amount is deducted when the amount exceeding the limit is divided by the number of calendar months of the grant period becomes.

Example: They are alone without a child, so they have a freeze of 5200. Your assets are 6400 Euro, so you have a surplus of 1200 Euro. This is divided by 12, ie 100 is deducted from BAföG per month.

Please do not cheat

If you have used up your assets, the BAföG is, of course, recalculated, you also make a new application every year. And: Fortunately, only your assets, but not those of your parents or your spouse, will be charged.

By the way, you should not cheat on your details, because the BAföG Office can verify this by means of a data comparison with the Federal Office of Finance on the basis of the exemption orders which you have given to the banks for your assets.

Help too much money in the account - and where to?

Attention: You can not simply give away your surplus assets or pass them on to third parties. There is also no deadline, before which would be still okay. You can reduce your assets only legally by buying household items, a car, etc.

hardship cases

Hardening means that, in special cases, an asset remains free of incurring charges which is higher than the traditional asset value. For this you must submit a separate application. For example, you can make such an application for home ownership, namely, if you live the apartment / house itself and the living space is not unreasonably large.

There are regional and local differences, in general, 45 sqm per person, 10 sqm are allowed for each additional person - as prescribed by the Social Code. Even with the rent deposit or life insurance you can apply in special cases advance that this is not counted as hardship case.

Which income is calculated?

The calculation basis for income, which is charged to BAföG, is generally the sum of the positive income as defined by § 2 Abs. 1 and 2 Einkommensteuergesetz. In contrast to your parents' income, it is about the money you earn or are likely to earn while you get BAföG - the so-called grant period.

There are different types of income, each of which is treated differently and to which there are different exemptions. Here is an overview:

Work alongside

Income from holiday and secondary jobs must be indicated in all cases against the Office for Promoting Education. However, you can deduct the income and church tax, sums fixed for lump sum social security (in particular, sickness, unemployment and pension insurance) as well as the age relief amount.

In the case of self-employed condominiums or detached houses, the amounts taken into account as special expenses under the Income Tax Act are deducted. Only when your secondary income is adjusted in this manner does the income in the sense of BAföG result.

Free allowance after training

This income is, however, only calculated if it is above certain freedoms. The exemptions are dependent on the training facility.

  • School:: Fach- and Fachoberschule classes, whose attendance does not require a completed vocational training, as well as secondary, general education schools and vocational colleges - allowance 112 € per month
  • School: Fachoberschule classes whose attendance requires a completed vocational training, evening secondary schools, vocational training schools and evening primary schools gross extra charge - free allowance 153 € per month
  • School: Universities, academies, higher technical colleges, colleges, evening grammar schools and technical school classes, whose attendance requires a completed vocational training - deduction 215 € per month

By the way: The amounts are annual averages, which means that you can offset a higher income in one month with lower or no income in another month of the grant period.

Self-employed activity alongside

If you do not have a job on a tax card, but you work independently on a fee basis, your earnings (not the income!) Will be charged to your BAföG. You can not sell advertising costs, but your taxes and operating expenses are reduced by your profits.

You can also deduct 21,5% of your self-employment income as a social allowance, as well as special expenses, for example if you live in residential property and have expenses for it. As with a “fixed” job, everything that is above certain allowances is then credited per month. The amount of the allowances depends on the type of training center.

Vacancies for self-employment after training

  • School:: Fach- and Fachoberschule classes, whose attendance does not require a completed vocational training, as well as secondary, general education schools and vocational colleges - allowance 112 € per month
  • School: Fachoberschule classes whose attendance requires a completed vocational training, evening secondary schools, vocational training schools and evening primary schools gross extra charge - free allowance 153 € per month
  • School: Universities, academies, higher technical colleges, colleges, evening grammar schools and technical school classes, whose attendance requires a completed vocational training - deduction 215 € per month

The amounts are annual averages, which means that you can offset a higher income in one month with lower or no income in another month of the grant period.

interest income

Interest is also regarded as income and is added to income without any special exemptions. If you have very high interest rates, you should assume that you have too much assets to get BAföG.

Incidentally, it is to be assumed that the BAföG Office checks the amount of your interest income through a data comparison with the financial office (exemption order).

orphan's pension

As a student of vocational schools and specialist classes whose attendance does not require a completed vocational training, you can receive 153 € per month from your orphan's pension or your orphan's allowance without charge - anything that goes beyond this is calculated. If they belong to another group, such as a student, 112 € will remain unaffected.

Pay for training or internships

If you do not take a job in the holidays but an internship, which is compulsory in the course of studies, and you get money for it, then this is fully applied to your needs, as it is directly related to your education. This also applies to

  • Training grants and similar benefits from public funds
  • Aid granted by public funding for this purpose
  • If, on the other hand, you are doing an internship that is not prescribed, this is treated as a normal income.

Maintenance of the permanently separated or divorced spouse.

These funds will also be charged to your assets in full without any deductions and other deductions

What does not count as income

There are different types of income which do not qualify as income within the meaning of the BAföG and therefore are not included:

  • Money from the parents, eg as a maintenance fee for study support (but not assets that are stored on your account)
  • child benefit
  • Basic pensions and severely injured supplementary allowances under the German Federal Law on Supply, or according to the laws which are subsequently applied
  • Money that corresponds to the basic rent and the severely damaged supplementary allowance according to the Federal Law on Supply
  • Pensions for victims of Nazi persecution
  • Income intended for a purpose other than to cover the need for life
  • Your income if you have family

Children or husband

If you have to provide children and / or a man with them, because they do not have their own income, children and husbands also increase their allowances for their income, ie the amounts that you can earn without cutting BAföG.

For each of your children, an allowance of 435 EURO will be granted, unless the child is in an eligible education. The same applies to a spouse - here you have 480 € free. However, possible income of the spouse is counted on your funding, but there are also freedoms.

Children's allowance, which you get for your children, does not count as income.

Special hardness

To avoid unfair hardship, you can make a special application, but before the end of the period of approval, which allows another portion of your income to remain free of charges. Condition: This money is needed for special costs of training that are not covered by the requirement rate.

However, you can get a maximum of 205 € a month as a free allowance.

Parent-dependent promotion

In principle, the income of the parents is also included in the calculation of your BAföG. The BAföG Office generally calculates income in the penultimate calendar year before the start of the period of approval. The basis for this are the

Findings made by the financial authorities in the present tax registers of income recipients.

If the current income is expected to be significantly lower than the regular basis of the income calculation (eg if a parent becomes unemployed or retires), an update application can be submitted.

Which income of the parents is involved?

Calculation basis is normally the sum of the positive income within the meaning of § 2 Abs. 1 and 2 of the Income Tax Act. The income tax and church tax, as a general rule, are fixed for social security (in particular, sickness, unemployment and pension insurance) as well as the age-relief amount.

In the case of self-occupied condominiums or single-family houses, special expenses can also be claimed.

As with your income, special rules apply to the independence of parents. The income also includes rents, interest income, etc. More information under “What income is counted towards?” The resulting amount is the income within the meaning of the BAföG.

Absolute permissions

The income of the parents in the sense of the BAföG remain monthly free of charges:

  • for parents, married and living together: 1.440 Euro
  • for a parent, alone: ​​960 Euro
  • for a boot: 480 Euro
  • for children and other dependent persons who are not eligible for training: 435 Euro

Relative freedoms

After deduction of absolute allowances, 50% for the parents and 5% for each child are deducted from the remaining monthly income of the parents as defined by BAföG.

What remains now is the amount that your parents can spend on the financing of their education!

If you have siblings

The above-mentioned child allowances apply, of course, only if your siblings financially burden their parents, for example through training. If this is not the case, for example, because your siblings work or are independent of the parents, the exemptions will be removed accordingly.

If your siblings are educated according to the BAföG or § 59 SGB III, the amount of the salary will be divided equally between you and your siblings.

Parental leave to parents

If your parents refuse to pay for you financially, you may receive training funding as advance payment. In this case, your claim to your parents will be transferred to the respective federal state up to the amount of the expenses incurred. This will then pick up the money from your parents.

Special hardness

On special request (before the end of the period of authorization!), Another part of the parent income can remain free of charge if special cases of hardship occur during the period of authorization:

  • extraordinary charges pursuant to §§ 33 to 33b of the Income Tax Act
  • Expenses for disabled persons who are subject to the condition of income under civil law
  • If this rule is applied, then you are valid for the entire period of approval and you will get money retroactively.

Parent-independent support

You also have the opportunity to be encouraged without the income of your parents being counted. In these cases, your income and assets and, if applicable, your spouse's income will be taken into account.

However, to apply for this, you must meet one of the following conditions:

  • You will visit an evening gymnasium or college
  • The whereabouts of your parents are unknown, or they live abroad and are legally or actually prevented from providing you with financial support for your education
  • If you have completed a three-year vocational qualification before starting your apprenticeship, you have been working for at least three years. In the case of a shorter training, the employment must be correspondingly longer, so that a total of at least six years always come together. However: If your education was longer than three years, you still have to work for at least three years.
  • If you are years or older at the beginning of the 30 training section (please note the age regulation for BAföG promotion here).
  • If you are after the 18. Birthday five years or more

A note on gainful employment: the condition for crediting is not only that you have worked, but also that you have been able to get away from the work wage itself. By the way, the defense or civilian service is also regarded as a time of job-securing employment.

Income of the spouse

If you are married, the income of your spouse is also included in your invoice, namely in the penultimate calendar year before the application is submitted (this is determined by the Tax Offices of the Tax Office).

However, there are also certain allowances Your spouse is allowed to earn 960 € per month without charge. If you have children, the allowance increases again by 435 € per child per month.

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  1. Thomas says:

    Thank you for your great, helpful post!

  2. Nietnagel says:

    The topic of income and wealth at BAföG is a broad field. And at some points in the text, I simply disagree!

  3. Alex says:

    My friend recently applied for Bafög, today came mail with a cancellation.
    To her:
    She is 17 and is a school-based (Fachabi) her parents are separated, currently lives with her mother, her mother is to 30% disabled and therefore refers to 45 since already 3 years ago, indor the relationship between both is also not so prickling, her father pays her maintenance.
    Tomorrow, we sign our rental agreement and then move between December and January.
    Today, we also called to the respective office, without taking any data they have directly said no she would get nothing even if she now lives alone, as her mother lives too close to the school.
    We would now like to know how they could now get Bafög or other financial support.

    Thanks in advance, Sincerely.

  4. Yvonne says:

    I have a somewhat unusual problem. I myself am a student and I am interested in Bafög + Kinderbetreuungszuschlag, my husband is just looking for work and is referring to ALG 1. We have three children together. Our oldest daughter goes to a school for which we have to pay school fees every month. The amount of the amount is dependent on income. I would now like to know which part of the Bafög or whether Bafög can be calculated as income at all.
    Thank you very much

    • Simone Janson says:

      I would advise you at the BAföG office in detail, since it is really a very special case.

  5. Willi says:


    I now take my Abitur after and as I asked last year the Bafög. Last year it was still dependent on parents because I made the Vorklasse. This year it is parents-independent so I would have to get more like last year. But in the decision it stands to me a fortune from the last year count. Are they allowed? The money is no longer there. In the decision, because I can not prove that I spent it for the move, it will be charged this year with.

    ps. I thought they only count on the last six months



    • Simone Janson says:

      Hi Willi,
      unfortunately we can not give legal advice in individual cases.
      Perhaps this article and the section on the update request will help you further: https: //berufebilder.de/ bafoeg application /

  6. Banu tugral says:

    Hello my daughter is still seventeen we refer harz4 now my question my husband had a building savings contract, which he announced in February. I have a retirement insurance we have the negative consequences for the request please ask for a quick reply
    Thank you

    • Simone Janson says:

      The answer to your question can be found under point 3 - Assets - Section XNUMX. Since we are not allowed to provide legal information in individual cases due to the Legal Services Act, we ask you to contact an advice center if you have further questions.

  7. Eleni P. says:

    Thank you for the valuable information! Everything explained well and understandable. :)

  8. marius says:

    Hello Mrs. Jansen,
    I am studying at a private university, which costs almost 1000 Euro (around the 5000 Euro per semester) per month. These costs my father takes. Can he deduct you from his income from the Bafög application. Besides, my father wants to know where the regular expenses for things like health insurance, special expenses must be registered. As a civil servant, my father is not obliged to submit a wage tax year compensation within two years. There is therefore no tax bill for 2012 (2014-2). How does he have to proceed?

    • Simone Janson says:

      Hello Marius, Unfortunately we are not allowed to give advice on a case-by-case basis due to the Legal Services Act, which also includes such specific assistance. I recommend contacting the Studentenwerk or other counseling centers of your university.
      Good luck

  9. Paul says:

    The question is only what one does, if one had before the application of the Bafögs an extremely negative asset, one gets so no more penny than the Regelsatz Bafög. If one was a victim of robbery, burglary, sixfold paysafecard fraud, robbery, bodily injury, and electricity theft, I would have to spend the whole day instead of studying and learning with dues and bills. There is no sacrificial help and special health is not taken into account in Bafög, which is half of the subsistence minimum.

    So one lives worse than a homeless person with the Bafög. You really have to break off all the time and make a full-time job of a bad job, but it is not worth it if you had already acquired the deeds as a quasi new debt during the insolvency proceedings because you had too many enemies.

    Certainly, in this case the Bafög has a ministry of min. 800 € is possible because it is not intended for the necessities of life, but rather to cover the debt of unfair hardship before submitting the application, that one would still have to find the activity for the additional income and in the costs and charges resulting from this need as in my case. How is that then?
    Everyone would have to receive as much need as he or she needs, and needy means that one must be able to cover all costs, including the particular severity of indebted debt incurred in the ongoing insolvency proceedings.

  10. Nadine says:

    good day,
    I have a question and I am a student .21 years Married have a daughter 3 years and have no more contact with my family (litigation) and also get no child allowance. but get only 278 Euro and it is not enough I have to go in the week 250 km by car to school and back. The woman from the Bafög stelle said yes that is just the same and keeps och to my parents who have long known. what should I do

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen

    • Simone Janson says:

      Hello Nadine,
      since I can not help you, I would recommend this forum to you: http://www.studis-online.de/Fragen-Brett/list.php?1
      Good luck

  11. Leyla says:

    Hello Mrs. Jansen,
    I get Bafög and work in part-time, which is also known to the Studentenwerk, so I get an adapted Bafög-portion. As soon as 1 year of the approval period is over, I have to provide my income proof with the gross income. I also get from my employer vwl employer's shares and a job ticket, which are billed to my gross salary and then deducted from the net salary in full, so that the money is not paid out. The building savings contract is already stated as an asset. Do I have to reimburse these two remuneration of my employer to the gross income and then give it as a total gross income? Many Thanks!! Leyla

    • Simone Janson says:

      Hello Leyla,
      I have now put both comments together. And I have to say quite honestly: I do not know anything special. What does it mean to ask directly at BAföG?

  12. mike says:

    hello woman janson, maybe you can help me:
    what happens when I expect during the relation of parent-independent bafög but, as an independent active on weekends and in the semester break, with my profit only over the income limit (deductible), but even above the calculated need (= sum of bafög payments in the calendar year). do I have to pay back in retrospect, the amount received for the promotion 1: 1 or is an imposition and I have to repay more than I got?
    i need to know how much i have to be careful in my self-employed work - i perceive practical work in the same industry as studying to be absolutely conducive to studying, but the decision about it is very dependent on whether it results in additional costs (loss of income) for me ...

    already in advance many thanks for your reply


  13. Manual says:


    I am currently completing full-time schooling and therefore I am referring to Bafög.
    My mother has now been granted the early retirement and therefore my question whether the pension is counted or not and if so how high this would be.

    Best regards


    • Simone Janson says:

      Hello Manuel,
      the income of the parents is calculated, no matter in which form this is paid out. If there is now less income in the pension than in the job, the prospects still increase.
      Use the BaföG calculator to calculate this:

  14. Ralf W. says:

    Hello, my oldest daughter is studying 2014 in the EU study abroad and receives Bafög (420 Euro, half of it as a loan). Starting from Sept. 2013 another daughter starts a school education. For the first 2 years she would like to apply for Bafög. From the 3. Year, she will receive remuneration and will no longer be eligible for Bafög. The school form is eligible for funding.
    How does the bafög of the elders affect the calculation of the younger sister's ticket?

    • Simone Janson says:

      Hello Mr. W., unfortunately we can not give any information on legal questions in the individual case. Perhaps, however, a fellow-person can give an answer from his personal experience.

  15. Wagner, Katrin says:

    Dear Mrs Janson,
    Excuse back, this evening was something loaded whether the new changed laws. Those who might be available to our economy in the near future as skilled workers will come back at the right time. They may not even have a car (apart from the 5200,00 Euro asset levy), even if they had to reach their jobs before the start of the training. The offer does not go far enough to get financially, perhaps even with your own apartment. But you can go to the training course still job. Maybe our students will be studying for a few more semesters in the future because they will not be able to concentrate on learning in the given time, because of the next job.
    Well, then we are just getting specialists from abroad. Sorry, you can not. But take this article quite simply from the net. He only makes more confusion. Was not meant to be angry, but sometimes one can in
    This state is already neck-high with so much waste and ignorance.
    Despite everything and for that very reason
    K. Wagner

    • Simone Janson says:

      Dear Mrs. Wagner,
      beautiful. That is understandable, it is just not constructive. Tip - including personal experience: Don't believe everything. Recently the FAZ published a hoax just for fun ... hence. Or at least look at the date first. A blog is, unlike a website, a continuous archive - and that's exactly how I understand it: Similar to a newspaper archive, articles that are no longer current are collected there. Therefore, the date is clearly visible above. I'm already relieving my readers of a lot of work, but I expect so much transfer that they pay attention to this date. #
      A comprehensive discussion on the subject of specialists (lack) can be found here elsewhere:
      Simone Janson

  16. Simone Janson says:

    Dear Mrs. Wagner,
    First of all, sorry that you have been bothered with an e-mail that was only intended to make your work easier. However, the notification follows the double opt-in procedure and is therefore legally correct. But you can unsubscribe at any time - link in the email.

    Now to the content of your question, which I also felt slightly rude, whereas I am in the comment guidelines) also keep. Accordingly, also my answer, which obviously did not fit you.

    I did not quite understand what exactly you wanted to know. Your question implies that you are obviously well versed in the German BAföG law. Did you want to inform me that I made a mistake? Then why not simply post a link to the relevant passage in the legal text to inform not only me but all other readers as well?

    Or did you want to know how it actually relates to the recognition of motor vehicles? With my answer, I have tried to point out that there may be no clear rules for this.

    I would also like to draw your attention to the creation date of the article, August 15, 2006 (top right next to the article) A lot has happened in almost 6 years, not only for me (for example, the site “we” provides information about it), but also in the BAföG law.

    But I'm happy about updates as long as they are presented in a friendly tone. If I take the time to answer you in detail, that's the least I can expect.

    Thank you!

  17. Wagner, Katrin says:

    Dear Mrs. Janson, I had expected an answer to my message and did not want to subscribe. But thank you for your efforts. I can take my own arm.

  18. Wagner, Katrin says:

    Dear Mrs Janson,
    may I ask how you come up with the irrational idea that a used car is not considered an asset at BAföG? According to BAföG law, this is so. If you can tell me something else, the better.

    For your reply best thanks in advance. K. Wagner

    • Simone Janson says:

      The article says “within certain limits”.

      • Wagner, Katrin says:

        Dear Mrs Janson,
        I searched the net myself, unfortunately a car has recently ceased to be a household item (was decided by the Federal Court of Justice). If something else is written somewhere, I would be happy. But I think “even within certain limits” no longer applies here.

        K. Wagner

        • Simone Janson says:

          Dear Mrs. Wagner,
          since you have the solution. The contribution is from 2006. This is a blog! If there was a current decision of the Federal Court of Justice, this is, of course, not included.
          However, if you post a link, I will note this as an update.
          Thank you
          Simone Janson

  19. Ludwig says:

    hello, would like to the topic bafög a private answer. we were now full-fledged by the national welfare for the purpose of taking care of my child. so ne art life insurance is called only differently. my question. she gets the minimum bafög from the bafögamt, ie about 220 euro, may or can my child take such precaution? is the with on the amt angerechnet and or even with me with calculated? I am hard-core. thank you in advance

    • Simone Janson says:

      Hello Jacquline or Ludwig,
      We can not give you a private response, especially since we are not a public counseling center: The Legal Services Act unfortunately prohibits legal advice of any kind.
      Mit freundlichen Grüßen
      Simone Janson

  20. Kita-Education Blog says:

    Contradiction of the BAföG notice on the part of the parents: What to do if I can not pay? - Exciting contributionDpDFtsqI "#childrengreat

  21. Holger Froese says:

    Opposition to the BAf öG-decision by the parents: What to do if I can not pay? #Business

  22. Simone Janson says:

    Hello Mario,
    Unfortunately, I can not give you any information about the Legal Services Act, which prohibits me from providing legal advice in such individual cases.
    Help can be found here:

    Or with a personal consultation, as many Studentenwerke offer free of charge.
    Good luck!
    Simone Janson

  23. Mario Mill says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    our son has applied for the promotion of education for the purpose of studying.

    The decision grants him 83 €, my contribution to his promotion is 513,58 € - that is about 25% of my income.

    I would like to mention that my wife and I live separately, that she has about 700 € income and that she is still living with our school-born 17-year-old daughter, with all running costs being covered by me.

    In addition, I now live in another household for rent.

    The children's allowance goes to the account of my son, who lives with his girlfriend in a marriage-like community.

    I can not raise this sum.

    So I have an existential problem and I hope to get advice on the contradiction.


    Mario Mill

  24. Christina says:

    Good day. I have an urgent question and how it looks a big problem. I am a lawyer since Oktorber 2008 and my husband has also been studying economics since Oct. 2008. He gets Bafög, but I do not, because my parents earn too much. In Bafögamt, we had been told that my husband should be able to earn 1040euro, since he would have a larger leave of absence than other single ones

    Now a consultant from the Bafögamt told us that this would not be true and my husband could only earn about 400 Euro a month, since I am also a student. Is that correct? how much can he earn when I have no income? And on the 23.07.09 I gave birth to our daughter? Since the amount he can earn again increases, right?

    • Simone Janson says:

      Dear Christina,
      please read the above post again. Due to the law service law, we are unfortunately not allowed to provide any information.

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