{Media Partnership} tazlab Media: Leyendecker, Langhans and new dangers for job seekers online

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If you do not expect much, can not be disappointed, one says. This was exactly my impression of the future lab of the taz, the 8. and 9. April in the House of World Cultures, Berlin. On the contrary, I found some unexpectedly good.

{Media Partnership} tazlab media: Leyendecker, Langhans and new dangers for job seekers online. {Media partnership} tazlab Media: Leyendecker, Langhans and new dangers for job seekers online

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Here writes for you:

Simone Janson Simone JansonSimone Janson is publisher, German Top20 blogger and Consultant for HR communication.


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Job seeker - dangers from the net!


My highlights at tazlab were Hans Leyendecker and Rainer Langhans. I also tweeted that on Saturday and promptly there were objections from a user named @Chr1stoph - Leyendecker clearly, but Langhans, that was entertaining at best.

Well, there I obviously have to go further: Leyendecker in the event "The big leak: WikiLeaks and the consequences: which information should remain private, which are made public?" Was especially good because he is so gorgeous like no one else about the failures of his own guild, eg in the economic crisis duke.

Googlende Personaler


And because he drew my attention in the course of my research to a danger that threatens job seekers in addition to the otherwise popular topos of the googling staff from the net:

Namely, journalists who are hoping to find potential whistelblowers on Facebook to find people who have left a particular company and who are complaining about their ex-boss.

hold breath


For many new research methods, Constanze Kurz and Daniel Domscheidt-Berg paused briefly on the podium. And I will also learn something more about it. Until then, only all users to advise, by no means on Facebook and somewhere else to blaspheme about their ex-boss. Otherwise you will quickly get into the crosshairs ...

By the way, Andreas has a very detailed one Article written about this panel.

Closed due to overcrowding


The event Shitstorm-surfers, trolls and other annoyances: Do we need a new ethic for the net? was highly productive, whether on the podium and between moderator and audience. After all, she has once again confirmed one of my personal prejudices :-)

In the event code4copyleft: tools and conventions for the remix company, I unfortunately did not come in because of overcrowding. About some organizational weaknesses and various personal blunders I would like to remain silent at this point. Only so much: The student employees of the media forum Mittweida were with much more vigor in the matter than here.

Altherren's wreath with lady


In innovations: role model Axel Springer? Who invents the picture newspaper of the 2 century? I would have expected less praise for Mr. Springer and more potential innovation models - which confirms once again that most people dread fishing in the digital revolution.

In addition, I had wanted some sharper objections from Mercedes Bunz and Friedrich Küppersbusch. Instead Springer biographer Michael Jürgs was able to talk about Springer podium-filling. The whole seemed somehow like an old-fashioned wreath with lady.

Why I found Rainer Langhans awesome


Pay please! Do users voluntarily - or do they have to? did not offer much novelty: That Springer maintains the old Pay model and does not want to use Flattr is actually logical. So I then went after half the time to get into The new 68er. The digital generation - creative revolutionaries or adapted followers? a truly brilliant Rainer Langhans experience.

Brilliantly simply because he did not let himself be stretched in front of the carts: The panel - and not only this - reveals once again that there is a huge cultural difference between journalistic events on the Internet and IT events on the subject.

Help the evil net!


And I do not understand why you have to keep discussing the same stuff over and over again: namely, that the internet is bad, and that we all do not even feel that "that somehow goes down" (audience audiences) (By the way, the questioner meant that Facebook pulled down the culture ...).

And that's where Alt-68er Langhans did not join in: The Internet was a cultural achievement that made him very happy, he let the surprised listener know. Rainer Langhans - apparently one who has strapped it.

Prejudices are independent of age


What I also do not understand is what that always has to do with age: There are older very internet-savvy people and early 20-year-olds who throw me at a lecture to the head "Since every farmer can blog". Peter Kruse has also shown that in the Republica 2010.

Incidentally, the taz event was organized in cooperation with the weekly newspaper Der Freitag, the British Guardian, the cultural internet service Perlentaucher, the NGO Reporters Without Borders, the taz Panter Stiftung and the German edition of Le Monde diplomatique.

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  2. Simone Janson

    Hello Mr. Raab, thank you for detailed commentary and abundance of material. I can always use statistics! And at the place congratulations to the really successful event.
    I did not want to say now that there is no generation difference at all. You have already noticed that on the podium. It annoys me, however, if it is ALWAYS fixed at the age, that is not so synonymous.
    I myself was eg with center 20 less Internetaffin than today with 35. Or in the audience sat as the best example that it also goes differently Jörg Tauss.
    The truth lies, as so often, in the middle.
    Simone Janson

  3. Klaus Raab

    Hello, as moderator of the event "the new 68er" I can perhaps comment on the question

    "Which always has to do with the age: There are older very internetaffine people and beginning 20-year-old, who throw me at a lecture to the head, Since every farmer can blog '."

    That's true. But the generational context does not consist in the fact that all members of a generation have the same answers, but in asking the same questions. That is, not all of the digital generation say: great internet, we need more of it. But all must ask themselves: more of it or rather not?
    This question is not necessarily for people who are already older. Many do it - but then not for generational affiliation reasons. The so-called digital natives do this because they can not help but deal with these questions.
    Just about all under 30 are in social networks (according to ARD-ZDF-Onlinestudie), but only barely 5 percent of the 60-year-old (according to SZ). Do not throw the numbers around me, there are two different sources, but the tendency is clear.

    "Peter Kruse has shown that on the Republica 2010 also different."

    Right. But he has only published half the record: He considered only the "heavy user". They are not age-related, there are younger and older. I can well imagine.
    However, there is a generational difference between heavy usern and digital deniers. The latter are still older, although the groups are slowly approaching. Peter Kruse has not spoken of this, and only in this way could he come to the conclusion that the generation plays no role.

    This is just to explain why we wanted to talk about the digital generation at all. I personally still believe that there is a generational difference. The (but not rigid) limit does not have to be exactly at 30, maybe it is synonymous with 34 or perhaps even 38. But they exist.
    Thanks for your blog contribution.

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    My impression - tazlab media: Leyendecker, Langhans & new dangers for job shunts from the #Business network
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    RT @johanneslenz: "My impression - tazlab media: Leyendecker, Langhans & new dangers for job seekers from the net"

  8. Johannes Lenz

    "My impression - tazlab media: Leyendecker, Langhans & new dangers for job seekers from the net" by @simonejanson

  9. Competencepartner

    My impression - tazlab media: Leyendecker, Langhans & new dangers for job shunts from the net ...

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