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Disclosure & Image Rights: Huawei supported us with free devices, which we checked to the point of being unusable as part of the test. 

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Huawei Honor 9 in the workplace test: inexpensive high-performance work tool with small defects {review}

In June we were at the product presentation of the new Honor 9 and tested the device extensively for its fitness as a mobile office. Good, cheap device, but there are also defects.

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Presentation of the Honor 9 in Berlin

At the end of June, I was invited to the product presentation of the Honor 9, the new flagship of the brand, in Berlin: a big breakthrough around a small device, which Honor CEO Georg Zhao spoke at the presentation, as if it could revolutionize the smartphone market. What he then introduced, however, is first and foremost a revolution in terms of price: 429 Euro cost the 9 fee and introduces it into a range of affordable Huwai devices.

The 9 has a lot to offer: A Kirin 960 Octa-Core (4 x 2,4 GHz + 4 x 1,8 GHz) HiSilicon processor, 4 GB memory and comfortable 64 GB storage memory with a Micro SD- Card can be extended to 256 GB. Operating system is Android 7.0 nougat. This is quite neat for a mobile office, so you can start a lot.

Honor 9 in practice test

Texts and eMailFor example, writing, switching back and forth between different applications or image and video editing - all of this works very well with the Honor 9 and I couldn't find any stutters or even a screen freeze, as I am used to with older smartphone models. Especially with videos, the RAM and the good graphics chip pay off.

The Honor 9 comes with 64 GB internal memory, the operating system already uses 13 GB. So, if you want to do a lot of media work with the device, you can expand the memory with a micro SD card up to 256 GB.

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There is, however, a vermouth drop: the SD card slot shares its place with the second simcard. And I personally find the second Simcard more meaningful, because I combine eg the most favorable data and telephone tariff, while I can save the data also by Cloud elsewhere. Here everyone has to decide for visibility, which is useful.

Crackpoint battery

Sticking point of every smartphone for me is the battery: Since I am dependent on the device, for example, by eMail To be reachable, to have contacts and appointments always within reach, to look for the way or even to make pictures for blog and Instagram, should always work. The battery of the Honor 9 stands out with 3.200 mAh, unfortunately, not particularly well when it comes to the performance duration: About one and a half days, the device is functional in modest use.

If you use it as I do, with image processing and various Office applications, and the display often can not turn darker, because otherwise he does not see in direct sunlight, but does not come without Powerbank throughout the day. After all, there is a quick-charging function.

the display

Back to the display - it is my main criticism of the device: Although it offers a resolution of 1.080 x 1.920 pixels, so Full HD and the contents can be seen even in direct sunlight very well. There is also an automatic screen brightness. However, the display size of 5,15 inches is simply too small for me to be able to read and work on it effectively.

I prefer here clearly 6 or even 7 inch displays, so Phablets. Practically with the smaller Honor 9 is nevertheless the fact that the contents are only visible on the front - who can look at the side of the screen, the content can only be obtained. This protects against unwanted readers!

The equipment

Apart from the usual technical equipment - headphone jacks, volume control, Bluetooht, Powerbutton and speakers - the device has an integrated fingerprint sensor. There is also a USB type C port with version number 2.0 and an LED indicator for incoming messages. Only headphones are missing in the scope of delivery.

For me, however, the curved glass plate on the back is pure frills. When exposed to light, it sparkles in different colors and spiegelt matt - the reason why the device is called Lightcatcher. Without a doubt it looks great, but this shows that the Honor 9 primarily addresses a young target group.

The cameras

Finally, a word about the two cameras, which are equipped with a 12 and a 20 megapixel lens. The maximum resolution is 5.120 x 3.840 pixels. By default, photos are saved in the .jpg format, but in “professional mode”, the memory-intensive RAW format is also possible. The images are of good quality at the highest resolution, but a red cast can occur in poor lighting conditions.

In manual mode you can, for example, select the exposure times or high ISO values, including picture noise. Just night shots are unfortunately not quite optimal, here synonymous helps the flash no further. So no replacement for a professional camera, but a good, handtaschautaugliche supplement - on my last press, I have already completely renounced the big camera and only telephoned with the mobile phone.

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