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Better work, information as desired: We give you the information you really need and are committed to a better and more ecological working environment. When Book Publisher Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® with Unique Book Concept and eCourses we offer over 20 years of experience in Corporate Publishing - with Clients like Samsung, Otto, Governmental Institutions. Publisher Simone Janson also heads the Institute Berufebilder Yourweb, which awards scholarships and belongs to one of the top 10 female German bloggers, referenced in ARD, FAZ, ZEIT, WELT, Wikipedia .

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Simone Janson is publisherConsultant and one of the 10 most important German bloggers Blogger Relevance Index. She is also head of the Institute's job pictures Yourweb, with which she donates money for sustainable projects. According to ZEIT owns her trademarked blog Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® to the most important blogs for careers, professions and the world of work. More about her im Career.

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Working ABC

  • by Mirijam Franke
    Hast du schon einmal vom sogenannten „Ferieneffekt“ gehört? Oder vielleicht bei dir selbst beobachtet, dass du dich die ersten Tage nach den Ferien beziehungsweise dem Urlaub irgendwie „doof“ fühlst? Dass das nicht am Jetlag oder zu vielen Cocktails im Urlaub liegt, konnten bereits zahlreiche Studien belegen. Es ist tatsächlich der Urlaub selbst, der uns dumm […]

Best of HR Berufebilder.de

  • from guest
    Streit und Konflikte im Team und am Arbeitsplatz hat niemand gern, doch emotionale Killerphrasen vergiften besonders die Büroatmosphäre. Und eine ist besonders schlimm. Konflikte und Streit im Büro: Ob Produktiv oder nicht entscheidet das Wie Im Büro sollen wir eigentlich als Team zusammenarbeiten, um ein gemeinsames Ziel zu erreichen. Oft genug gehören aber gärende Konflikte […]

candidates blog

  • from Marie
    We all know you: the self-doubts that just suddenly appear. Whether at an important presentation or in daily work: "Am I good enough at all?" "What I have achieved is actually just a happy coincidence." In most cases, however, these self-doubts are unjustified and we are victims of a psychological one Phenomenon, the [...]

Büroonymus - The human side of work

  • by Lydia Krüger
    You should rummage through your own hard drive more often. Earlier, I accidentally found a little gem that I don't want to withhold from you: a previously unreleased cover version of “Atemlos durch die Nacht”, especially for HORGs. 😀 I dedicate these lyrics to everyone who (still) in a… The post Ahnungslos durch den Markt first appeared on Büronymus.

Business ladies

  • by Ute Blindert
    Nathalie Mielke only recently discovered cooking for herself - but she already has a lot of experience in auditing. As… The post lunch break on Wednesday: Nathalie Mielke, auditor and talent leader at EY first appeared on Business Ladies. Related posts: Lunch break on Wednesday: Susanne Jäger, FAAS partner at EY Lunch break on Wednesday: [...]


  • // From cooperation on an equal footing, to feedback and error culture, to digitization and various management issues, the gender pay gap and diversity topics were always on our list of new work topics. What will the working world of the future look like? We started this column with this question over five years ago. A lot has happened during this time. Just the last [...]

Creating Corporate Cultures

  • by tgierecker
    How you could deal more constructively with - actual or supposed - weaknesses, your own and those of others - a few tips What are you not good at? What could you like better? What do you annoy yourself about? And what weaknesses do you see in others, in the company, in the family, in the club? Who […]

Crosswater job guide

  • from recruiting editorial staff
    No one can think of two thirds of the founders. Christian Lindner is ahead of the rest. Politicians have a difficult time at startups. When asked which politician best represents the interests of startups, there is one main reaction: Shrug. Two thirds of the startups (67 percent) can [...]

Forester Cross

  • from Dr. Peter Cross
    "Why can't you be like your big sister anymore?" - Perhaps you know such sayings from your childhood. However, such attempts at parenting are neither helpful nor beneficial, because the implicit statement behind them is: as you are, something is wrong with you…. The article Why Principles Always Beat Best Practices appeared first [...]

Wife boss

  • from Mrs. Boss
    Usually it is like this: We all want to make a great video. The crux of the matter is: Often times the videos are not as good as we would like them to be. There are very simple things that you should consider every time you record a video in order to immediately improve your video recording. But let's start from [...]

Future of HR

  • by Ken Knipphals and Claudia Salomon
    Most mergers and acquisitions (M&A) fail. One reason for this is often inadequate analyzes of the… The article HR Due Diligence: Saving M&A Projects with People Analytics first appeared on Future of HR.

Founder WELT

Haufe staff

  • At the end of the year, managers in many companies have to hold employee appraisals again. You will find tips on preparation, useful rules for the employee appraisal and guidelines for conducting an interview in this top topic. More on the subject of 'appraisal interview' ...

Henri Zaborowski

  • from hz@hzaborowski.de
    The shortage of skilled workers has been a state of affairs that has been conjured up for years, a myth for some and a reality for others. The fact is: In the last few months the number of applications has dropped massively - and that is from all of the employers that I know better. No matter if big or small. By and large, the same applies to the response rate in active sourcing. Since two […]

HR in min

  • .pw-oembed-video {position: relative; padding bottom: 56.25%; height: 0; overflow: hidden; max-width: 100%; height: auto; } .pw-oembed-video iframe, .pw-oembed-video object, .pw-oembed-video embed {position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%; } You'd think that LinkedIn has finally found the accelerator in the past few months. It is a very subjective impression, but during a number of activities [...]

HR Management Blog

HR Web

  • by Eva SELAN
    When a team goes through a pandemic - no matter how well or badly it may have worked - it comes out differently at the other end. Maybe better, maybe completely blown. One thing is certain: they have to work together. how does it look in action? An expert interview: The post-Covid teamwork article was first published [...]


  • by Barbara Braehmer
    There are many tips for virtual interviews, but most of them don't focus on top talent. The ability to conduct virtual interviews and recruitment instead of typical, face-to-face interviews has become the new norm in recent months with Covid19 as recruiters and departments have adapted to social distancing. The positive additional effects, such as the talent pool simply to [...]

job blog

  • from Marcus
    Anyone who is tired of online job exchanges and prefers to publish job advertisements directly on Google has been able to do this quite efficiently for several months now. Now Google has published its own indexing API for job advertisements, so the advertisements end up in the Google index much faster and also stay “fresher”, since Google uses the API for a lot of data [...]

career Bible

  • by Anja Rassek
    Team satisfaction is an important success factor for companies. The more well-rehearsed the employees are, but also the more satisfied and convinced of their actions, the greater their commitment. We pursue the question of which factors are needed for successful teamwork and how companies can measure team satisfaction ... Definition: What is team satisfaction? Team satisfaction is part of job satisfaction. In […]

Careers blog

  • by Lisa-Marie Linhart
    Mental stress can have different causes, but they all have a negative effect on our mood and our performance. It's good if you get support during these times - and even better if this support is made available by the employer. You can find out how Employee Assistance Programs (EAP for short) work in the blog: Relationship crises, [...]

career Letter

  • by Ute Blindert
    [A guest post by Daniele D´Amore, Crews & Captains] Creative streak? Motivational artist? Love to write? Passionate team worker? Everyone has talents that are not always easy to recognize. And which one is worth building on is not always obvious. We speak of “blind spots” here when you don't know (or don't believe in) your true potential. Once in a while […]

High performer blog

LinkedIn insiders

Meta HR

  • by Christoph Athanas
    Digitization is advancing in human resource management. Many HR processes and human resources tasks are now available digitally. With the help of the appropriate tools, there can be significant gains in efficiency and the HR teams can then ideally focus more on those tasks that cannot or can only be digitized to a limited extent, e.g. advisory, creative or supervisory activities. However, there are [...]

Another HR blog

  • by Thomas Eggert
    Many of us know this quote from a famous blockbuster - and now it applies to a person who

Another personal marketing blog

  • from
    After I was able to show in my last article that applicants want more minimum standards and transparency in the selection process, I am now dedicating myself to another result of the joint study with the applicant management provider softgarden. A total of 1.081 candidates were surveyed using the softgarden e-recruiting system. All of them are verified applicants who are currently [...]

Online recruiting blog

  • by Eva Zils
    Guest contribution by Sonja Koopmann-Wischhoff, expert for online job advertisement optimization Well, researched a few job advertisements on the Internet again, copied parts of them and peppered them with a few internal company names? Then the job advertisement is placed on some major job boards, and yet the hoped-for number of applicants has not been received? You will be forgiven: Many recruiters proceed like this, because who has [...]


  • by Stefan Scheller
    The corona pandemic has shown many employees the numerous advantages of mobile work in the home office. Some of them prefer a hybrid working model with switching between office and home in the future. The other part exerts pressure on the managers in order to be able to continue working at home for longer or even permanently. This can escalate quickly, especially in smaller companies. What […]

personal bloggers


Personnel marketing 2Null

  • by Henner Knabenreich
    Job advertisement study 2021: This is why job advertisements are so arbitrary. Even if it has been declared dead several times, the job advertisement is and will remain the most important contact point in recruiting and employer branding. For job seekers, it is often the first contact with potential employers, for companies it is the first contact with potential employees. But although the job advertisement is the most important element in the recruiting mix, [...]


  • by Peter Berger
    Industrial relations are the basis It is important for managers to deal with the rights and obligations that arise from the employment contract and the collective bargaining agreements and co-determination laws. This is the only way they can… continue reading → The article Industrial Relations and Codetermination appeared first Professore.de.


  • by Jo Diercks
    How the time is running! More than four years ago, I wrote about the start of Google for Jobs with some response. Well, contrary to the - depending on your perspective - expectations or fears, Google for Jobs has not become the big game changer that many - me too - suspected it was. Nevertheless, the [...]


  • from seed
    After months of hard work, the completely new seed grain will be ready at the beginning of next week. Page at the start. In terms of content and concept, nothing changes, but otherwise a lot. I am absolutely curious to see how you, the reader, will discover the new saatkorn. Find page. What… Continue reading →

Salon of the Good

  • from anne
    “Mom, I'm a unicorn!” I know the trend for glittering unicorns from my two daughters only too well - luckily, the next hype will soon be rolling through our children's room. Yes, I now come across the unicorn at work too! Anyone looking for #WOLicorn on Twitter will know what I'm talking about. The unicorn is the mascot ... [...]

She works


  • by Juliane Benad
    In this podcast episode I have pod supervisor Daniel Wagner as a guest. Daniel is the founder and pod supervisor of Podcast Stories, a consulting company for all things podcasting. In the interview we talk about ... The article Self-employed part-time as a podcaster - that's how it works! first appeared on Sidepreneur®. Have you already listened to the Sidepreneur podcast? Here is the full [...]

Claudia Lober

  • from Claudia
    How do I write a job advertisement correctly? Do you have a template for a good job advertisement? How is a job advertisement structured? Where should I publish the job advertisement? Should I have a ranking for […] The article Avoid these 9 mistakes in your job advertisement first appeared on Claudia Lorber.

Spiegel Career

Süddeutsche Newspaper job and profession

  • von Von Matthias Kreienbrink, Jutta Pilgram und Stephanie Schmidt
    Der Einzelhandel ist in der Krise, die Pandemie zwingt Geschäfte in die Knie. Doch überall gibt es Anbieter, die jede Krise überstehen. Wie machen sie das? Fünf Überlebenskünstler.

Süddeutsche Newspaper education


We are change

  • from We are change
    Since the pandemic, we have been communicating on the job almost exclusively via virtual communication channels. Psychologist Monika Matschnig knows how to deal with difficult communication partners in video calls. The post Turn off know-it-alls and egoists first appeared on We are change.

WIWO success

WIWO founder

jack of all trades

Svenja Hofert

  • by Svenja Hofert
    This little girl really cares about the grape. She doesn't just want to eat them, she wants to understand them. Questions determine children's lives. And my life too. If you ask me for a memory picture from my youth, I see myself listening and asking questions in strange kitchens at night. Meanwhile, my girlfriend is busy [...]

T3N career

  • Nebenbei für wenig Geld fortbilden? Mit E-Learning-Plattformen kein Problem. Immer mehr Websites werben mit Onlinekursen für die nächste Stufe auf der Karriereleiter. Der Überblick. Das Interesse an Onlinekursen ist während der Coronakrise groß. Doch auch schon vorher hat die Branche nicht gelitten: Allein 2018 haben E-Learning-Startups nach Schätzungen der Marktforschungsfirma Ambient Insight mehr als 43 Milliarden US-Dollar umgesetzt. Die Lehrinhalte […]

Temporary work

ZEIT campus

  • from ZEIT ONLINE: Campus - Daniel Böldt
    She comes from a family with little money. Nevertheless, she wanted to go abroad early. The anonymous salary history of a student who found a way to fulfill her plans.

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