{Media partnership} HR fair Zukunft Personal Süd: With Sascha Lobo and Simone Janson

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The Zukunft Personal Süd in Stuttgart is the industry meeting place for HR management in southern Germany. from the 24. to 25. April. Topics include digitization, eLearning or Artificial Intelligence. Also included are Sascha Lobo as keynote speaker and Simone Janson.

{Media Partnership} HR Trade Show Future Personal South: With Sascha Lobo and Simone Janson {Media Partnership} HR Trade Show Future Personal South: With Sascha Lobo and Simone Janson

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Here writes for you:

Simone Janson Simone JansonSimone Janson is publisher, German Top20 blogger and Consultant for HR communication.


What is the future staff?

DIE Zukunft Personal, the DIE trade fair for HR decision makers, managing directors and employees of HR departments, provides an overview of all relevant topics - from HR software and recruiting to further education and eLearning to employment law and new personnel services in the digital age. Interactive formats offer decision makers numerous opportunities for effective knowledge transfer.

New this year: Spring Messe Management is realigning its brand strategy and is giving its events new names. With the new name "Zukunft Personal Europe" the fair in Cologne will be strengthened as the largest and European leading event. The industry fairs Zukunft Personal Süd (formerly PERSONAL Süd) in Stuttgart and Zukunft Personal Nord (formerly PERSONAL Nord) in Hamburg benefit from the brand strength of the future Personal - through even greater range, presence and awareness. Both focus on the market needs of each region.

Spotlight "Data-Driven HR"

A big focus this year on the future Personal Süd: Data-based personnel management, which can be an effective solution, especially for SMEs. Accordingly, the spotlight topic in Stuttgart is called "Data-Driven HR":

Because the demographic change poses Company enormous challenges when it comes to finding qualified employees. Medium-sized companies often lack the HR capacity to meet new trends. While HR professionals have done their job mainly by phone or identified candidates through lengthy research in online networks, a software-based search usually brings faster and better results. Algorithms allow you to accurately capture and analyze the capabilities of potential employees. But how can the new opportunities be effectively integrated into everyday business? The keynote speakers in Stuttgart give suggestions for a future HR management that successfully brings together employees of all ages online and offline.

Dr. Bodo Antoníc and Sascha Lobo are keynote speakers

When it comes to digitization and its impact on the world of work, the thought leader, blogger and author Sascha Lobo must not be missing. In his keynote speech at the Zukunft Personal Süd, he explains the opportunities offered by digitization and how he imagines the working world of tomorrow - beyond the fixed-term position. Dr. Bodo Antoníc, on the other hand, fears that the human-empathic approach to recruiting falls victim to digital possibilities. He pleads for more logos and (de) courage in human resources management.

The publisher is Keynote Speaker Dr. Florian Langenscheidt must deal early on with the opportunities and risks of digitization. At Zukunft Personal Süd, he will encourage visitors to develop their own digital success strategy. And Nicole Reimer, Managing Director of IBM, will use best practice examples to show the important role that employees play in change processes.

Trend topics "Working Out Loud" and Artificial Intelligence in panel discussion

It is obvious that digitization and globalization are putting the individual in the background and promoting collective thinking and working. The result is "Working Out Loud (WOL)", a revolution in the idea of ​​collaboration. How do you introduce networks in companies and what use are they? WOL protagonists give insight into their future work at Personal Süd and have to confront a critic who is invited as a surprise guest.

Another issue of the podium discussion is the question of how artificial and social intelligence can be used to create success. In particular, legal framework conditions are the focus.

New formats: "Workshops" and "Meet the Blogger" with Simone Janson

How can personnel management gain new power and become drivers of innovation instead of just reacting to changes? How can agility, employee ownership and successful conflict management increase the company's attractiveness to potential employees? In the new interactive workshops at the Zukunft Personal Süd, participants can exchange with industry experts in practical and solution-oriented sessions on current topics and issues.

Bloggers have become an integral part of the HR media landscape. Not only because of their expertise. Often they are the first to notice the latest trends and report faster than traditional HR trade media about the latest developments and tools. As part of the "Meet the Blogger" format, which will now also be available at Zukunft Personal Süd, some of these thought leaders will present their findings - including Simone Janson, publisher of Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®on the 25.04. wants to discuss the social significance of HR with their listeners.


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  1. Greg

    Wow, with Sascha Lobo at an event, I'm impressed. Keep it up!

  2. Curlis

    What is the most effective way to get a job? That was and always will be: networking. Because think about what you do, for example, if you are looking for a good doctor or hairdresser. Right: You ask someone you already know for recommendations. And usually after personal recommendations, because they trust this rather than reviews on the Internet. And so does everyone, including your potential employer.

  3. Diana

    Great blog, I'm looking forward to read and hear more!

    • Simone Janson

      Thanks alot!

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