TALK | Sergel, Head of Corporate Human Resources at EOS: “A corporate culture that makes it possible to try new things!”

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TALK | Sergel, Head of Corporate Human Resources at EOS: Sylke Sergel, Head of Corporate Human Resources at EOS, talks in an interview about how employees become brand ambassadors and how companies in digitization are gaining IT talent.

Sylke Sergel, born 1974 in Oberhausen, studied business administration and started her career in human resources. She worked in the construction industry, among others, in the automotive sector where she was active as well as strategically in all HR departments. Since May 2016, she has been Head of Corporate Human Resources at EOS, a financial services company belonging to the Otto Group.

Here writes for you:

Simone Janson Simone JansonSimone Janson is publisher, German Top20 blogger and Consultant for HR communication.


We have yes last year, EOS already presented as an employer with its virtual recruiting campaign, What experiences did you have with the campaign?

Consistently good. We received a lot of positive feedback on the “Virtual Beginner” video - from several sides. The innovative recruiting approach, which gives an interactive insight into the world of work at EOS, was very well received by applicants. Our starting point was that recruiting should leave the familiar paths and be fun for everyone involved. This approach is very new and supports our goal to authentically convey the positive work culture that prevails here at EOS to the outside world. And of course we are happy that we are apparently on the right track with around 60.000 clicks on YouTube.

One of the highlights was definitely the nomination for the HR Excellence Award - a confirmation and an incentive for us to continue our approach. And in addition to the external response, it was particularly nice to see how well the idea arrived at the EOS colleagues. Of course we also presented the film internally. The colleagues liked it very much and that means for us: we have managed to authentically show through the sympathetic gamification approach what working at EOS is like.

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What changes has your company experienced since then - Keyword digital change / Digital Employees?

EOS is in the midst of change - both digitally and culturally. On the one hand, we are investing 90 million euros in the development of new software for our core business, in which artificial intelligence plays a key role. Accordingly, we are particularly looking for additional “digital employees” in this area, such as IT specialists and analysts.

And the digital transformation is accompanied by cultural change. It's about the people and employees, about the way we want to work together in the future. Because we want to shape and promote the digital transformation together with our colleagues. Everyone in his or her area, improving his job and his work environment. Accordingly, we are in the process of creating a corporate culture that makes it possible to be courageous and to tackle and try out new things.

Digital transformation and cultural change must go hand in hand for us, so that we as a company remain sustainable.

What requirements should digital employees bring with them in order to be successful in the future?

We want courageous employees, because in the digital change we need new and flexible solutions. We also want empathy and openness to change at EOS. “Embrace change” is one of the principles of our heartbeat, which describes how we work together at EOS. These include “Trust”, “Love to learn” and “Walk your talk”.

For us, these are not just paraphrases and catchwords in the context of the digital transformation, but we anchor these principles in our mindset, in structures and processes. The videos of our current employer campaign also pick up on these topics and show that we already live this spirit in many places (More auf Youtube).

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They give your employees a lot of presence. How do you see the current and also critical discussion about corporate influencers and influencer marketing in recruiting?

The term “influencer” stands for a very specific type of product marketing. However, this is not the approach of our employer campaign, in which EOS employees give personal insights into their job. We are concerned with "Insights", not "Influence". It is particularly important to us that our colleagues do not get stories put in their mouths, but rather describe their experiences at EOS as they experience them personally.

In addition, we want to use the campaign to communicate values ​​that EOS stands for. And that can only be credible if employees are allowed to speak freely - authentic and transparent. In this sense, we understand the colleagues as brand ambassadors who give the company face and character.

The Recruiting trends study by CHRIS and Monster shows that employee referrals are an increasingly important topic in employee search. Is that also an issue for you and what is your specific situation?

This is definitely an issue at EOS, as we have already been able to attract many new colleagues through recommendations from our employees. We currently have a classic “recruit employees” program, but we want to further expand this approach.

Also with regard to digital change and the search for said “digital employees”. We are also planning to set up a job ambassador program and are considering a digital solution. At the present time, we cannot yet say what that will look like in detail - the program is only just beginning to emerge.

Where do potential applicants find more information?

The first point of contact for applicants is of course the newly designed one career pagethat we recently went online with. Interested parties will find here all the important information about the different working environments at EOS and an advisory section on topics such as debt collection or fintech.

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Our employees are always in the foreground and show their faces. On the career side, but also on Facebook and Youtube, They somehow present their respective fields themselves. This allows us to provide visitors to the site with the right information - from sales representatives or call center agents to IT specialists.

And where and how exactly can interested job seekers apply to you?

A application is easy via a short form and the upload of the most important documents. If you want to find out more about the application process or send an unsolicited application, see the subpage "Apply to EOS" Further information. And if there are still questions left, applicants can contact their respective contact person directly. Either by phone or with a click that leads directly to the recruiter's Xing profile.

Last but not least: In times of digital change, we are looking for IT experts and data analysts. But also in the commercial and legal area as well as in the field service there are job postings with EOS. We look forward to every applicant who is attracted by our new career page, its content and our recruiting approach.

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