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Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®Michael Diaz is a psychotherapeutic alternative practitioner with a focus on interpersonal relationships. It is not the wind, but the sail that determines the direction. Under the motto of this Chinese proverb, Michel Diaz would like to help people to find and walk their individual path. Approaches from the past are included in his “goal-oriented solution workshop”. However, the focus is on changes in the future in order to provide stabilizing support in the event of (traumatic) stress and disorders and to help regain inner balance.Since 2005, Michael Diaz has been a competent advisor on inner-psychological and systemic processes in interpersonal relationships specialized and his knowledge deepened through numerous training and further education. Born in 1966, he had previously worked as a self-employed therapist since 1992. He is also a psychotherapeutic alternative practitioner and has wide-ranging professional experience in areas ranging from coaching to research and medicine. He brings all the knowledge he has gathered over the years to his professional practice in Regensburg, as a lecturer at the Bavarian Red Cross on the subjects of "Mental Illnesses and Diagnoses", "Communication" and "Teamwork" as well as in workshops on the topics of partnership and personal development. More information at www.diazmichaeltherapeut.com

Home office in difficult situations: Working efficiently and happily - 7 steps

Exceptional situations like the Corona crisis require unusual measures. For example, that suddenly many jobs were moved to the home office, which was previously unthinkable. That poses Company and employees face major challenges.

Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®

Suddenly in the home office: new agreements asked - 3 steps

No doubt, it will be a major change for employers and employees to move as many jobs as possible to their home office to avoid further contagion during the Corona crisis. Particularly important: In such exceptional situations, communication and cooperation between teams must be well structured.

In many companies, different forms of home office solutions are already the order of the day. For this reason, the corresponding equipment, from laptop or computer including a good monitor and powerful Internet connection to secure central server access, has been in use for a long time, i.e. both tried and tested. All that needs to be agreed here is when and to what extent they will work from home.

1. Labor law: agreement on a common solution

If the work in the home office is to be reintroduced due to the current exceptional situation, the employer cannot simply force it. Because he has no right to have the private living space of his employees.

Conversely, there is no legal requirement for them to work in their own four walls. Both parties must first agree on a common solution and create all the necessary - technical and organizational - prerequisites for this.

2. How to stay up to date

In companies, colleagues don't just exchange ideas in meetings. A large part of the communication also takes place on the small official way, ie in the tea kitchen, at lunch or by chance encounters in the hallway. If teams work decentrally in the home office, the cooperation has to be reorganized and structured.

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Regular video conferences, phone calls and chats help to keep each other up to date. The general rule for good cooperation in special circumstances is: rather communicate more and more often than too little and too little.

3. Clear documentation and structure

Some only feel comfortable when on their virtual desk or in Email-Input nothing but the bare essentials. With others, both look chaotic, but they still find their way around for their needs. The situation is different when teams have to access a common system from their home office.

All processes now have to be documented particularly thoroughly and comprehensibly, filing clearly structured and documents have to be re-versioned with every change. Anything else creates inefficient confusion and errors.

Home office as a challenge for employees - 4 steps

However, the home office is not only a great challenge for efficient cooperation, but also for the individual employees. For example, if children have to be supervised at the same time or if they are living alone - that is 41 percent of the population in Germany.

Nevertheless, the majority of them regularly spend time with other people in clubs as well as at sports activities, events or private meetings - and above all at the workplace. Sudden relocation to the home office is therefore a particular challenge for singles.

1. Communication and cohesion: virtual exchange in everyday work

Working with every colleague or manager is not easy. Nevertheless, the exchange among each other in everyday work looks like oil that lubricates a machine. Regular contacts with the rest of the workforce therefore remain important.

Via telephone, emails, Skype, video conference or chats, these are also possible in virtual ways. And not only with professional questions and topics, but also in other social relationships in order to remain part of a community.

2. Keep relationships alive

Anyone who is normally always around people at work knows how to appreciate being alone after work. Some even need radio silence to regenerate themselves. The situation is different if you work alone in the home office during the day and then don't see anyone afterwards.

Regular contact with relatives, friends and acquaintances is particularly important in such phases. It doesn't always have to be long talks. WhatsApp greetings or other short messages also help to keep relationships alive.

3. Clear structure and fixed times

Get up, have breakfast, go to work: this rhythm gives working days a clear structure. This should also be kept in the home office. Otherwise there is a great risk of being distracted and wasting time.

Instead of staying in your pajamas, getting dressed in the morning acts as a start signal and is less tempting to laze around - just like having your own workplace, which ideally shouldn't be the kitchen table. Fixed times for the start and end of work reinforce the feeling of having done things within a given framework.

4. Variety for leisure

After a busy day away from work, relaxing afterwards on your sofa at home is your favorite pastime. When moving to the home office, more imagination is required to bring enough variety into your free time.

What can you do yourself good, for which you usually lack strength, desire and time? Taking the reins in your free time is a sign of self-efficacy. In psychology, it is considered an important personal resource and prevents both anxiety and depression.

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