Home Office and Remote Work: Working Online - 10 Top Ideas

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Today, more and more people find it difficult to maintain a work-life balance. Too much one feels bound to his job, to the rigid office hours. A groundbreaking solution is the Home Office, which is also known as Remote Work in some parts of the world. 10 ideas for implementation.

Home Office and Remote Work: Working Online - 10 Top Ideas Home Office and Remote Work: Working Online - 10 Top Ideas

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Remote Work: Simply Become a Digital Nomad?


Some even get out of the office and travel around the world as digital nomads. Your workstation is online - instead of an address you are only bound to working WLAN. But how rosy is it to work online? What are the disadvantages compared to the advantages?

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Basically, the better you organize yourself, the more you can achieve in the time available. Because who has his work organization under control, also has to be Company under control. This includes, for example, correctly estimating the time required for a job and asking for the corresponding money. Or to meet important deadlines and make decisions and not always postpone them.

Online Business: With organization for acquisition


After all, optimal work organization not only helps you to work better and more productively, but also to convince others of your qualities. How an optimal effect on others, whether employees or customers, is practically also the result of a good self-organization. Because: Other people notice uncertainties very quickly - whether that is missing motivation and goals or poor planning and preparation of your work.

The more motivated and convinced one is of one's own ideas and the better organized and prepared one meets others, the more competent one acts outside and the better one can convince others of oneself. And the more organized you work yourself, the better and more efficiently you can plan and execute work processes with others.

Great Freedom, Low Cost: The Benefits of Online Work


A clear advantage of working on the World Wide Web is that you do not have to travel a long way to compete. As a rule, the few steps from the breakfast table to the desk chair are enough - if you want to be casual, you can of course sit on the couch or just lie down in bed. By working online, you can save yourself the hours you usually spend with them Commute would spend - whether in the car or in the train.

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Of course, this also brings with it lower costs. Not every employer takes over the journey completely. In addition, one is less tempted to get his breakfast at the bakery and his lunch at the Asian snack around the corner. Even in clothes you put less money: one or two business outfits for appointments with the customer are sufficient.

Creative career opportunities: from life coach to investor


The Internet makes things possible that you did not even consider before. From the farthest corners of the globe, people can build huge networks of clients, mentors, and colleagues, and advance their careers. For example, many are taking the opportunity to sign up online Life Coach to establish.

Still others recognize the potential inherent in online investments and become successful investors. There are numerous informative portals on the internet such as Aktien.netwhere you can get all the information you need for a start in the investment business. In addition, you can live out talents that you have always had but for which you have not been paid - for example, the talent of blogging, writing or designing.

10 opportunities and business areas for home office and online work


Even if starting a business also includes other factors and the perfect business idea does not exist: some industries are considered to be particularly promising and therefore ideal for small business start-ups.

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  1. Bless you : Health, sports, fitness are considered the market of the future.
  2. Consultation : In an increasingly complicated world, people's need for qualified advice is growing.
  3. Personal services: Even shopping assistants or cleanup coaches help to get a grip on everyday life and are increasingly in demand.
  4. Economy : Personal financial management is also very popular with people and companies after the collapse. Good cards for accountants, accountants or financial planners.
  5. Social Services: Another rapidly growing future market: care for the elderly. But also caregivers are needed.
  6. Do-it-yourself: The trend is towards individual, handmade products. Good opportunities for craftsmen who serve individual wishes.
  7. IT: The IT sector is no longer indispensable to the economy. Good chances for founders!
  8. Eco: Mocked years ago, today in: Eco has become a new lifestyle, offering a wealth of opportunities.
  9. Education and culture: Although savings are usually the first thing to do in the cultural sector, there is an increasing need for quality and sustainability. For example, eLearning is an increasingly buzzing field.
  10. Media : The media industry is also currently undergoing change: Entrepreneurs can score points here in the long term with innovative ideas off the beaten path.

Conclusion: new opportunities benefit


Overall, working online brings unforeseen possibilities and is for many that Opportunity to shape their lives as they always had before. Young companies should be taking advantage of this form of work for themselves: The digital transformation has provoked huge economic upheavals, opening up new opportunities for young companies in particular. Many potential competitors are even afraid to take action.

However, it is also important to work on one's own personality: Successful entrepreneurs even recognize crises as a necessary "calm before the storm". That's her secret of success. They use these rest periods to work out ideas and initiate innovations, which then ignite when the upswing comes. Frequently, such good business ideas emerge precisely in times of crisis that can assert customers even in difficult times: The secret: If a product or service is really good, the customer says: "I absolutely must have this product, this service!" - itself if you need to save for it elsewhere.

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  1. Holger Priske

    The article is missing a classification, whether it is in the home office within a team, as an employee of a company,

    Or about founders and brine-entrenpreneurs. I think the latter. But the title does not suggest that.

    These are ideas for setting up a business rather than the home office. A geriatric nurse or caregiver makes as good as nothing at home or in the office.
    Home office means "at home in the office"!

    • Simone Janson

      Thanks for your comment, we have other posts on "Leadership in the team" in the blog.
      This is mainly about solo preneurs. This is already clear from the headline "10 Top Ideas", and the 2 headline is clearly about online business. We have already dealt with the subject of home office in the team very often, eg here https://berufebilder.de/virtual-lead-13-trust-wins /

      • Holger Prieske

        No, that did not happen. 10 Top Ideas says nothing and "Remote Work" works only if you have two places. Company and "at home". Solo Professionals with Home Office Only can not do remote work.
        The save the rent for the office - otherwise there is not much else.
        Whether they are alone here or alone, it does not matter.
        That is why people rarely talk about home office.

        (Even with "I'm marrying a family" from 1983, Dad already had a home office).

        Co-working spaces would be rather new and worth mentioning.
        Because the isolation also has disadvantages.

        • Simone Janson

          The article is part of a multi-part series - maybe it will be clearer then. And yet, you can also do remote work as a self-employed person and work in several places.

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