Work more efficiently in the home office and office: 10 tips for organization

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Not only since Corona has there been a lot of discussion about whether it is better to work at home or in the office. One aspect has often been neglected: the establishment of the workplace also plays an important role for the organization. 10 tips.

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Set up offices productively

according to studies makes a lot of the employees in Company nur noch Dienst nach Vorschrift. Unproduktivität nach Plan also, gerade auch im Home Office? Wir erinnern uns dabei an den alten Spruch: Wer seine Buchhaltung im Griff hat, hat auch seine Firma im Griff! Diese Aussage lässt sich umkehren:

Anyone who wants to have a good excuse why they can't get their work baked should make their office as unproductive and chaotic as possible. If you don't want to get anything baked in your job, you should make sure that you lose track of appointments, addresses, customers, projects, finance and accounting. Then he always has the right excuse why he is still not done with the job. The resourceful procrastinator has all kinds of options.

Just no routine!

If you want to waste a lot of time, do without the routine of a job that always looks the same. In any case, this is increasingly a Reason for termination. Variety is the order of the day! Ideally, the files should be placed in a different place every day. After all, there is no challenge in everyday monotony if you don't have to constantly look for important papers.

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There are supposed to be those bores who create a retreat for their important financial matters; This is what they call the administrative center, and from here they regulate their tax and financial matters. But honestly: that's something like eighties! If you are really cool, you can do a little bit of office work in our mobile work environment on the go. And if the tax office does cause trouble because you forgot to pay your taxes or something similar? Whistle it, no risk no fun!

Who needs a private life?

A hallmark of today's working world is that work and private life are increasingly merging. The chaos worker, if he works at home, benefits from setting up his work place: with enthusiasm, he successively spreads his office over the whole apartment. He also removes the spatial separation between work and private life.

Rest, retreat, stress, Burnout hazard can be safely ignored. A clear demarcation between the work corner in the living room and the TV sofa is neither possible nor sensible. Modern people work around the clock anyway, ideally with the notepad under the pillow. The computer can also run around the clock, you could feel like working at any time. The goal of this form of work is clearly the burn-out clinic - and this goal is achieved faster than expected.

Perfect chaos thanks to multiple workplaces

Those who want to perfect their poor productivity still work in different locations and devices. Not because this way of working would be unproductive per se: Cloud computing, networks and mobile hard disks make it difficult to find good excuses if you don't have important data with you or if you don't have it.

You can also create different jobs, for example at home and in the company, thanks to the right ones office furniture set up almost identically, provided the right technical equipment is used. But be honest: Especially if you use several locations and several devices at the same time, the chance of chaos is particularly great. And that is exactly what pleases the heart of the ineffective.

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10 tips for inefficient office work

Are you unproductive by conviction? You want to prove to the world that you fight heroically every day to get things sorted out, but everything has conspired against you and you just can't make it? Wherever and however you work: You should buy some work equipment or use systems that support you optimally in refusing to work and in your disorganization.

  1. Organizational tools: You can safely do without tools for scheduling (calendar, organizer, smartphone): what you don't have in your head wasn't important anyway.
  2. Computers and the Internet - data loss guaranteed: Let's face it, most people now only use their computers for gaming or Facebook. It is foreign to many people that it also helps, for example, with the archiving of data, procures information and is actually a very practical tool. Anyone who uses such a system despite refusing to work should forego a backup system via the cloud or external hard drive: data loss during the next computer crash is guaranteed to be pre-programmed.
  3. Lots: Ballpoint pens no longer working: and broken pencils: Imagine you are on the phone and are supposed to take notes. The excuse "I don't have a working pen" is guaranteed to always pull and prevent you from taking on unnecessary tasks.
  4. Storage container for papers: are for philistines: Papers include everything that gets in the way of your work, from important documents and magazine articles to advertising and flyers. Real skewers recommend three storage boxes: one for incoming, one for outgoing documents, information, letters, etc., and one for material that you still want to look through. Whoever is cool throws everything together. Measure the space for it generously: You will hardly ever look through your baskets and will not arrange the papers in any system or even throw them away. Ideally, you should position the shelf in a corner of the room so that you never have an eye on the work to be done. You can be sure of a clear conscience when refusing to work.
  5. Archiving for papers - the more impractical the better. Do you prefer folders and shelves, cabinets with sliding doors and standing collectors or filing cabinets with hanging files? Each method has its disadvantages when it comes to refusing to work: the former are cheaper and space-saving, in the latter you can neatly accommodate and find papers faster. If it costs you less than three minutes to take something out of the entrance container and put it down in such a way that you can find it at any time, you have organized it too well: think of a few more complicated measures - e.g. shelves up to the ceiling which you first have to climb onto a chair to reach the folders.
  6. A waste paper basket is superfluous: Don't throw anything away, you can use everything again! Throwing away is theoretically the most efficient way to keep order. But: only idiots throw away. True masters prefer to search for hours.
  7. Memos are out: Wer meint, sich unbedingt an alles erinnern zu müssen, sollte Notizzettel verwenden, die immer griffbereit liegen und auf denen er schnell etwas notieren kann. Wer dann doch wieder vergessen will, sollte diese unübersichtlich ablegen: Zum Beispiel auf dem Haufen bei den anderen Papieren, da gehen sie bestimmt verloren. Oder man pflastert den Monitor mit Post-its zu, bis gar nichts mehr geht und diese irgendwann vor Altersschwäche abfallen. Möglich ist eine Pinnwand oder auch (platzsparend) ein Aufspieß-Gerät auf dem Schreibtisch. Auch hier kann man die Zettel einfach ablegen – und dann vergessen. Wichtig: Keinesfalls Termine, Adressen und Aufgaben regelmäßig in Dein Ordnungssystem übertragen. Und Schrifterkennungs-Software für das iPad, mit deren Hilfe sich Notizen schnell und automatisiert digitalisieren lassen, oder Voice-Note-Systeme, mit denen sich Notizen als Ton-Dokument aufzeichnen lassen, kosten Geld, benötigen Speicherplatz und sind für Arbeitsverweigerer eh nicht zu gebrauchen.
  8. Address collection according to the shoe box system: You can confidently throw your addresses, such as business cards, into the next shoe box and throw them away completely if you have the opportunity. Who needs contacts?
  9. Even though a lot of things can now be done electronically, some still have to be printed out. If you want to waste not only time but also money, you should make sure that not every ink color has a separate chamber. With some devices, all cartridges, including the color cartridges, must be inserted so that you can print something out. And always nice to take the printer off the power and reconnect, especially if you have to print something out frequently because with every new connection the printer cleans itself and uses up ink.
  10. A deck chair for the office: Who needs a desk with a comfortable, back-friendly chair? A nice, comfortable deck chair is great, especially for napping in between. That little bit of work is done in your sleep. And working lying down is particularly comfortable, even if your back hurts a little!

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