Home Office is pointless: 3 reasons

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Currently the decision of IBM is discussed to abolish the Home Office - after Yahoo this is already the second ITCompanythat goes this step. 3 Reasons Why That's Right - Because Home Office Is Simply Pointless. empty Carpenter

Here writes for you:

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Why is Home Office pointless?

In 2004 I wrote my second book “Sales and Working Techniques for the Field Service”. In the meantime, the book has been published in its fifth edition and has been sold 10.000 times. When I submitted the first manuscript to the publisher, the editor wanted another chapter on the topic of home office. I hadn't originally planned that because I wanted to write something about sales and distribution rather than self-organization.

Nevertheless, I have complied with the wish of the editor. I admit, I first had to research the Internet to get some ideas about what I could write about in such a chapter. At the time, I had 12 years of home-office experience behind me. Since then, however, I have been living with my employees in a large office building for three years now. Even then I could illuminate both sides of the medal quite objectively.

Today, Work Life Balance is difficult to get into fashion through flexible workplace solutions and is offered by more and more employers. Reason enough to consider the work from home and its disadvantages and dangers. What do I mean by that?

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From Yahoo to IBM: 3 reasons against the home office

  1. Comfort hurts productivity: If you work from home, then you have access to many amenities. Too much comfort, too much comfort is not good for your productivity. Working from home can be catastrophic for your productivity, your quality of life, your marriage, your children, and the overall success of your business. If you make yourself comfortable, you are less active. Being less active means you are not reaching your full potential, especially your sales potential. Working from home is very dangerous because you may be too relaxed about it.
  2. Too much self-discipline is necessary: IBM's decision to close the home office is currently being discussed. IBM is not alone in this. Do you know what was the first official decision by the new Yahoo boss Ms. Marissa Mayer? She banned home work. One reason was productivity, the other reason that it is not the idea of ​​a company! The idea of ​​a company is that people work together there and so a certain philosophy is internalized and communicated, which also creates new ideas. Working together in a team can also be very motivating and productive. I can understand Marissa Mayer. In my team, too, there is always the idea of ​​working from home one day a week. With all love: it doesn't matter Sense! ... especially not with our small team of 20 employees. And when I look at the direct sales positions, such as telephone sales, I say: impossible! There are too many distractions, too high a level of self-discipline.
  3. Too much distraction: When working from home successfully, everything depends on self-discipline. If you want to achieve results, you need incredible self-discipline. Your home is full of distractions: your partner, your children, your pets, the television, your computer, your smartphone, your couch and your own bed for a short nap. Believe me, only the really disciplined are able to be productive in this environment. Many companies worldwide offer their employees to work from home at least once a week. If you ask these employees, 50% say that they are happier with this regulation. I bet they're happier with it, but are they productive? If your own kitchen is only a few meters away from your work place and it regularly invites you to take a break or if your TV is in the same room in which you want to work, a home office at 99% is for everyone, at least what in terms of productivity, the worse solution. I still remember what it was like at the beginning of my time in sales when I was a sales representative with home office. My partner thought that the moment I got home, I would accompany her to shopping, bring the laundry down, get the shopping out of the car, take the trash away, clear out the dishwasher, mow the lawn for a moment, any Things might be quick to watch and so on. My productivity on such days was just over zero. Without question: it was nice to spend the day in my familiar environment and with my partner, but my productivity and my success on these days were below average.

3 important tips for working in the home office

If you still want to work from home, I have 3 important tips for you:

  1. Do you have fixed times: When does your workday begin? When are you going to break and when to leave?
  2. Do you have a permanent office? Use a space that is only intended for your work! There is no TV in this room! There are no things you can distract! A space for maximum productivity.
  3. Make Contracts: Make a written agreement with all the people in your household. An agreement that all sign: Determine when to go to work or to your home office, when you have a break, and when the day ends for you. During this time, disturbances are completely prohibited. Everyone should sign this, so that everyone is really clear what it is about. It may be a radical step, but this is the only way to keep your productivity up.

Why Starbucks is better than home office

A few days ago I had an interview for a podcast with the entrepreneur Matthew Mockridge. We talked about offices and he said he started his first startup in a Starbucks cafe. He also had no home office and has deliberately decided against working from home. For me, Starbucks would not be the ideal place, but I like the idea. If you have a lot of distraction at home and you do not want to discipline the relationship with your environment, I recommend renting day offices.

There's another advantage to this, because if you spend money each time to go to your office, you will be using your day very productively-if it's your own money. If the boss pays, he will make sure that you are as productive as possible on that day. Conclusion: Home Office: yes, if you have maximum self-discipline and you agree in advance clear rules with your environment. Otherwise, go out, look for a different work environment, and you'll be more successful, one way or the other.

With this in mind, I wish you the best of luck and “Fat Booty”

PS: Yes, there is the exception: one or two times a month, I also have Home Office and always when I write texts. Texts such as for the newsletter you have just read or, for example, for books or audio books, for specialist articles and, of course, when a new seminar concept or lecture concept is developed.

This is also my home at the kitchen table. In the office, I would never have the peace and concentration for what, among other things, is because I do not have my own workplace in the office. Why? I'm there a maximum of one day a week there, there would be space and resource waste.

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