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{Study} University rankings and their practical relevance for students: Which universities offer the best training?

University rankings are controversial. Critics point to methodological shortcomings and consider general statements made by externals unsuitable for university choice. Nevertheless, they are useful - especially for job hunting.

Universum University Ranking 2015: Top 3

Practical relevance - the opinion of future employers

Universities are a useful source of information for high school graduates, students, universities and, of course, for employers. It is important, however, that it is clear what is measured in the rankings at all.

Our university ranking focuses on practical relevance. For our HR ranking, we asked which universities and colleges of students would best meet the needs of their students Company form. A very simple question that does not aim at the scientific reputation of a university or other aspects, but at how the universities are judged from the perspective of the economy.

Close to business economics

For this ranking, we have been interviewing 2007 personnel responsible for the country annually since 500. This year, we asked 540 personnel managers of companies with 10 and more employees to assess the practice relevance of the universities.

The HR specialists were able to name the universities that best fit this criterion from a comprehensive list of HEIs from list of subject areas. Business-related subjects such as business administration, economics, industrial engineering, business informatics, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science and natural sciences were available for selection. The rankings are collected separately for universities and colleges.

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The best universities and technical colleges

Which universities and universities of applied sciences are the students particularly well-suited to the needs of the economy? This year, the universities in Munich have been able to make their mark. The Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich is ranked first in the economics-related disciplines of economics and business administration as well as in the Jura discipline. The TU Munich is located in the fields of business informatics, electrical engineering and computer science. RWTH Aachen occupies the top position in the fields of mechanical engineering, business engineering and the natural sciences.

At the Fachhochschulen, Munich is also ahead. In computer science, business informatics and business engineering, the University of Applied Sciences Munich occupies the top position in the ranking. The Aachen University of Applied Sciences is ranked first among the machine-builders and electrical engineers. In the economics, the personnel responsible for the personnel view the Cologne University of Applied Sciences on the first place.

Criteria for the selection of applicants: personality and practical experience

We also asked the staff about the criteria that are most important to them when choosing an applicant. The answer is clear: the candidate's personality and experience are the two main criteria when recruiting.

A doctorate, an MBA degree, and what type of university applicants come from, university or university, state or private, is less important for HR managers.

Graduates of state and private colleges equally well qualified

An interesting result is that the graduates of state and private colleges are regarded as equally well-qualified by the staff in most of the criteria relevant for recruitment.

Only in the case of the foreign experience, a good third of the staff sees the graduates of the private universities as an advantage. Even when they appear, they are more convincing than the graduates of state colleges. On the other hand, the latter are an advantage in terms of collegiality and teamwork.

The labor market becomes the candidate market

According to the staff, the current labor market situation is very good for the graduates. About 60 per cent of the staff responsible says that the chances of graduates of business-oriented subjects to find a job appropriate to their degree are good or even very good. This will not change fundamentally in the next three years.

For the graduates, this means that they currently have good cards in the job market. Those who have the right soft skills and have a degree in a business-related field usually do not have to worry about getting a job. Among the graduates of the highly sought-after subject areas - especially the combination of engineering and computer science is in great demand - the balance of power has already reversed. It is not the graduates who apply to the companies, but the companies have to apply to these particularly sought-after talents.

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