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The 4 best hiking trails with a focus on health: Deceleration and regeneration {Review}

Activities in the fresh air are ideal for balancing body and soul. It's good if there is also a special health claim.

1. Cycling in the footsteps of Sebastian Kneipp and Ludwig II.

This comfortable tour in the footsteps of Sebastian Kneipp around Füssen has an eye on health, which is designed for bicycles, but with its 24,4 km can also be done on foot.

Discover the five pillars of Kneipp's teaching

From the Tourist Information Füssen you cycle down Sebastianstraße to the Lechbrücke. Directly before the bridge, turn right along the river bank to Bad Faulenbach. Straight ahead through the Füssen district, the “Valley of the Senses” appears to the left of the route. This invites you to take a short break before moving on to the Kneipp pool and the herb garden.

Because that is the specialty of this tour: On the way you can discover the five pillars of the Kneipp teaching, water, exercise, herbs, nutrition and inner order, because for each of the pillars there are corresponding Kneipp stations at the edge of the route. The idea behind it is to offer guests a low-threshold health offer on the go, with which one can slowly approach the topic as it were. There are also great views of the foothills of the Alps and the nearby mountains including Neuschwanstein Castle.

Ludwig II., Kneipp and Konrad Zuse

But Füssen is much more than Ludwig II: past the Lechfall, the terminus of the Lechweg trail of the same name, past the Mitter and Obersee lakes, the tour follows the road through the Faulenbacher Tal to the Alatsee, where the next refreshment awaits in the Kneipp basin . After a short ascent, it goes rapidly down to the Weißensee and on its north bank to the next Kneipp facility at the bathing area. Here the path branches off to the right, crosses the main road and leads on side roads via Schwarzenbach, Hubmannsegg, Hopferried to Lehern, where the dairy and refreshments invite you to take a break, then on to Hopferau, where Konrad Zuse developed the first computer.

From here it goes to the Hopfensee: In addition to the public bathing area Seepark Hopfensee and numerous refreshment stops on the “Allgäu Riviera”, there are also several Kneipp opportunities along the way. Especially for the benches, herbal snails and Kneipp islands on the promenade invite you to do Kneipp in the summer months. The last part leads through a gentle hilly landscape to Füssen. At the roundabout, head down towards the Festspielhaus, the boat harbor and the Hotel Sonne, where you can not only spend the night comfortably, but also enjoy wonderfully healthy fresh bowls and similar healthy dishes.

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2. Healing climatic hiking on Usedom

On the other hand, you can also enjoy excellent hiking by the sea on Usedom - and not just on Europe's longest beach promenade.

Forest bathing in Europe's first spa and medicinal forest

Europe's first designated spa and medicinal forest is located in the seaside resort of Heringsdorf. The 187 hectare forest area on the Baltic Sea in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is located on the Bansiner Landweg. Since the end of 2016, the Kur- und Heilwald Usedom with its therapy equipment, climbing parcours and picturesque resting places has been a place for those seeking relaxation and those suffering from stress, who can enjoy the silence here and feel the healing power of the trees: between beeches and pines you can recharge your batteries.

Forest therapy or forest bathing is a recognized healing method that was introduced in Japan in the early 1980s under the name "Shinrin-yoku". As the largest living being on the planet, the tree has been mankind's constant companion from the very beginning. Today research shows that trees in the forest can even communicate with each other and exchange information. The healing power of the trees helps us to regain balance, to heal the soul and to alleviate physical ailments. The refreshing forest therapy is used as a therapeutic, preventive or rehabilitative measure, for example for high blood pressure, respiratory problems, allergies or psychosomatic illnesses.

Healthy food included

Ahlbeck offers the same name for overnight stays Wellness-Hotel DAS AHLBECK, which attracts with a great sauna and infinity pool with sea views. Right on the Ahlbeck promenade, Uwes Fischerhütte conveys the flair of the fishing environment.

Here the Krüger family, fishermen in the 6th generation, offer freshly caught fish from the Baltic Sea, oven-fresh smoked fish and fish rolls in different variations. You can also eat very well in the Fischkopp restaurant, which is about halfway between the beach and the train station in Bansin, or in the famous Kosserow salt huts.

3. Hiking on the Vitalweg Holzgau

Health is also the topic of the "Vitalweg Holzgau" in the Lechtal in Tyrol, which with its 3,9 km and 198 meters of altitude is also one of the easier routes.

Discover Kneipp with a suspension bridge

Visitors follow the signs “Vitalweg Holzgau” from the center of Holzgau / Tiroler Lechtal to a hillside meadow. From there it goes past the info point with Kneipp exhibition and flax garden to the pleasure house viewpoint. A short section of the Lechweg long-distance hiking route takes you to the spectacular Holzgau suspension bridge. After crossing it, the course continues uphill to the forest. The panoramic route finally runs downhill along a nature trail and ends back at the starting point.

With its eleven stations and information boards, the path invites you to experience Kneipp's health teaching in the Tyrolean Lechtal up close. Health-conscious people can try out treading water in three places in the natural stream. Tin cans are also waiting there so that you can try your hand at the invigorating Kneipp baths. A herbal educational trail is intended to provide background information on Kneipp medicinal plants and provide information about their beneficial effects directly on the smartphone using QR codes and short spots.

Healthy competence on site

The power of nature can then be felt directly on the barefoot path and the balance course. Wooden massage trees and forest bathing areas equipped with hammocks and a floating net are good for body, mind and soul. In a typical hay barn with a small flax garden, visitors can expect not only the information point with modern media technology for the “Vitalweg Holzgau” but also a small competence center for nature-based health holidays in the Tyrolean Lech Valley.

There, in an interactive exhibition with videos by various local experts, the visitor learns interesting facts about the subjects of "Herbs and Medicinal Plants", "Kneipp Health Teaching" and "Historical Flax Cultivation", for which the Tyrolean Lech Valley was particularly known in the 17th and 18th centuries was. Several panoramic loungers also invite you to linger, and a riddle rally for children, a free information folder and guided tours with Kneipp experts are also offered. For the overnight stay, for example, the Alpenperle guesthouse is recommended, which also offers rooms for allergy sufferers and studios with kitchens for self-sufficiency. If you want to eat well and healthy, you should stop in the Dorfstube Holzgau.

4. Healthy hiking and slowing down on the Upper Rhine

After all, you can also hike well in Gailingen am Hochrhein, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe.

Wildlife and viewpoints

On the Rauhenberg, with a bit of luck, you can even observe rare bird species such as the red and black kites. The panorama path with a distance of 20 km and an altitude difference of 350 m is particularly recommended here. The path leads past nine viewpoints and sights.

If the weather is good, you can enjoy an impressive panorama of the Alpine chain. There is also the 12,6 km long premium hiking trail “Grenzgänger”, which starts at the parking lot of the Rheinuferpark in Gailingen, then climbs gently through the vineyards and leads past several viewpoints.

Health location Gailingen

In general, the state-approved resort town of Gailingen offers a wide range of opportunities to do something for your health thanks to the good infrastructure. Even the journey, for example with the URh ship, is pure deceleration, among other things because there is no WiFi here. Leading neurological rehabilitation facilities, the Schmieder clinics and the Hegau-Jugendwerk as well as numerous outpatient providers in the health sector are located in Gailingen.

I had the opportunity to take part in a company activity unit to relax during work. The Rheinuferpark invites you to relax in summer, spend the night relaxed and eat healthy in the beautifully furnished Hotel Rheingold.

Jewish history and viticulture

But Gailingen also has a very exciting history: In 1655 the place developed into a large Jewish rural community. An old covered wooden bridge, which was destroyed several times in various wars, spans the Rhine to the neighboring Swiss town of Diessenhofen. The townscape, partly still characterized by multi-storey houses with an urban character, the Jewish cemetery, which was laid out around 1655, the synagogue memorial and the former Jewish school and community building (today the community center), which houses the Jewish Museum Gailingen on the first floor, remind of the Jewish community is.

Viticulture also has a long history in the region: a decree by Charlemagne allowed the winegrowers in the year 800 to serve a part of their wine in their house. The time you indicated by hanging out a broom, as it is still custom today. The winery Zolg therefore maintains a Besenwirtschaft with traditional food and drink and organizes covered wagon tours for groups to 30 people through the vineyards - wine tasting included.

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Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®

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