High sensitivity at work: Work-life-balance for tender-strong performers

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The realization highly sensitive being a great milestone can be a huge milestone for people who have felt different and perceived more since their childhood. Suddenly there are answers to unanswered questions and life can be reevaluated. Clear the way for highly sensitive potential!

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Kathrin Sohst Kathrin SohstKathrin Sohst is an ambassador for high-sensitivity, a PR consultant and a book author.


From the author:


Recognition: Highness as an opportunity

Highly sensitive, highly gifted, autistic and Co.? What's the whole rum categorizing? Quite simply: school, training, courses, job descriptions - everything is designed to fit as many people as possible. However, those who are different are often left behind. Yes - that's a bit flat. And yes, there are always cases that show that people who are different, even without feeling that they belong to a "category", go their very own and strong way beyond the mainstream jungle. However, others struggle more and less with self-doubt, fears, feelings of guilt or shame throughout their lives, often even when they are successful from the outside.

In such cases, the knowledge that it belongs to the “highly sensitive” category can be a stroke of luck because it opens up new perspectives. The aspects of high sensitivity can be integrated into your own personality and beliefs can be changed positively. Ultimately, it is about a careful, accepting handling of yourself and recognizing your own strengths and weaknesses. Nevertheless, with all the advantages of high-sensitivity knowledge, one note remains important: it is okay if you can identify with the concept and use it for yourself. If you start to define yourself, there is a risk that you will limit yourself and build a new cage.

Self-efficacy for delicate

Of course, everyone is free to attack time of his life against his own needs and try to adapt permanently. Many high-seniors - especially those of the older generation - try hard throughout their lives, sometimes simply because they are or are exposed to the harshness of life.

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But that is more than exhausting in the long run and makes the result sick. However, anyone who recognizes himself can, as a highly sensitive human being, always begin to pursue life-ways that fit, provide satisfaction and promote health.

Weaknesses know and accept

Noises, smells, drafts, visual stimuli, the emotions and moods of the colleagues, lack of retreats - all this puts a strain on highly sensitive people in their daily lives. If you are aware of your own challenges, you are paving the way for positive changes - step by step. Clarity about ourselves helps in self-care:

How do I react to stress? What happens to my body and how do I feel before I'm overwrought? If you know this threshold, breathing exercises, a tea in the tea kitchen, a look out of the window or a short stay in the fresh air can protect you from overexcitement. If breaks outside of the row in the company are reluctant, going to the toilet is a temporary solution to escape the irritating situation.

See potentials and live strengths

Highly sensitive is a perceptive talent that has many potentials: differentiated perception, solution orientation, high empathy, intense creative abilities, a good intuition for correct decisions, quality awareness, networked thinking, a high sensitivity for mistakes and a strong sense of value.

In addition to the professional qualifications, all of these are valuable features that you, as a highly flexible person, make available to your employer and enter into the team. High-minded people who are aware of this can sell better, get more recognition, and find it easier for them to find adequate working conditions in which they can call up their performance as highly sensitive people. HSPs are valuable service providers - provided they allow themselves to and appreciation in their environment.

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Powerful in everyday life

Calm, sufficient sleep, every day movement (best in nature with fresh air factor), relaxed rituals, music, singing or a good book - all these are basic needs and strengthmakers, which can be integrated well into everyday life. In addition, there are many strengthening aspects - be it a firm belief, methods like yoga and meditation, mindfulness training or nonviolent communication. It is important not to have to put pressure on your leisure time to relax. Small steps often cause more than great changes.

From the question of meaning and the courage to existential flexibility

And then there are the situations in life in which every good will and the best planning do not lead to the goal. The reduction in working hours does not work because the boss stands in the way. The environment is not right and the mood is at zero. The work does not work with Sense, the lack of appreciation or the desire to live your own calling knocks on the door so loudly that we no longer want to defend ourselves against it.

If it is no longer possible because the change in the company is not possible, it is important to listen to your own signals, to recognize limits and to take consequences. Whether in the company, with a new job or in self-employment - it takes courageous steps and self-assurance to change situations positively for yourself. And often a kind of “existential flexibility”. For most of us, just quitting the job is a huge challenge. After all, we still come out of our caves today to ensure survival. And for many it is hard to imagine that the quality of life can increase even though we have less material available.

When the appeal knocks on the door

In addition to meaningfulness, another aspect has a high relevance for highly sensitive people: the topic of vocation. It would certainly be ideal if HSP already recognize in their youth what their vocation is. But finding that out is not always that easy. And is there only one vocation? Or can it also evolve? In this point, highly sensitive people need trust and patience that the vocation may evolve out of experience in job and life. And it takes the openness to assume that it will be faster for one and longer for the next.

It is important to trust your own intuition. Because that is a good signpost. For the first step into new territory high-sensitive people often need an extra portion of courage to take risks. But it is worthwhile to leave the comfort zone and be open to new experiences - in order to develop highly sensible potentials and find their way into business, society and politics.

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