High sensitivity at work: solve problems with vision

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Do you like to look at things from a different perspective and tend to think “around the corner”? Find out why this ability can be a sign of high sensitivity - and how you can make the most of it in your job.

Kathrin Sohst_Solution finder and lateral thinker

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Kathrin Sohst Kathrin SohstKathrin Sohst is an ambassador for high-sensitivity, a PR consultant and a book author.


From the author:


High sensitivity encourages creativity

Highly sensitive people perceive more and more differentiated and process more deeply what they see, feel, smell, taste, think, experience and feel. This naturally leads to their processing and networking more information.

The result: People with a high level of awareness often think outside the box and act in a solution-oriented manner. And no, they don't want to be “better” than the rest of the world, they just want to be perceived as they are - with all their needs and potential. Because they have been preparing their lives for a world that is mostly made by average sensitive people.

Holistic - solution-oriented - sustainable

For some, it may be strange when people think with ease around corners, and sometimes so far that others can not follow. But that is exactly what the economy can profit from - especially when it comes to looking and putting the finger in the wound so that finally new solutions for old problems can be found. It is pointless to be envious of the abilities of others. Instead, we should gratefully acknowledge the potential of each individual - in all its diversity.

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While others have a long persistence at high levels of irritation, and it is easier for them to extend their elbows when necessary, HSP thinks complex, over-encompassing and with a long-term vision and are able to smooth the waves again. They are idealists and visionaries, who like to have the great connection in mind and can keep the eye for details in parallel. Differentiate, prioritize, create cross-connections, recognize patterns, go deep, incorporate past and future. All of this enables them to recognize, create, or question systems and to grasp topics holistically.

Highly sensitive CVs are different

Many HSPs are curious, interested in many things, inquisitive and capable of learning into old age. Learn a job, go to work every day, do job-specific training from time to time and eventually enjoy your pension. That was the idea of ​​working life that many of us got on our way. For some, the parents decided what to "become" or study. For others there was no other option than to access the next best training or study place.

After the school graduation, others have shifted their studies and educators and asked themselves desperately what job they can think of working for a lifetime - an idea that is difficult for many highly sensitive people. Not infrequently, all-round talents can be found among them. With the classical view of our education system on such CVs, this may be falsely acting as if we were hesitant or could not commit ourselves. The opposite is the case. We are determined to learn a lot, have the courage to go other ways and change, because we want to understand connections and link important things together. And this often requires knowledge in several disciplines.

Recognition Highness as a career compass

The decision for a job is not easy for many HSPs because they feel a deep longing early on to do the “right thing” or to make the right choice. And regardless of whether we know about our high sensitivity or not. It plays a part in the process of choosing a career. Those who are highly sensitive are versatile, have the ability to adapt and are always on the lookout for that Sense - a chameleon at work. The earlier someone recognizes their own high sensitivity, the better the chances are to deal adequately with the topic of career choice and appointment.

It is important to realize that it can not be about the question of whether we can imagine what we choose to do for a lifetime. Career paths become more flexible. Breaches or gaps in the CV are no longer killers when we stand with them and can confidently justify them. Lateral thinkers and people who can think outside the box are more and more in demand. It is ideal if we choose a basic education that touches us in the heart and corresponds to our gifts. That's the right track.

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Solutions with a vision

Those who perceive more and are capable of networking many factors feel negative and positive factors in the working world earlier and finer than others and can act and think with a vision. It is important that people with such abilities also have an appreciative space to be able to represent their workings and abilities without being bullied. Otherwise, they will deal with their knowledge modestly. And then strange things happen.

Someone will be called to the boss for an employee interview and will almost be dismissed because he makes “too few” mistakes and it therefore looks as if this extremely reliable and top-class employee is working too little. He just makes few mistakes. Another impressive story comes from a former software developer. It fell out of the clouds when the great millennium problem in programming appeared at the turn of the millennium.

For of course he had thought in his programming to the solution of the problem with the numerical jump. But he had never talked about it because he assumed everyone else was thinking about it. It is therefore not only for the highly sensitive people a gain, if appreciation and openness for other types of potential in the workday catchment hold, but also for the companies themselves.

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