High potential job search in Germany: What do I want?

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The right job, the right one Company Finding one's own abilities is not always easy. Why are high-potentials in Germany doing so badly?

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Job Search - too many possibilities?

When I first met Thomas four years ago, I met a very smart but desperate young man in the early 30ern. Whether mathematics or physics, Thomas seemed to be able to do anything. But he did not do it. Why?

For his parents and teachers was clear: Thomas should be someone special. He would certainly be one Professor and a great scientist. So Thomas began to study mathematics. On the edge of the deal, he realized that it would be much more exciting not just to look at the formula in theory.

Fachwechsel – Was soll ich mit dem ganzen Wissen machen?

So he changed his subject and began studying mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. After a while, he noticed that it was fun to make things, but it was very difficult to convince people of new ideas or products. What good is the best idea if nobody wants to use it?

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He changed again and started studying psychology. After a few years and many stays abroad, his parents were worried. Thomas was not Professor and did not work on exciting research projects.

Highly talented and jobless

More than that - Thomas did not have a job at all, or at least no job, to make a living.

As if all this was not bad enough, Thomas was also very desperate because he had no idea what he should do with all his knowledge. At this point, I met him. In the following months my colleagues and I tried to help. We have given him some advice that I would like to share with you.

Concentrate your mind

My 1. Tip: You have to decide. Make a decision. Find out what you really want. A career in research (at a university) must be planned differently than in the private sector. I am not familiar with university careers.

But I am sure that you will meet many people today who can help you. But as a representative of Wirtschaftsförderung Berlin, I do not just know a company. I have experience in what employers want and need, and that brings me to Council No. 2.

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Differentiate companies - how does that work?

In Germany we differentiate between large, medium and small companies. You should do that too. Why is that important to you?

This distinction does not only depend on the turnover of a company, but also on the number of employees. Big companies have several thousand employees. Small and medium businesses have less than 500 or 250. In fact, sometimes, they can only have 10 employees.

How many big companies does Berlin have? We have almost 100 companies with more than 1000 employees. At the same time, 340.000 companies have fewer than 250 employees. Nearly half of them employ around 10 employees.

Great vs. Vs. small and medium enterprises

What does that mean for you regarding one Casting at these companies?

Large companies

  1. Large companies offer so-called trainee programs for beginners.
  2. You know the meaning of the word employer branding.
  3. They answer applications quickly and have staff development programs.
  4. Your career pages are professional.
  5. And they are actively looking for employees, sometimes with the help of headhunters.

Small businesses

  1. Smaller companies do not always have all these recruitment tools.
  2. Personnel matters are often handled in finance or marketing.
  3. Often there is only one person who is responsible for the entire process.
  4. The websites are designed for product marketing and are not intended to detail the company's career opportunities.
  5. If any, jobs are only found hidden on the company's website.
  6. The money for headhunters or the placement of ads in Step Stone or Monster is saved rather than spent.
  7. 80% of vacancies are not offered to the public.
  8. In Berlin, we assume that 80% of vacancies are not offered publicly, but via word of mouth or references. But these smaller companies are interesting employers.

Find the right company

Some are world leaders and offer their employees a variety of exciting tasks. So keep this in mind and always remember.

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At this point Thomas asked: How do I find these companies? That's what the next one is about now. After all, finding a job is a job in itself. That means you need to research, read and connect. Take your time and think long term.

Think in clusters

In Germany we speak of clusters. For example the Life Science Cluster. Many regions have their own cluster locations.

Here you can find out more about the most important factors that currently influence a contact data. Many of these sites also have job portals.

Read published job postings

Why, this is a waste of time, do you think? No. Read job postings from large and small companies. Study the tasks and the required skills. Learn what a Master of Science can do in such a company.

See what tasks might interest you. How are job titles and tasks offered by companies? Do you have the required qualifications?

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