Healthy Leading and Communicating: Fundamentals of Motivation

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Text comes from: Gesundes Kommunizieren: Für ein erfolgreiches, wertschätzendes und menschliches Miteinander (2016) of Angela Dietz, published by BusinessVillage Verlag, Reprints by friendly permission of the publisher.
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What looks healthy Guide because now? “Power together” does not mean that you, as a manager, generously transfer responsibility to your employees and thus overwhelm them.


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Angela Dietz's Profile angela_dietzAngela Dietz is the expert for healthy communication and leadership.


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Threat instead of motivation

Or to put it as unfortunate as follows: “I transfer the responsibility for this entire project to you. It is demanding - get in there and don't disappoint me! ” Unfortunately, for some recipients this sounds more like a threat than motivation: In this case, as a manager you obviously have pressure on your neck to deliver the project really successfully.

But instead of saying this openly and making it transparent, try to “don't disappoint me” to get the employee to really perform at 110 percent. In most cases, however, the manager would gain more engagement if they communicated openly and addressed what was involved in this project and how important it was.

Motivation through self-determination

Responsibility that leads to high-quality results can not be enforced. Another form of employee demarcation is that a leader delegates something, but then constantly wants to decide for himself, controls, asks, instead of trusting the other.

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People only take responsibility in a motivated and reliable manner when they enjoy joy, self-determination and a valuable meaning, i.e. one Sense, can see in what they are supposed to do. This is important to recognize, since the type of responsibility that we strive for in healthy communication and leadership is always the one that people want to take on their own free will because they want to fulfill important needs for themselves, others or the company. Therefore, his enthusiasm gushes, there arises a claim to quality, ideas spring up - as it would not be the case under other circumstances.

Everyone makes their contribution

We can learn a lot from nature about the path of “power together”. Every organism is based on an intelligent, beneficial interaction of its parts. Each individual cell makes its own contribution and is important for the health and performance of the next largest unit, its team - for example an organ. Several organs in turn work together within an organ system that only works if each individual organ has optimal conditions to perform its tasks.

All small and large parts and connections only give a healthy organism as a whole. Each part fulfills special assignments, but together they all serve the same purpose: a healthy, happy and fulfilling life.

From nature to the company

In companies and other environments, it's basically the same. Only a healthy and familiar togetherness and the curiosity of each individual's talents, talents or interests ensure that everyone's potential can be added both professionally and privately to achieving their common goals.

The empowerment of employees on the basis of this model is facilitated by a number of basic conditions which must be created within the leadership culture.

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The minimum factor

One factor that we find in nature is the so-called minimum factor. It states that exactly the nutrient that is not present is sufficient to limit the growth and development of a plant. It is the same with us in the transcendent sense of our needs. The need, which is under our care, perhaps not been nurtured for a long time, will in any case hinder or limit us in our further development. Find out what your minimum factor is, you can clearly address what you need.

In turn, supervisors figure out which needs of their employees are what they need fertilizer, they could significantly help their employees and assign tasks that are more appropriate to their needs.

Develop a need-awareness

The development of a sense of need is of great help for this, but the curious and exploratory conversation between the leader and the leader is incessant. We are not all firs - everyone needs different location factors, soil, light, water or grouping conditions.

In order to turn employees into co-entrepreneurs in the long term who also want to be such, it first needs the decision of the managers to want real “power with each other”. Then they can start promoting the principles of healthy leadership.

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